Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monster Monday ...a day late

Undead resulting spontaneously from a fatal spaceship re-entry, or purposely created by Evil Wizards, faintly green-glowing.  Attack by Cold-Flaming Hands doing automatic 10 HP/rnd, which can be split among two opponents, ea doing 5 HP (no saves), or by Wail of the Void, 3x/day, once per 3 rnds, causes Save vs Mind-Affecting Spells or the agonized wail of the Astral Zombie echoes continually in the victim's head, rendering Spellcasting and any form of Mental or Vocal communication impossible, and disorientation resulting in -2 to AC and TH until the creature is destroyed.  May possibly possess advanced tech weaponry or gadget, often clothed in tattered, ruined spacesuits &/or bubble helmets with cracked visors.  Possibility to exhibit Mutation &/or Psionic ability.

(AC 1; HD 6-8; AT/DAM Spcl; SD 1/2 damage from blunt weapons, req. +1 weapon to hit; MV 15")

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