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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Word on Firepower; the Zorg F-1 Pod Weapon

I'm thinking that this oversized Swiss Army knife of mayhem from 'The Fifth Element' would be fun to toss into my Sword and Planet game.  It would probably be more at home in a Gamma World / Mutant Future / Sci-Fi game, but most fun in a Medieval Fantasy world...

"Good for Righties and Lefties," the ZF-1 Pod Weapon has the following features:

Assault Rifle: 3,000 round clip?  3-300 round burst?  No way!!  Maybe a 200 round clip...  Well, maybe 100+1d00!  I'm not sure how to translate an automatic weapon into D&D-ish game stats, especially if it has a 'replay' feature!  Let's say it's a Save for half damage, single fire 1d6+3, auto fire 6d6+6 damage for a ten round burst.  Also has 20 'homing' bullets, if one of these hits, the next shot/burst automatically hits, no Save!  Range is... 2000'?

Rocket Launcher: a single mini-missile, I'm thinking mine is an epic one-shot, doing gonzo damage, like 10d10 in a 30' diam, Save for half, Range 2000'

Arrow Launcher: +3 TH, six explosive darts (1d6 damage + 3d6 Bang,), six poison-tipped (1d6 + 2d12 Poison, incapacitates for 1d6r, Save for half), Range 1000'

Net Launcher: one-shot, as Web, 20'x20' area, 60' range

Flamethrower: (Zorg's personal favorite), let's go with six uses worth of  fiery chemical, equal to a flask of oil on any targets in 60'x20' Cone

The All New 'Ice Cube System': gonna say six uses here also, Cone as flamethrower, 3d10 freeze damage

Little Red Self-Destruct Button: near inaudible whine builds for one round, then gun goes boom for 3d6 damage, 10' radius, if mini-missile has not been fired, it also explodes, as do any explosive darts

Number of crates found, 12d12.
No, just kidding.  I wanna watch the Players fight over it.  :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Atlatl, Atlatl, Atlatl

Wasn't sure this belonged here, then realized: awesome primitive weapon, 'Mad' Scientist, pretty darn funny... too cool to not post here!  Great weapon for D&D Barbarians, Post-Apocalyptic Road Warriors, & Martian Desert Tribesmen.  Besides, it's just fun to say, "Atlatl."  Check out the vid.

...ATLATL!  : )

Friday, November 22, 2013

This is The Pact

To Defend, this is The Pact
But when Life is scorned, and damage done
To Avenge
This is The Pact

Thinking this is about the most elegant way to phrase the credo for a Paladin-type, from one of my least favorite songs by one of my most favorite bands.  Check out the tune that wasn't featured in the classic animated film, Heavy Metal (1981), dubbed over the appropriate scenes by another fan; a pretty good job of editing!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

'Dorkness Rising' Full Movie on You Tube

If you haven't already seen it, you def. should!  Just discovered the full movie is on YouTube.
Be sure to check out other projects from Dead Gentlemen and Epic Level Productions!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gonzo Fighter-Type Names, MST3K Style

Copied/Pasted this list of Uber-Macho Fighter names, suitable(?) for NPCs, Henchmen, even your next PC, and made a Random Table of it.  View the MST3K clip here.
  1. Slab Bulkhead *       
  2. Fridge Largemeat * 
  3. Punt Speedchunk * 
  4. Butch Deadlift * 
  5. Bold Bigflank * 
  6. Splint Chesthair * 
  7. Flint Ironstag * 
  8. Bolt Vanderhuge * 
  9. Thick McRunfast * 
  10. Blast Hardcheese * 
  11. Buff Drinklots * 
  12. Crunch Slamchest * 
  13. Fist Rockbone * 
  14. Stump Beefknob *
  15. Smash Lampjaw * 
  16. Punch Rockgroin * 
  17. Buck Plankchest *
  18. Stump Junkman * 
  19. Dirk Hardpec * 
  20. Rip Steakface * 
  21. Slate Slabrock * 
  22. Crud Bonemeal * 
  23. Brick Hardmeat * 
  24. Rip Slagcheek * 
  25. Punch Sideiron * 
  26. Gristle McThornbody *
  27. Slate Fistcrunch * 
  28. Buff Hardback * 
  29. Bob Johnson (oh, wait…) * 
  30. Blast Thickneck * 
  31. Crunch Buttsteak * 
  32. Slab Squatthrust * 
  33. Lump Beefbroth * 
  34. Touch Rustrod * 
  35. Beef Blastbody * 
  36. Big McLargehuge * 
  37. Smoke Manmuscle * 
  38. Beat Punchmeat * 
  39. Hack Blowfist * 
  40. Roll Fizzlebeef *
  41. Ragnar Rokbottom 
  42. Leif Longbottom
  43. Leif Garrotte
  44. Danger D. Danger
  45. Tank Blackmoor
  46. Stiff Polearm
  47. Flabby Thunderbuns
  48. Thorvald McMaynerberry
  49. Bjorn Redeye
  50. Goliath Oakennutts
For easier Random Rolling, I rounded out the list to an even 50 entries,  adding #s 41-49 in an apparently Viking-influenced fit of giggling free association.  Entry #50 was the name of a favorite Character of mine, one of the last of the Clan of Chainsmoking Dwarves, sadly departed, and undoubtedly hollering his signature catchphrase, "Heapin' Gobs of it, Laddie!" on the entrail-strewn battlefields of Valhalla.  We hardly knew ye, Goliath.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ray Harryhausen, Effects Innovator, Dies at 92


Here's a link to a video featuring all of his monstrous, wondrous, amazingly detailed cinematic creations. Hard to believe that most of these were released w/in my lifetime, but I have a great memory of seeing "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger", IN THE THEATER, with my dad, and being blown away, to a degree that my older, more jaded self has seldom been since. "One Million Years B.C." was premiering at about the same time I myself was making my earthly debut, so it was as old as I was, when at 12, I finally saw it. As I recall, Raquel Welch in that cavegirl bikini was a surprising distraction from my beloved dinosaurs! The original "Clash of the Titans" came out when I was between Jr. and Sr. High... still think Calibos is uber creepy, and uber cool.   Ask the players in my game if he had any lasting effect on my impressionable young mind.  Thanks, Ray.
(the Tito Puente soundtrack is a cool mash-up, too)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mongrel & The Wrath of the Ape King

Old School rotoscope style animation of a murder hobo with a 70's porn mustache raiding the lair of the Ape King, punching an albino lion into submission before dispatching it by throwing a sword through it's skull... that kinda thing.  Here it is!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roll a d6

Just in case you missed this gem...  Roll a d6

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I loved the original Sid & Marty Krofft series when I was a kid... wonder what I'd think of it now?  But tell me this link to Geography & Technology of the LOTL doesn't inspire your appetite for Brontoburger!

Gates, dinosaurs, "undead", hidden subterranean god-creature, crashed spaceship... Sandbox, anyone?  The quintessential sandbox - there is no "beyond the borders"!  You're going to have to keep track of every single looted Sleestak crossbow bolt, because there is no Town, no Trader Caravans... also, no Hirelings, no Temples (well, one!)...  In short, no "support", only what you can scrounge.  Gold and gems would hold little value, but any kind of survival tool/aid would be priceless!
I'm DOING this!

Encounter Tables: lots of dinos, of course, giant-sized critters seem to "fit", perhaps a few more monstrous beasties underground, plus the occasional non-native, anything from 60's Surferboy (bad wave, man) to Judge Crater to a cunning Mind Flayer... subtable for determining if they are n00bs or long-term residents

Pylons: the keys to finding a way out, perhaps several or all must be discovered and used toward this end, perhaps each controls a certain aspect of the Land (seismic stability, temporal stasis, gravity, weather...)

Lost Vehicles: crashed WWI biplane, 1990 Jeep Range Rover, Egyptian Galley...