Rings & Amulets (d100)

Jewelry allowing minor Spell-like effects, some are always in effect, some activate on command. Some entries* limited to 1 Use/Day, &/or limited Charges, per DM.  Duration of effects (if any), 1T, unless noted otherwise. If Random form, (d6) 1 pendant 2 brooch 3 bracelet/band 4-6 ring.  Maximum of two rings (one/hand), plus any one other, per person

1 Flying*                                  up to one hour, must rest thereafter for equal time

2 Ouroboros                            need not eat for 60 days, if gorge before/after

3 Telekinesis*                          (R) manipulate/hurl items, 90’ range (d6) 1-3 50lbs, 4-5 100, 6 250

4 Underwater Action               breathe and swim underwater, move normally on bottom

5 Silver Pentacle*                   Protection vs Outer Gulfs, AT Disadvantage, +3 Saves

6 Cunning Linguist*                 imitate any sound/voice, Ventriloquism or ‘echo’ a sonic AT

7 Invisibility*                            as Spell, ring itself always Invisible when worn

8 Shocker                                (R) discharges +1d6 electric damage by touch/hit, 1/T

9 Spocker*                              (R) humanoids Save vs Vulcan Nerve Pinch (touch), Stun 2d4r

10 Swapper                             (R) two gems, opposite sides, switch between male/female 1/day

11 Shrinker*                            (R) up to one hour / 10% original size, affects damage/mass

12 Scanner*                            diadem/circlet, single target Psychic Blast, 30’

13 Mesmerism*                      captivation by concentration, up to 6r (minus INT+), Save Neg

14 Mood                                  (R) Immune to emotional influence; Charm, Panic, Fear, etc

15 Doom*                                (R) consult for DM assessment of current danger, scale 1 to 10

16 Arcane Veil                       Immune to Scrying, ESP, and any Detection

17 Luck Stone                         +1 to all Saves

18 Free Action                        Immune to magical restraint; Webs, Hold/Paralysis

19 Free Will                            Immune Possession, mental control as Hypnosis, Confusion, etc   

20 Burgling*                           activated, detects Traps w/in 30’, 1T, Not disarm, locate, describe

21 Truth*                                 (R) Detects Lies, wearer always incapable of lying, can’t remove

22 Magic Missiles                   (R) Moon Opal glows, 3d30+10 total Missiles, fire up to 3/rnd

23 Hellstone*                           flawless ruby, 6d6+6 Fireball; 1:6 per use to attract Diabolic notice

24 Knocking*                          (R) as Spell

25 Embiggenment*                 size x2, skin green, gear = purple pants, fist 1d12+6

26 Light & Darkness              Light Spell, unlimited, plus Darkness 10' rad, 1/day, 10r

27 Rising & Falling                  Feather Fall/Levitate at will (if unconscious, drift to ground)

28 Dying Rage                        at -1 to -10 HP, remain conscious/stable, gain x2 AT/r

29 Soul Saving                       as per Magic Jar

30 Suture Spider*                   arachnid animates, sutures wounds (w/webs), Heal 3d6 HP

31 The Shine                          +1 (earlier) Initiative, horripilation in 30’ of Undead

31 Hammer Hand*                  (R) Summons Spiritual Hammer (1d4+1), range 90’

32 Magic Detection*               (R) by touch, not detect traps/curses, one object/round for 1T

33 Gambler’s Edge                 twenty-one “Plus Ones”, add up to +3 to any d20 roll, can’t remove

34 Howard’s Signet*               (R) bonus HD is rerolled each day, add to HP max, initials ‘HPL’

35 Blinking*                             Blink w/in 3’, 1/r, 1T, AT/disappear with Initiative

36 Mirror Images*                   1d4 Images

37 Uni-Polyglotism*                for next 24 hrs, understand/speak/read any one language, ONLY

38 Talking Dead                     communicate w/dead, if they are interested (Roll Reaction)

39 Rain Man                           wave ring over any pile of objects, know exact number of each 

40 Vampiric Touch*                (R) Drain/Gain 1d6 HP by touch, +1 TH, for 6r, No Save

41 Chameleon                         camouflage, 1:20 (INT+) to detect by sight, if motionless

42 Phobic Allayment               Purify Food/Drink/Surfaces at will

43 Mind Reading*                   medallion, one mind at a time, current/surface thoughts, 60’

44 Second Sevens                 d20 rolls of Nat 7 may be rerolled, second 7 = maximum success

45 Identification*                     (R) one item/day, one property/hour, by touch

46 Detect Invisibility*              120’, 10+1d10r

47 Instant Acquisition*            (R) a pre-declared item, or last item touched, Teleports to hand

48 Phantom Shield*                (R) Base AC +2, +4 vs Missiles, Immune Magic Missiles

49 Atmospheric Adaptation    personal supply of sweet O2, 24/7, immune to Gases

50 Webs*                                (R) Cone 60’x20’, or Area; 60’ range, 30’ diameter

51 Glyphic Rune*                    10’ radius, 12 hrs, 12 HP Lighting, Save for half, audible discharge

52 Resistance                         type: Fire, Lightning, or Cold, +3 vs Magic, Save = half/zero dam

53 Spell Doubling                    cast prepped Spells x2, type (d6) 1-2 First Level, 3-5 2nd, 6 3rd

54 Sanctuary*                         as Spell, one target, Save Neg

55 Toadstone                          antivenom, +3 Save negates any toxin, Fail = half dam/effect/rate

56 Arachnid Ambulation         climb walls, dance on ceilings, immune/move in webs                     

57 (Blank) Form*                    as Polymorph, keyed to specific creature (DM’s choice?), 24hrs

58 Recollection*                      (R) Re-Cast any one Spell already Cast, choose when you use

59 Impersonation*                   assume appearance of any observed person/PC, up to 24hrs

60 Familiar                              (R) Bind/Find Familiar, one Familiar at a time (any Class)

61 Far Sight*                           Clairvoyance, see obstructed area up to 100” distant                       

62 Distant Whispers*              (Earring) Clairaudience, hear normally up to 100”

63 Jedi Mindwarp*                  as Suggestion Spell

64 Seduction*                         sexually irresistible to one person, Save/WIS+, 24 hrs        

65 Turning Undead*               1/day as 1XPL; 1HD/10+, 2HD/13+. 3HD/16+, 4HD/19+, 5HD/20

66 Extra Life                           Raise Dead once/PC, if worn when killed, 1:6/use becomes inert

67 Minor Arcane Ward            Save ADV vs 1st Lvl Spells (or standard Save if normally none)

68 Helping Hand*                   (R) transfer 1d8+XPL HP/r, give or take, by willing touch only

69 Infinite Eggs*                     (R) lay one chicken-like egg/day, 1:12 is Bad Egg (see Missiles)

70 Silence*                              wearer Silent, cannot hear, speaking/attacking ends duration

71 Spider Sense                     +1 vs Surprise, +4 vs Traps/Dodge, tingles near danger

72 Random Excellence*         temporarily increases a random Ability (1d6) to 18 each day

73 Dispel Magic*                    Cast as 12th XPL; 50%, +/- 5%/XPL

74 Trollbone*                           (R) Regenerate 1HP/r, at rest only, perm bond to finger

75 Flamefinger*                      (R) 12 HP fire damage, 3’ jet, No Save

76 Goldfinger*                         (R) points to nearest/largest amount of gold

77 Finglonger                          (R) finger can grow up to 30’ long, knuckles every 3”

78 Long Years                        age at half rate, Immune magic aging

79 Unseen Servant                 Summons an Invisible floating valet, can’t fight, 100’ radius

80 Jumping                             10’ vertical, 20’ backward, 30’ forward, Once/T

81 Brilliance*                           diamond emits Blinding Flash, 30x30’ cone, Save Negates/1-3r

82 Extra Healing                     add +1 HP/die every time you naturally or magically Heal

83 Command*                        single word must be obeyed for 1 round, as Spell

84 Sorcerer’s Signet*              (R) Wizard Lock items, doors, etc, with wax bearing this seal

85 Gainful Rest*                     x2 healing from sleep, No Save vs Sleep Spells/Effects

86 Telepathy                           mental speech/reception, not mind-reading

87 Engagement                      (R) melee +1 TH, one hand only (does not apply to 2 handed AT)

88 Horny Toad*                       squirt 1 HP of own blood from eyes, target Saves -2, Blind one rnd

89 Berserking*                        one extra AT/r, AC -2

90 Unnatural Reaction            negates all Nat20 AT special effects, roll standard damage

91 Good Health                      Immune disease/sickness (does not Cure Disease in effect)          

92 Lordly Might                       max HP increased by +1/XPL, lost immediately if removed

93 Quickness                          double MV, +1AC/TH

94 Gnarchmagi                       (R) Prepare and Cast Spells as if +1 XPL (Sorcerer only)

95 Hawkeye                            zihgir, +1 TH, -1 range penalty, with bow

96 The Big Heal                      blood garnet, Heal Spell for wearer, three uses only, then breaks

97 Cursed!  Roll Again, amusing, opposite, &/or Malefic Effect, if removed, may work normally

98 Legendary Signet; Roll/Pick Twice, has both properties, is named after someone famous

99-00 DM’s Choice, or Roll three times and pick fave

      Most powerful magic ring in Los Angeles

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