Monday, September 23, 2019

Item: Animating Chess Set

Animating Chess Set; ebony & ivory, nice box, 1d30 pieces remain, one use each, roll d20 to determine type, if max/type has been reached, substitute Pawn

d20      Figure              Max #              Stats
1-8       Pawn               16                    Warrior, XPL 1, HP 10, AC 14, aids up to 24hrs
9-11     Rook                4                      Enlarges to permanent two-story stone Tower Keep
12-14   Knight              4                      Knight, XPL 10, AC 17, D BW+1, HP 70, aids 3T
15-17   Bishop             4                      Casts one Spell; Restore, Resurrect, or Regenerate
18-19   Queen             2                      Valkyrie; XPL 15, AC 20, D BW+3, HP 100, aids 1T
 20       King                 2                      Summons any other piece to act on Party behalf


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