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Friday, May 23, 2014

Chewy Mummy

Magicked Tiny (12") Jade Sarcophagus is Cursed to Paralyze, and also place into an indefinite Stasis, anyone touching it; the victim has a chance to avoid this if they can answer a Riddle of DM's choice.  Tell the Players that only this PC knows it,slipping the Player the Riddle on a piece of scrap,  and they cannot reveal it or ask for help from anyone.  Their answer must be written privately on the scrap and returned to the DM.  If the answer is incorrect, they will assume cross-armed Mummy posture, clutching the sarcophagus to their chest, utter the Riddle aloud, and the Curse will take effect.  Only way to end Paralysis is for another to voluntarily touch the thing, being aware of the consequences, of their own will, whereupon the Curse is transferred to the new victim, or by consuming the mini-mummy inside, which tastes like spicy chicken jerky.  Sarcophagus will only open if Riddle is answered.  Eating the mummy is probably bad for you, too...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, SOME Dogs go to Heaven...

Was thinking of the Eight Million Mummified Dogs, and was reminded of Fritz Lieber's "Gods IN Lankhmar" (as opposed to the Gods OF Lankhmar), the Mummified Undead protectors who would rise and defend the city...  How about a city teeming w/cats &/or dogs, afforded the privilege of roaming free, considered sacred by the populace... a city which has stood for quite some time, partly due to the fact that, interred in the series of catacombs below, there are Eight Million Mummified Dogs...  ("Your War Dogs refuse to enter the tunnel.  Hmm?  Well, they look kinda scared, actually...")

(Oh, and dibs on "8MMD" as the name of a band, narrowly edging out long-time favorite, "The Chewy Turds")

Wednesday, March 30, 2011