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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'This Scene' 1d6

This Scene

1. Scroll Tube of scrimshawed bone features This Scene, contents impervious to heat and flame

2. Huge wall hanging, 3'x12', tattooed hide, depicts This Scene, worth cash to collector

3. Cedar Incense Box with woodcut of This Scene contains 2d6 Incense of  Spell Recall, each may be burnt for 10+2d10r, inducing a trance state.  Any one Spell cast previously that day returns fully to memory and may be cast normally

4. Enscorcelled Dungeon Mural of This Scene, if Salamanders are touched, any/all materialize and attack.  If Characters in the Party are touched, the first one - or a random selection, if several are touched simultaneously - will step forth as a Real Life NPC (Hench?)

5. This Scene is inked on a Scroll, which reveals a Map/Clue/Riddle/True Name of a Being of Flame  on the flip side, if exposed to heat or prolonged sunlight

6. Folded and spindled papyrus parchment , This Scene in faded ink, if it is burned, all inhaling the smoke are Immune to Fire for 10+1d10r

Saturday, April 7, 2018

1d6 Buggy Magic Items

1. Most Excellent Repellent; Teardrop of citrine on a golden chain; acts as Ward Against all Insects, which cannot approach within 5'.

2. Chrysalis of Renewal; Brooch of fitted pieces of rainbow jade in shape of a butterfly; if the wearer is ever in a static state such as Paralysis, Petrifaction, Coma, Near Death, etc, for one hour, the brooch will encircle the body in a chrysalis of silk, after 24 hrs, the afflicted emerges unaffected, and at full HP.  One use only.

3. Medallion of Insect Summoning; a disk of amber, containing several tiny insects, each of which can be called forth once, in giant size, to perform various tasks, for up to one day:
1d6 Giant Ants, 2' long, can carry up to 500lbs ea for 24 hrs, HD 2, AC 3/17, D 1d6
1d4 Giant Moths; body man-sized, can carry one rider for 24 hrs, HD 5; AC 1/19, D incidental
1 Bonus; (d4) Attack Carrion Crawler,
Angry Giant Wasp w Paralytic sting (3x/day),
Killer Big Bee, single sting = Save or Die,
Stubborn Giant Stag Beetle, HD 7, AC 3/17, Spcl AT: apply the jaw clamp for up to 24hrs, does 2d8 damage

4. Insectospex; chromed visor sporting faceted ruby lenses and self-activating telescoping antennae; allows wearer 345° vision, Surprised only 1in 6, Detects Invisibility, but poorly, 50% per round of accuracy

5.  Insectia Nectar; Potion transforms imbiber into B-Movie BEM for 24 hrs (1 in 6 is permanent):
Eyes and antennae as per Insectospex
Hopper thighs allow leaps 10' vertical or back, 20' forward
Sticky Fingers allow Climbing Walls & Ceilings
Secondary set of arms is fully functional, multiple AT or Actions per round

6. Palm-sized Walking Stick clings motionless until Commanded to Grow, then embiggens to 10' log-sized, becomes self-propelled raft, pack animal, or battering ram. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

'Regeneration', Gallifrey Style

 “Regeneration is a biological ability exhibited by Time Lords, a race of fictional humanoids originating on the planet Gallifrey, in the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This process allows a Time Lord who is old or mortally wounded to undergo a transformation into a new physical form and a somewhat different personality.” - Wikipedia

As well as being an ingenious way to script-in a new actor for the lead role in the longest running SciFi franchise in history, 'Regeneration', Gallifrey style, could be a fun option/item for RPG gaming.  In the series, Regeneration is an innate ability of the Time Lords, but it could also be introduced in the form of an artifact, spell, potion...  However it enters the game, the effect appears to engulf the recipient in a fiery yellow mist, which causes a transformation into an entirely new body.  Memory is retained, although the personality may be altered, to some degree.

In game terms, exposure to Regeneration mist while 'at death's door' (or possibly within 10 rounds of death?), causes a character to be completely reborn:
- XP Level and XP points are retained, but there is a chance that Class is altered
- Ability Scores may be retained, but possibly shuffled, if Class changes, or completely re-rolled
- HP total is re-rolled, as per Class
- Outward appearance, apparent age, possibly even gender is changed
- Alignment is unaffected
-A period of 'adjustment' is needed, possibly expressed as a 'minus' or 'disadvantage' to action rolls, Saves, etc, until the recipient is once again 'comfortable in their own skin'

...Alas, 'Algar the Barbarian' is no longer with The Party, but hey, adventuring with Algar the Wizard might be a hoot!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Make a Loot Table based on stuff in your Own Home

50 Mundane and Minor Magical* Loot, based on weird stuff in my bedroom

1. Hardwood drum with bronze filigree and dino skin
2. Apeman of brass, contemplating a Zeta Reticulan skull
3. Phosphorescent Phostwood bansai in primitive clay pot
4. Mummified claw wrapped in gold wire w/feathers
5. Polychromatic beetle in crystal sphere
6. Mug of crystal, heats/cools any beverage*
7. Farlite crystal*
8. Beaker of Freshness keeps any liquid in Stasis*
9. Steel dodecahedron
10. Chalice of crimson jade, carved with serpents
11. Small coffer of stone holds beating heart*
12. Canopic jar with Cursed Seal*; roll again for contents...
13. Candle of Warding, burns 24hrs*
14. Telescoping 6’ metal pole, six 1ft sections
15. Iron smithing tongs, never get hot*
16. Ring of brass keys, skull shaped
17. Spring steel leg clamp game trap
18. Maracas made of iridescent insect carapaces
19. Mini steel and brass campfire coffee pot
20. Gnarly blown glass nug jar with 1d% black pills, ea restores 1HP*
21. Juju stick adorned with garnets, gold tacks, tiny bones
22. Box of gnargosaurs, carved from jasper
23. Stein of carven stone with vines of gold, emeralds, and etched pewter lid
24. Tiny Gnargoyle buddy*
25. Brass pipe in shape of lizard smoking a brass pipe
26. Bag of Runestones
27. Porcelain box of ruined and broken jewelry
28. Yellowed tusk with scrimshaw of ancient battle, tipped with platinum
29. ‘Ergot’s Alchempendium’
30. Blackwood box with gold clasps, carved with skulls, eyes are amber, empty
31. Five foot staff topped with bronze skull, emits Light from eye sockets*
32. Gnarly twisted staff will root and grow into a tree, gaining 1’/rnd, max 30’ *
33. Leather bandolier filled with darts, 3d4 ‘hypo tips’
34. Belt pouch with six padded compartments, incl. six color-coded vials
35. Skull with runes and removable top contains carved bone dice
36. Black pillar candle burns like torch for 72 hrs*
37. Corroded pail; steel hammer, metal saw, pliers, prybar
38. Ivory box of fine pens and inks, and cheap wooden box of rainbow chalks
39. Mechanical ‘venus flytrap’, catches & grinds bugs*
40. Glass jar of tarry goo with wick; creates 10 cubic ft of smoke for 1d4 rnds
41. Massive, resealable glass jug with copper handle, contains 1 gallon fine oil
42. Rainbow mini serpent with horns resides in glass bottle ‘terrarium’  *?
43. Pewter and bronze serving tray, etched scene of imperial orgy
44. Ornately beaded gourd hookah
45. Candle support of entwined snakes, carved from single trunk of tiger wood
46. Stoppered vial; gold dust, 3d30 GP
47. Mead stein carved from auroch horn
48. Copper tin contains clay jar with runic wax seal*, holds 3oz living Black Pudding
49. Everlasting ‘Ice’ Cube*
50. Golden whistle on silver chain, tiny rubies

Monday, December 1, 2014

End of Session Checklist

Because I always forget something, when we wrap it up at 2:00AM!

End of Session Checklist
Where on the map did we end (room #)?
What time of the day, in game?
Any Spells in effect?
Heal/Rest yet?
Treasure counted/divvied?
All XP accounted for?
Status of PCs/Party? (current HP, Spells, rations, ammo…)
Any plans for next session?
Can all Players make next game?
Any good ideas during play which I didn't write down?

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Dozen Magic Items, Why Not?

1. Medallion of the Berserking Bear; if wearer reaches negative HP, goes into Berserk rage and attacks nearest opponent. Bonus of +2 TH, Damage, Initiative, but still loses 1 HP/rnd and immediately falls dead at -10 HP

2. Potion of Wing & a Prayer; magnificent angelic wings and halo appear, effects as per Prayer Spell, and Flight, for 1 turn + 1 rnd/lvl, 'Good' Guys only, please

3. Ogre Powder; Magic Dust which grants equivalent of 18/00 or 19 STR -whatever-  when inhaled, dur. 2d6 rnds, 1d4+2 doses/pouch, must rest for one full turn after effects wear off

4. Living Rope; a rope which can understand and obey simple verbal commands, be made to slither, climb, knot, secure, etc, is if alive, like a snake or worm.  Moves far too slowly to be used to attack or ensnare.  Rope cannot defy gravity, but can climb vertically up to one half its length.  Must consume a (normal, organic) rope of equal length 1/mo, like a king snake eating a corn snake, at a rate of 10'/hr

5. Potion of Suicide Clones; causes 1d4 mini-clones to 'bud' on the body of the imbiber, ea costs 1HP to produce.  Within 1 turn the fawning, grotesque 6" charicatures detach, and will follow simple commands until they shrivel and die after 24 hrs.  Only form of attack is to get really angry and hurl themselves onto a target and explode for 1d4 damage, which is, of course, a one-time-only kinda deal

7. Howard's Signet Ring; adorned only with the raised initials H.P.  (backwards, reversed)  One additional HD, as appropriate to system, is rolled ea day, and the result is added to HP for that day.  Simple, and dearly loved

8. Cuneiform Codex; heavy slab of basalt with twisting, animated hieroglyphs engraved upon it, committing to read it for 12hrs, uninterrupted, followed by a full rest, grants reader the ability to Read &Write any one language (or similar system) of their choice.  Learn 'Bullywug' in a Day!

9. The Green Cream; when applied to any living tissue, imparts a greenish tinge, permits photosynthetic healing, ea hr spent in sunshine Heals 1d4 HP, lasts 24hrs, 2d4 applications/crock

10. Quicksilver Capsule; appears to be a metallic jellybean, when swallowed, take 1d4 damage, and be overcome by fatigue and nausea for 1 turn, whereupon certain Spells already cast that day are restored as if they had not been expended.  The total # of Spell Levels regained is equal to XP Level.  One specific Spell of Player's choice  may be regained, the remainder are determined randomly

11. Philosopher's Rod; transmutes a quantity of metal no greater than one cubic foot into a metal of greater value, according to this progression: iron/steel<copper<silver<gold<platinum
Only affects a single item; one lock on a wooden chest, a sword, a portion of a set of standard donjon jail bars, one burial mask, etc.  Req. touch, or successful TH at +1, 3d4 charges

12. Silver Whistle; summons a Ghostly Hound, which must be fed some kind of reasonably edible meat, and will then stand watch, in one area, for up to 12 hrs.  Detects Invisible, Concealed by smell, cannot be Surprised (except possibly by Teleport or Phasic Travel) is incorporeal, cannot track or attack, but will warn of any approach or intrusion

Friday, May 23, 2014

Chewy Mummy

Magicked Tiny (12") Jade Sarcophagus is Cursed to Paralyze, and also place into an indefinite Stasis, anyone touching it; the victim has a chance to avoid this if they can answer a Riddle of DM's choice.  Tell the Players that only this PC knows it,slipping the Player the Riddle on a piece of scrap,  and they cannot reveal it or ask for help from anyone.  Their answer must be written privately on the scrap and returned to the DM.  If the answer is incorrect, they will assume cross-armed Mummy posture, clutching the sarcophagus to their chest, utter the Riddle aloud, and the Curse will take effect.  Only way to end Paralysis is for another to voluntarily touch the thing, being aware of the consequences, of their own will, whereupon the Curse is transferred to the new victim, or by consuming the mini-mummy inside, which tastes like spicy chicken jerky.  Sarcophagus will only open if Riddle is answered.  Eating the mummy is probably bad for you, too...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Playing the GOOJ Card

An Item for the Player, not the Character.  The GOOJ card can be redeemed any time that a situation arises which would remove the Player from the game for an (extended) time, negating the spell, effect, or action which caused this result; for example: Paralysis, Sleep, perhaps even Web, or Time Stop.  In essence, any game result which would have the real-world effect of causing the Player to be effectively removed from game play can be negated by the GOOJ, subject to DM discretion.  The GOOJ does not usually negate damage, or any other game result which, while possibly detrimental, does not remove the Player from the game.  Perhaps even death can be cheated with this card; if a PC is at negative HP, could the Player redeem to negate this state... possibly being restored to a stable 1 HP?

- One-time Literal Version allows automatic Bend Bars/Pick Locks success, once only
- Community Chest Version applies to any effect/situation applying simultaneously to the entire Party, as when everyone Fails Save... basically, a 'Get Out of TPK' card
- Card of Free Action, as Ring, once only
- Rookie Card, given to a newbie Player unfamiliar with the game, or House Rules, redeemable when an unfavorable situation occurs, or undesirable course of action undertaken, as a direct result of misunderstanding or ignorance of the accepted rules.

I had one which was simply a 3x5 index card with the phrase written on it, presented to the Player with a paper clip, but it might be cool to print one of these graphics and hand it out.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Considering Backstab Damage Rule Alteration

Instead of x2, x3, x4 DAMAGE, how 'bout multiplied DAMAGE DICE; for example, instead of 1d8(x2), roll 2d8... instead of 2d4(x2), roll 4d4.  Eliminates crazy lucky high rolls, but guarantees a more effective attack on average, 'cause you know that after all those rounds spent sneaking around and creeping up, you're gonna roll a damned '1' for damage!  Think I'll let players choose which option they prefer... feeling lucky, punk?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Firing Missile Weapons into Melee Combat

For situations in which a monster is engaged in melee with Party Member(s)/Friendly Force(s), and an attempt is made to fire a missile weapon at the Foe, roll a d6, and if the number rolled is = or < than the number of friendly combatants, then the attack is rolled against the friend, not the Foe.

For example, if one fighter is engaged with a monster, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the chaos of combat has caused the fighter to be in the path of the missile.  If there are two party members attacking a monster, there is a 1/3 (2 in 6) chance of someone friendly being accidentally targeted. 

Assumes a max. of four PCs per roughly man-sized opponent (completely surrounded).  For larger monsters, assign a greater value to the creature; an Ogre might be worth two man-sized slots, a Giant could possibly be 3, 4, or 5 times the size of a man.  If the total # of effective combatants exceeds 6, use a d8, if 8 or more are involved, use a d10, etc. 

Further example: Four PCs surround and attack a Giant which is roughly 4x the size of a man.  Total effective combatants equals 8 (4+4).  Roll d10, results of 1-4 means a PC is accidentally targeted, while results of 5-10 allows the attack to be made on the intended target.

For exceptionally large creatures, I usually allow missile fire into melee w/o penalty.  If the fighters have opted for (or better, been maneuvered into!) a questionable full-frontal assault on a T-Rex, I assume the archer hanging back shifts fire about 20' or so, and tries to plug the beast in its massive arse.  (If I thought of it, I'd ask, "Where, exactly are you shooting it?" and if the Player said, "Ass end," I might decide that a dino might be spooked by the surprise butt-slap -Morale/Reaction Check- and instead of attacking normally, he might stampede off, forcing a Save or Initiative Check to avoid a trampling!)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Magic Item Re-Skins

Get out yer Treasure Tables and roll something up!
1. Random Ring, but in form of a Potion, determ. duration (10+1d10r ?)
2. Random Potion, in form of a Scroll that affects 1d4+1 beings, &/or 10’ radius
3. Random Scroll, in form of Ring of Spell Storing (recharge?), anyone may use
4. Random R/S/W, but in form of a one-shot Scroll  (“Scroll of Wonder!”)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Launch of Gnarth 2.0 Campaign

skirting the shores of the Great Crater Lake
The Party  (I think they need a Gang Name)
Rose, Human, Knight of the Mystic Order of Gnarth, master of longbow and 2-handed sword,
Tarkus Traptripper, Human, Fighter and door-opener of renown,
Xy, Green Gnartian, Mutant Mastermind and Magic-Sniffer,
Gorn, Reptilian, Fighter, deadly with Gnartian Quill Pistol, known to eat his kill,
and introducing,
Cenaturi, Purple Gnartian, Mutant Mastermind whose cunning will likely prove beneficial for The Party in many ways...

Finally... started playing again, DMing my Gnarth campaign.  Everyone was a bit rusty, some hadn't been to the table in almost a year.  Follies incl. The Party serendipitously 'finding' a map which revealed the one room they hadn't yet discovered in the Serpentman Caves, a hidden temple with an altar and curtained alcove.  Tarkus Traptripper once again performed his perfunctory duty, yanking aside the curtain, which triggered the Trap; a chute in the alcove swung open and dumped a startled and angry Vorpion in his lap.  Although severely mauled by the initial attack, Tarkus gave back just as well, and the creature was sound surrounded and eviscerated from all sides.  Centauri claimed the segemented, insectoid tail claw of the Vorpion... to wear as a hat.  A pretty cool magic item hidden in the altar would likely have been discovered, if The Party hadn't, for some reason, assumed that the initial examination of the altar by a single PC was sufficient...!  The Party is unwittingly still carrying the key to this stash, hidden within a looted bronze cobra statuette.  Will they ever find it, and if they do, go all the way back?

After exiting the caves and crossing out of the Rust Desert, they encountered a band of Blue Gnartian Raiders, approx 200 yards away, as each group crested opposing rocky dunes along the shore of the Great Crater Lake... the Raiders were all armed with longbows, the party was not!  After injuring most in a segment of surprise, Initiative was rolled for the following round, the Party won... and stood there.  Some attempted to decipher what the Blue Leader was shouting to his minions from atop his rusty-armored Monoceratops, it was something along the lines of, "Keep firing, fools!"  After a few rnds of this, the Blues eventually lost a man to the one decent archer among The Party, and Blue Leader lost patience and charged.  Despite the pincushioning of nearly all the PCs, and the subsequent dino-trampling of Tarkus Traptripper, the party rather easily dispatched their mismatched foes in melee.  Even the Monoceratops, draped in his scraps of rusty armor, just rolled terribly.  Blue Leader offered to take them to the 'unguarded' bandit hideout, but Centauri the Mastermind knew from his Mutant ESP that while the treasure was real, there were two Blues on guard, or so the Leader thought; once they approached the hideout, the Surprise tables were turned, and the party was able to approach withing the range of their ranged weapons, and slaughtered the slacking guards without hassle.  A secreted, badly rusted and unlocked chest was found, containing coins and a few minor pieces of jewelry.  Xy, the other Mutant Mastermind, sniffed to Smell Magic, but the enticing scent of cinnamon was not detected, and the Party assumed the Bandit Lair for the night.

10GP Gem: a record-keeping page for Proper Nouns, three columns; People (NPCs, legendary figures, etc), Places (visited, rumored), Things (items, creatures encountered)... anything important enough to be given a proper Name.

Highlight o' the Night:  Centauri using his Alter Mass and Telekinetic Arm Mutations in tandem, to make himself weightless, and then carry himself across a field of battle.  My atrophied DM mind was blown.