Friday, September 2, 2011

Monster Monday 2

Undead, always robed and hooded humanoids, faces obscured by Darkness and bearing a Rod topped with a crystal sphere containing a single Eye.  Spell use as Wizard, lvl 12 (Grand Ashane lvl 15).  Body is immune to non-magical damage, magic weapons do a Maximum of 6 HP/hit, although spells cause normal damage.  Mind resides in the Ashane’s staff, and it’s Spells are cast from this staff, Spells not cast upon the staff do not affect it directly, anyone touching the staff of an Ashane currently without a host body must Save or be Possessed, if this Save succeeds, the bearer of the staff can thereafter cast each the Spells currently memorized by the Ashane, but each time a Spell is cast, there is a % chance (Spell lvl x 10%) that the caster will be automatically Possessed (Make ‘em think they have some kind of “Archmagi” staff!)  Any Possessed will go into a coma until midnight the following night, when he reanimates as an Ashane, each following day the victim will be Drained of 1XP lvl, at 0 this can no longer be undone by any means.  Always encountered alone, although a Grand Ashane will always be accompanied by 1 or 2 Ashane apprentices.  Rarely ally with, employ, or otherwise interact with any others, are suspected worshipers of Azathoth.

(AC 4; HD 8-12, AT by Spell, or by Staff, +4, twice/rnd, MV 12")

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