All the Misc Magic Items (d200)

MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC (Two Tables, d100 each)
All the weird and wondrous stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into the other categories, some powerful, some minor, most of use to adventurers, a few worth a sizeable sum to the right buyer, some that cause problems…  Misc Items often allow peculiar effects which do not closely mimic Spells

1 Bloody Bestiary; if the blood or ichor of a creature is dripped upon one of the tome’s 20 blank pages, a ‘monster manual’ style entry on the beast will write itself in the blood, incl any special abilities, weaknesses, etc  These will not be in game terms; it may say, “susceptible to fire”, NOT, “double damage”, or “Thick scaly hide”, but not “AC 14”  The first few pages may already contain entries

2 Ullfire Prism; otherworldly crystal transmutes Light Spells into a mind-blowing Cone of Incomprehensible Radiance, 60’X30’, Effect as per HD; 1-6 HD unconscious 3d4r, 7-12HD blind 2d4r, 13-16HD stun 1-4r, No Save if less than 6HD, otherwise, a Save reduces blind to unconscious, or stun to blind, has 3d6 Charges

3 Ogre Powder; Magic Dust which adds 1d4 to STR (19 max) for 2d4+2r when inhaled, 4d4+4 doses/pouch, must rest for one full turn after effects wear off

4 Living Rope; a rope which can understand and obey simple verbal commands, be made to slither, climb, knot, secure, etc, is if alive, like a worm, moves far too slowly to be used to attack or ensnare, cannot defy gravity, but can climb a vertical wall like a vine, up to one half its length (100’)

5 Quiver of Tricks; pull forth trick arrows, creates 1d4 Special Effect Arrows +1, 1/day, last batch vanishes after 24 hours, if not expended

6 Vampire’s Skullcap; fossilized skull bowl carved with vile runes, drinking the cerebral fluid of a slain Wizard from it transfers the Spells memorized at death to imbiber, if these exceed Spell Slots available, frothy convulsions result for 6+2d6r, only one Spell is retained (Casters only)

7 Runik’s Cube; 4-inch stone, each face can project a Symbol; Discord, Fear, Insanity, Hopelessness, Pain, Sleep, once each, No Save if under 10 HD, effects last 1T

8 Cuneiform Codex; heavy slab of basalt with twisting, animated hieroglyphs engravings, committing to reading it for 12hrs grants reader the ability to Read/Write any one language, can be used # of times = to INT Bonus, then fractures explosively.  Learn 'Froglodyte' in a Day!

9 The Green Cream; magic sap, applied to living tissue, imparts a greenish tinge, permits photosynthetic healing, sunshine Heals 1 HP/T, lasts 12hrs, 4d6 applications/crock

10 ‘Memberberries; dried enchanted berries, if ingested, cause amiable nostalgia, Disadvantage vs Mental Influence/Effect for 2d6 Turns, and one specific Spell of Player's choice, which has already been cast on the same day, may be regained (#3d6)

11 Chalice of Endless Water; can only drink from, not pour from

12 Silver Whistle of Serenity; summons a Ghostly Watchbeast, which must be fed some kind of reasonably edible meat, and will then stand guard, in one area, for up to 12 hrs, Detects Invisible and Concealed (by smell), cannot be Surprised (except possibly by Teleport or Phasic Travel), is incorporeal, cannot track or attack, but will warn of any approach or intrusion

13 Wooden Archer; toy figurine becomes full size 1/day for 1T, fires up to 20 arrows, as “X” HD

14 Tiny Door; pocket-sized replica enlarges on command to full size dungeon door and frame, attaches securely to any opening up to 10’x10’, equipped with hardware for barring the door, but there is no expanding/shrinking bar included

15 Stasis Coffin; transparent Glassteel and gold, any objects inside are unaffected by time

16 Lothar’s Leash; if you can get it on them, renders most creatures of animal INT relatively passive, must be held at all times

17 Iron Fist; (Bigby’s Back-scratcher) steel baton topped by black Meteoric Iron fist, ability to clutch/grab/crush, disarm opponent by scoring a hit, opponent must Contest STR vs +3, acts as +1 mace

18 Talisman of the Traptripper: when dealing with Traps only, whether Magical, or Mechanical: a Save to determine full/half damage is bettered to half/none, if an effect is Automatic, a Standard Save is granted, effects as per DM.  Bearer is affected with a specific delusion, believes himself an expert at finding and disarming traps, and will insist on being the first to search for, and attempt to deactivate, any suspected

19 Dungeon Hoodie; attempts to Sneak, Hide, Snatch are at Advantage

20 Live Savers Candies; add +1 HP/r, last 10+1d10r, 3d4 candies/roll, assorted flavors


22 Bag of Bag Hag of Holding; dumping this lumpy, tattered sack Summons a nasty old hag, who will do nothing but carry items in said magic sack (24 Enc Slots), get them dirty, and bitch about it, matches Party MV, if killed (AC 9 HP 2), unavailable for 1 week, comes back bitchier

23 Gauntlets of Power; great green gloves, TH/Damage as 18 STR, or 19 if already 18, activate by saying “(Name) Smash!!”

24 Towel of Absorption; terrycloth gimcrack that completely wipes a character clean in one round, leaving no trace of dreck on either the person or the towel itself, embroidered with the words ‘Don’t Panic’ 

25 Scoobies; compressed bars of mysterious material, the smell of which is irresistible to carnivorous (animal INT) monsters  Found sealed in an air-tight, screw-top tin, Scoobies will attract such an encounter from the current table in 1d4r, and double such encounter rates for as long as the tin remains open  If tossed into the path of a ravenous beast, it will distract them for 1 round  Come in fun shapes, like ‘bones’, ‘hearts’, ‘livers’ (#2d10)

26 Spice o’ Life; when sprinkled upon any organic material (wood, bone), becomes spongy, edible and nutritious, in no way affects flavor  Large shaker, enough to last the Party for weeks        

27 Expertise Encyclopedia; details arcane insights into 3 random Areas of Expertise, each may be gained, once only, after reading the appropriate chapter for but one full day

28 Everfull Quiver; creates up to 20 arrows/day (or Bag of Endless Stones; suede drawstring pouch always contains a handful of sling bullets)

29 Headless Crown; iron circlet renders head invisible at will, granting +1AC, and drawing looks

30 Vagabond’s Purse; creates 1d10 coins/day, = chance of CP, SP, or GP, will not create new coins until last batch has been spent

31 Crystal of Affixing; tap any item, and it can be permanently affixed/joined/bonded to another, as if somehow "glued,” figure a STR roll or something similar might break this bond, a second tap negates a previous bonding, 1 charge/tap, inorganic only, 20+1d10 charges

32 Cloak of the Gnarchmagi; Spellcasters gain Base AC as plate mail, always get some form of Save vs Magic, gain additional Spell slots as if one XPL higher (Wizards only)

33 Multi Potion Beaker; 1d4 doses each of 1d6 types, but only one pour/day, Player selects type

34 Six Demon Bag; old dice bag Blasts a 60’x20’ Cone with the power of wind, fire, all that kind of thing!  Battered and singed for 3d8 damage, Save for half, man-sized tossed back 10’, 1/day

35 Recall Crystals (pair); crushing one Teleports everything w/in 10’ radius to the location of the other, living or no

36 Necklace of Vampire Fangs; 24 teeth, 2d12 fangs are shiny white, remainder blackened, each absorb 1 XP Level Drain, without effect, then turn ugly

37 Barrel o’ Monkeys; contains a dozen 9” tall furry red monkeys, obey, and perform/mimic simple tasks for 1hr each, then disappear in a puff of smoke, pull them one at a time, or all at once!  (AC 5, HD ½, HP 2) 

38 Vorpal Torc; Identifies as raising an Ability Score to 18, but instead Save at 20 or lose your head to phasic blade

40 Iron Piggy Bank; although one can only insert one coin at a time through tiny slot, can contain up to 1K coins, despite filling only one Encumbrance slot, and can vomit forth any desired amount

41 Floating Disc; 6” diameter metal plate may grow up to 3’ diameter, can support up to 24 ENC Slots, hovers at 3’ above surface, follows owner, MV 12-3, items stacked do not topple

42 Dark Dungeons Shades; eyewear grants Infravision 120’, Darkvision 30’, darken comfortably in sunshine or other bright light

43 Taper of Gainful Rest, candle burns for one night, all w/in 15’ heal one extra HD (#2d6)

44 Jack-O Beans; each grows up to 300' long, 1' thick vine in 1 Turn, 3d4 beans, inverted scale bark for easy climbing

45 Glyphic Scribe, diamond-tipped quill inscribes any Glyph of Warding known, on any surface, 2d6 charges

46 Electrum Skullcap; engraved with runes, confers INT 18, or 19 if already 18

47 The Hepatizer of N’dwygast; also known as the Melt Stick, 3’ Cinnabar and hepatizon rod, topped with translucent orange orb, turns bones/exoskeleton/cartilage of target to jelly, Save at Disadvantage negates and thereafter immune, each use drains 1d6 HP, and 1 in 6 chance of expending the final charge (and it… melts)

48 Magician’s Top Hat; Mad Hatter chapeau can produce live rabbit 1/week, it looks normal, but that rabbit is dynamite! (AC as Chain, HD 10, HP 50, AT 1/r for 1d8+1, Vorpal effect on Nat 20), disappears with a bang, in a column of fire, after 1T

49 Resistible Golden Flute; can cast Charm Monster 1/day, but Save is at Advantage, only one creature may be charmed at any time, and periodically becomes obstinate, demanding a tune regardless of circumstances
50 Personalized Envelope, addressed to a PC by name! (Whomever touches first), contains Scroll of a random Clerical or MU Spell, which they can use regardless of Class, "Dear Tremaine, this may come in handy one day" 

51 Sage Skull; talking skull which can be consulted for information, re Legend Lore; renown proper names, Persons/Places/Things, roll at Advantage

52 Pudding Cup; sealed container holds 3oz of living Black Pudding in stasis

53 Elder Sign; Stone medallion/disc, shifting silver pentacle and runes, Immune to all Mental effects/influence/damage (Psi attacks, Confusion, Insanity…), acts as Protection from Evil vs Elder Species, user can ‘Turn’ Elder Races/Creatures which Fail Save of 15

54 Gloves of Far Reach; creates ghostly ‘remote hands’, mimic actions, can’t attack, up to 50’
55 Horn of Random Monster Summoning; creature appears and obeys any commands short of intentional suicide for 12 hours, whereupon it goes berserk and attacks its master for 10+1d10r, then disappears, HD of Summoned beastie = 1d4+2, charges 1d20

56 Enchiridion of Enlightenment; oversized tome, 30 days to read, raises XP Level by one, once, then turns to dust, which bursts into flame, then disintegrates
57 Dust o’ Sneezing: 2d4 pinches, uncontrollable fit in one target for 1T, Save vs Poison, -2 AC, Saves, all Actions, no Spellcasting        

58 Girdle of Dexterity; Cinnabar and spinels, confers DEX 18, or 19 if already 18

59 Suture Spider; arachnid brooch animates, injects numbing venom and sutures open wounds with webbing, healing 2d4+2 HP, 1/day

60 Decanter of Endless Tears; summons a senile, hard-of-hearing, near-blind Genie, will grant up to three Wishes, but invariably has partial misunderstanding or incorrect detail

61 Idol of Gom; allows substitution of d30 for any one d20 roll, 1/day, small but bulky, requires sacrifice of minor gem, jewelry, or other treasure to recharge; kinda PHB cover statue looking

62 GGPC; when filled with liquids or potions, the Great Golden Pimp Cup negates poisons and contaminants, improves flavor, and adds +1HP/die to Healing Potions (Clerical use only)

63 Ralphie’s Ice Dagger; never melts, acts as dagger +2, tip breaks off in wound, doing additional 1d4HP/day until Remove Curse, Nat 20 puts an eye out, double dam vs fire user/dweller

64 Dungeoneer’s Compass; can indicate direction of nearest exit, or access to next level, up or down, only works underground

65 Ecto-Spex; polished crystal visor peers 120’ into subspace, detects out-of-phase and Invisible creatures, cannot be worn for more than 1T, incurs debilitating disorientation

66 Lightning Rod; copper topped steel, capped with Glassteel plasma globe, contains 36d6 of Lightning Bolts, can absorb 18 additional dice of Lightning and add these to current total, can cast one Bolt/r, anywhere from 1 to 6 d6

67 Shrunken Morlock Head; 1/day this horrid thing can either (d4) 1 Emit deafening scream at one target, 2 Emit Stun Ray from eyes (1r), 3 Spew Sleep gas from mouth (as Spell), 4 Cough up phlegm that Heals 2d4 HP, if ingested   Must suckle 1HP of owner’s blood/day to remain active, or ‘hibernates’, and must be fed 1d4HP to wake  Starts with one effect, gains the others randomly, one each time owner Levels Up, must be given a name

68 Slapple; waxy crimson fruit never rots, Un-aging Sleep for d% years if ingested, Save vs Poison, -2

69 Holocaust Cloak; charcoal exterior, bright red on reverse, 1/day: Fire and Cold Resistance, and immolates (for 1T), doing 1d6 dam/r to any w/in 5’, as in melee
70 Most Useful Keyring; holds 10+1d10 assorted ‘blank’ keys, when a lock is encountered, roll d20, if roll is under the number of blank keys, one key permanently shapes itself to fit the lock, if roll is over, no key will fit this particular lock
71 Immovable Rod; 5’ alloy rod, may be commanded to remain wherever set, even midair
72 Fireball Necklace; detachable globes, throw up to 100 feet, 40’ diameter blast (33 ten-foot cubes), one 12d6, two 9d6, four 6d6, six 3d6
73 Green Devil Mask; jade mask, mouth is a 3” diameter black hole of oblivion, when worn, anything fully inserted disappears from the universe
74 Portable Hole, ultrablack fabric of Phase Spider webs unfolds into 10’ diam, 10’ deep cylindrical pit, may be used to transport non-living matter, no Encumbrance affect
75 Polybdenum Rod; ‘liquid metal’, appears as shiny chrome, of extreme durability, which shapes itself according to the bearer’s mental commands, becoming any weapon (+1) or tool, but not an item with moving parts
76 Crowns of Brain Switching; set of two, Freaky Friday action available as long as both are worn, 1000’ range
77 Bang-Bang Wand; one-foot blued metal tube, seemingly hollow, by command, “Bang!” Discharges puff of smoke, sparks, and metallic glitter, single target within 60’ automatically takes 1 HP damage from invisible bullet, Saves or falls prone for remainder of round, 1/day
78 Dr Flimflam’s Miracle Cream; powers after the use of the cream are (d4) Super STR (19), Lickity speed (Haste), 3  Nigh-Invulnerability (Disadvantage TH vs, damage halved), 4  Ability to command the loyalty of sea creatures  Roll a d4 each time to see which power you get, it's more fun that way  Duration 1d6+4r (except #4, Save for permanent, fail = 24hrs), 2d6+3 applications/tube
79 Ice 91; a crystal of an ice from another dimension, suspended in a jar of clear fluid, it will instantly freeze solid up to 10,000 cubic feet of water

80 The Necrognarnicon; evil tome bound in human flesh and inked in blood… prophecies, funerary incantations, demon resurrection passages, you know (Wizards/Cultists only)

81 Arcane Lantern; provides light (30ft) only those w/in 10’ can see, requires standard lamp oil

82 Stone of Invisibility; just a small pocket stone which renders one Invisible when held.  Because it must be held, certain actions are not possible. Can render several people Invisible if they link hands with PC holding the stone

83 Neodymian Rod; becomes highly magnetized on command, if used to parry steel weapons, adds +2 AC (in addition to parry mod), and there is a 1 in 4 chance/r that it will cause the attacking weapon to be stuck.  Extensible from 1-10 feet, for pokery, or retrieving keys from under the couch

84 Miracle Max Pill; chocolatey-coated wonder gob, restores life to those dead for less than 24 hrs, requires 15 rounds for full potency, Disadvantage on swimming checks for one hour

85 Crate of ‘Top Secret Warchimps’; small crate somehow contains a squad of hive-mind mutant battle apes of low human intelligence, which will emerge and serve when lid is pried off.  Holds one Sergeant (AC 16 Bronze Scale, HD 3, Short Trident +1 (d6/d8), dagger, bronze breastplate and plumed helm) and four Grunts (AC 13, HD 2, three Javelin and Short Sword, bronze buckler and helm).  If Sgt is killed, Grunts become Confused

86 Golden Pocket; golden hoop expands/contracts to 3’ diameter or bracelet size, bigger on inside, holds 24 Encumbrance Slots of items

87 Rusty Rebar; corroded bar of iron one foot in length, ‘rusts’ any metal on contact, 1d20 charges, metallic magic items Save vs Disintegration at 15, +Bonus

88 Multiplying Caltrop; becomes a hundred caltrops when tossed, covering 10x10ft square, could possibly do up to 10 HP damage by crossing, depends (#1d6)

89 Bloodstone Jewel (10K GP) polished carbuncle, carved with name of Greater Demon or an Elder God on bottom, Summons a Molydeus; a Demon of the Outer Gulf, three times only, to serve in any capacity for up to 24 hours
90 Sovereign Ointment; heals (up to) 20HP/use, or detoxifies poisons (1d6+2 applications)

91 Skeletal Butler; “Butler” is a skeletal valet/henchman(woman) who wears a black cape and top hat, attacks with black cane for 1d4, as 3 HD, 18HP, AC 11, MV 12, 24 ENC Slots, Half damage vs edged weapons, Undead immunities, Speak with Dead at will, generally knows a decent joke  When reduced to zero HP, crumbles into a pile, cannot reassemble for one day
92 Roddenberries, dried; each heals 1HP, 1-100 berries per pouch/shrub

93 Canned Homunculus; unbreakable crystal jar contains a Homunculus, which can survive outside its stinky brine for up to 12 hrs, if it returns for a like period.  Peculiar traits, may teach new Spells, become Familiar, see Monster stats

94 Thief’s Hand; Mummified member will animate, attempt to disarm traps or pick locks, pull levers, etc, but no real STR, no combat, 1/day

95 Diadem of Wisdom; Orichalcum with Moon Sapphire, rests heavily on brow, raises WIS to 18, or to 19 if already 18
96 Chicken Wand; fires live chicken 100’ at high velocity, explodes into gore and feathers on impact, unless it Saves on a 15, then it runs around randomly for one turn before expiring, 1d6+2 dam, 3d30 charges

97 Rewriting Scroll; changes to a random Spell each game session, until Cast, or Transcribed

98 Book o’ Handy Spells; If a Spellcaster attempts to read this book, he enters a coma for 1d12 hours, but if a non-Spellcaster makes the attempt, he will be compelled to spend the next 12 hours reading the entire tome, thereafter falling into a coma for 1d12 hours.  When he awakes, he will have one use each of 20 of the 1st Level Magic Spells in his memory, and may Cast these, one time each, exactly as a 6th XPL Wizard (Non-Casters only)

99 Extending Ladder; wooden ‘toy’ ladder, size of a ruler, grows to full size, up to 30’ long on command

100 Cloak of Blanding; makes the user so bland that no one will ever notice him If there is ever a choice of targets, another is attacked because the user is so bland If the user stands still for 3r, he becomes Invisible until he moves again


101 War Paint; 1T to apply, raises Fighting Lvl by 1d4, lasts up to 24 hrs (#2d4+2)

102 Keys of Permanence; keyring with two elaborate keys, when inserted into any lock, one will fuse the lock permanently open, the other will fuse the lock permanently closed.  There is no way to distinguish between the two keys, each works only once

103 Mini Me Mirror; once only, creates a mini clone reflection which crawls out of the mirror and follows its original around.  Half HP/HD, XPL, Ability Scores, appears with replica gear, but none is magical, weapons are half size/damage, half of memorized Spells are retained, but these are only half strength/effect/duration/area, etc

104 Living Staff; can be commanded to ‘root’, grows into 60’ tree at a rate of 1’/r, 1/day, then a cutting can be taken, which itself will grow into a staff if not already that size
105 Robe of Eyes; brocade paisley robe, embroidered with eyes, studded with minor stones, allows 360 vision 120’, incl Detect Invisible, Ultravision, Infravision, Darkvision, Immunity to 1st Level Illusions, +1 vs Surprise
106 Lasso of Truth; bound sentient creatures cannot lie, must answer
107 Magical Tail; bonds to rump of humanoids, detachable, usually lionine, but lizard, monkey… prehensile, but not dexterous or dangerous (to others)
108 The (Weapon) Perilous; random weapon which appears as another object, but if grasped, transforms, cannot be let go for 2T, and animates and attacks, as if the person were attacking themselves; same TH, STR Bonus, etc, weapon has +1d4 Magic Bonus, reroll each round, speaks, but only to taunt, may have Special Weapon Effects.  “Why are you hitting yourself?!  Stop hitting yourself!”
109 Most Excellent Saddle Blanket; allows a rider to perform as though proficient, and all mounts have high morale and obedience
110 Onyx Goblet; anyone drinking from this becomes Seduced if fail a Check vs WIS
111 Manual of the Mind (or Body); reading improves Ability Score by +1, requires one week uninterrupted, roll d6 to determine which volume: STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHAR
112 Unguent of Suicidal Mini-Clones; causes 1d6+2 mini-clones to 'bud' wherever rubbed on the body, each costs 1HP to produce.  Within 1 turn the fawning, grotesque 6" caricatures detach, and will follow simple commands until they shrivel and die after 48 hrs.  Only form of attack is to get really angry and hurl themselves at a target and explode for 1d6 damage, which is, of course, a one-time-only deal (AC 13, HP 3, 2d4 applications)
113 Draughr Teeth; when sown in earth and fed blood, arise as armored undead warriors (MV 9, AC 16, HD 6, AT 3/2r, D BW) (#2d12) 
114 Party Jug; dispenses choice from: one liter of liquor, two of wine, 3 of beer, each 1/day
115 Voodoo Doll Fetish; alters to appear as replica of owner, who may forego any one failed Save; instead, doll commits seppuku with tiny blade, receives effect, once only
116 Blue Lotus Incense; smoke causes trance for 1d4 hrs, user fills a Spell Slot with a random 1d4+2 Level Spell, may cast or transcribe (#1d4 tetrahedrons) (Casters only)
117 Spade of Digging; digs by itself, up to two standard grave’s worth/roughly 10’ cube, 1/day
118 Nonagonal Singularity; anyone attempting to view this incomprehensible one-sided impossibility is placed in psychic rapport with an extra-dimensional entity, transfixed for a full rnd as their knowledge and memory is scanned, and then must roll 10+ on d20 (+CHR Bonus), either receiving a Gift (d4; Permanent +1d4 HP, +1 Base Save, +1 to Random Ability Score, +10% of XP toward next Level), or being stricken with a Random Curse which lasts until the PC advances to the next XPL.  Most often encountered hanging out in a small box.
119 Horn of Dagon; bone-like curved horn artifact attaches to helm or brow, confers: Detect Magic and Ultra/Infra/Dark Vison 120”, if Spellcaster, adds 3 Spell Levels of Spell Slots (one third Level Spell, one second and one first, or three first)
120 Traveler’s Map; always depicts accurate 20-mile topographical (outdoor) radius, shows local weather for next 24 hrs, landmarks may or may not be indicated
121 Polymorphing Cloak; can transform into any set of clothing desired
122 Psychic Papers; when presented, failure to Save vs Mental Influence causes blank page to be seen as a signet, totem, symbol, royal decree, official writ, etc, allowing special considerations, general leniency, unusual privileges, safe passage, etc, as per DM
123 Rod (Fishing) of Incomparable Angling, collapsible, catches at least one whopper fish from any body of water, regardless of size, or presence of fish, when baited
124 Bad Egg; may be thrown up to 60’, causes 15’ radius Stinking Cloud on impact (#1d12+1)
125 Rod of Bane & Benefit; each Charge = 1HP, Heal/Harm by touch, 20+1d30 charges, max 10HP/r
126 Murder Hands; mummified appendages of a convicted killer, stumps connected by a 2’ silvered chain, if hurled at intended victim, human-sized or smaller, a hit will cause automatic strangling damage of 1d6/r unless overpowered, STR 18, will kill once, then vanish
127 Holy Rainbow Gobstopper; when sucked, +1 HD, all Saves at Advantage, 1 hour (#1d4)
128 Bolgazug’s Incredibly Limited Wishing Stone; plain pebble can grant 1d4 extremely minor Wishes; a Wish for “Water” might conjure up one glassful, “Healing” would add no more than 1 HP, “Luck” would grant +1 to one dice roll, “Love” might get ya one kiss, etc (# uses 1d4+2)
129 Electrum Amphisbaena; a jeweled cable torc, becomes living snake 1/day, if killed, reverts form (unless completely destroyed) for 1d6 days (AC 13, HD 4, HP 24, D 1d4x2), if both heads strike, two stage venom is Class II Poison

130 Immortal Apples; never rot, if eaten, core regenerates into full, edible apple, 1/day (#1d6)

131 Bone of Contention; fossilized bone that makes all Low INT, or Unintelligent, who see it fight for it, if fail Save, dur 1T
132 Platinum Mirror; image of beautiful Sorceress whispers new/unusual Spells to any who hand her jewelry, 1,000 GP Value/Spell Level, roll a list of 2d4+1 Spells to “buy”
133 Facepalm Gloves; pair, each has Magic Mouth on palm, one issues a “Stop” Command, the other a Suggestion, “Move along, now,” 1/day each
134 Hypervision Goggles; eye glasses act as binoculars/magnifiers
135 Affinity Gauntlet; Leather gauntlet(s) with open fingers, grants two magical effects...
The Shake: 1/day. wearer may cast Charm Person on anyone who willingly shakes their hand, duration 24hrs, or The Snap: also 1/day, wearer may snap their fingers at the beginning of an encounter, and half of those present will have a Reaction of friendly/affable, regardless of the Reaction of the rest of their group
136 Pangolin Cloak; chitin scale ‘cloak’ allows wearer to curl into an armored ball for up to 1 Turn, can hear but not perform any actions, is immune to normal damage, except vs a Nat 20, all Saves at Advantage, 1/day
137 Storage Cube; 3-inch stone cube ‘dematerializes’ 10 cubic feet of non-living matter, and stores it for later reassembly, like a Transporter Beam, does not affect living beings, or Encumbrance, open/close 1/day
138 Hand of Glory; mummified hand stores five Spells, each useable only once; Sleep, Detect Magic, Invisibility, Darkness, Knock, as each is Cast, a digit blackens and shrivels
139 Linked Rings; 1’ diameter golden hoops are found interlocked, command word separates, anything passing through one emerges from the other, wherever it is, if one is pulled through the other, they interlock
140 Bag of Ticks; fist-sized blood maggots may be hurled up to 30’, attach on hit and drain 1d4HP/r for 1d6+4r, require 1 round to tear off (Contest vs +1STR), or 2 HP to kill (6+2d6 ticks)
141 Horn of the Dead; listening through allows Speak with Dead, blowing reanimates and allows control of (up to) 1d4 corpses (Shambling Zed, or Standard Skeletons), 1/day, slowly build an undying army…
142 Poison Leech; mostly dormant slug in a jar will filter all poisons/contaminants from blood, then Saves (15) or dies, with a loud and prolonged Whoopie Cushion noise, 1d4/jar
143 Magical Treasure Map; when unfurled, shows dotted red line and big splashy X, indicating reader’s current location and route to nearest lost treasure, legit, but no details, 1d6 uses
144 Edran’s Instant Bunker; 3-inch iron cube, 1/day, becomes a 10’ cube with a barred iron door, inside is 10’ room, a kitchenette and half bath, and a futon.  Access via d4+2 keys printed with ‘Do Not Duplicate’
145 Variable Mass Baton; unassuming metal club, no bonus, damage 1d8, 1d10 charges, upon a hit, spend one to cause +1d20 damage, double damage to Golems for no known reason
146 The Answer; sealed scroll has solution to any one dilemma, self-immolates upon reading
147 Jar o’ the Swarm; mundane-looking glass jar, metal lid pierced with air holes, filled with creepy black insects.  If opened/smashed, stinging bug swarm does 2d4 HP/rnd w/in 10’ rad for 1d4+2r, then dissolves into a lingering mist (one shot) 
148 Magical Ink allows any written Spell to be transcribed into Scroll or Book form in only 1 Turn/Spell Level, and the copied Spell is not expended doing so.  1d6+2 applications
149 Expanding Block; bulky 6” stone cube enlarges (10’x10’)/shrinks on command, 1/day
150 Comfortable Cloak; Save at Advantage vs Heat (Fire) and Cold damage, unaffected by extremes of temperature
151 Fan of Second Wind; folding papyrus fan, waving it increases HP of all allies w/in 60’ by 2d6, 1d6+6 Charges
152 Flask of Courage; leather hip pouch and steel tumblers, dispenses 2d6+3 shots of high- octane magical liquor, add 1HD to HP, and Immune to Fear, for 1 hour, or dispels current Fear

153 Barbara Gnargara’s Dancing Hut; a primitive-looking thatch hut… standing on a pair of dinosaur legs.  Will attempt to avoid contact, but an Animal Friendship or Charm Monster will make it a friend.  MV 48, one 15’ diameter room, may come furnished

154 Cursed Berserker Helm; Save at Disadvantage, or be stubbornly enamored of item, and Save at 15 (+INT) in combat, or be possessed by spirit of raging berserker, always engages any foes, refuses to cease combat until all in sight are slain, moshes while eating enemy’s hearts… may exhibit property of Misc Protection Item as well

155 Lover’s Balls; Mini Crystal Balls, linked to each other only, video/audio

156 Scabbard of Diminishing Glee; any non-magical sword becomes temporarily magicked after 24 hours; TH/Damage +5 first round, +4 second round… non-magical after 5r, 1/day
157 Staff of the Gnarchmagi; cast current Spells as if one XP Level higher, +3 weapon doing 1d8 damage, one Special Weapon Effect (Wizard only)
158 Pain Stick; hit causes only 1HP Damage, but Save or be at -2 AC, TH, Dam, Save, all other Actions for 1T, 10+1d10 charges
159 Alchemist’s Purse; converts equal numbers of CP to SP, or SP to GP, 100 coins/use, 1/day
160 Dungeon Dust; harmful to ‘cleanup crew’ monsters (jams, jellies, molds, compotes, etc), 2d6 auto damage/pinch, will not cross sprinkled area, 3d6 uses/bag
162 Sneaky Boots; slow movements (MV 3) are completely Silent
163 Incredible Enlarging Walking Stick; wooden bug brooch, animates on command, for applications as pack animal, self-propelled raft (kinda), battering ram (+4 vs Doors)
164 Mimic Goo; tarry gunk transmutes into a nonmagical copy of any item it is in contact with for 1T, contained in clay eggs which must be cracked open (#1d4)
165 Dehydrated Henchman; packet of Essential Saltes, when reconstituted with 12+ gallons of water, becomes fully functioning Henchman within 1T
166 Flask of Infinite Vacuum (Eversucking Bottle); sucks in gasses, smoke, etc

167 Psychometric Spectacles; view 10-1000 years of an item’s history in rapid slideshow, requires up to 1T of engagement
168 Mulgar’s Shiny Knob; brass door knob creates temporary Passwall tunnel, 10’x10’, straight line up to 100’, in any wall, once only, duration 1T
169 Dolomite Dungeon Dog; fist-sized, jet black statuette becomes actual armored war dog, Fetch, Guard, Attack, etc, has Infravision 120”, cannot animate in sunlight, +1 vs Surprise (smell), if killed or exposed to sun, returns to stone for 1d6 days (AC 16, HD 2, HP 18, D 1-8+1)
170 Taper of Obfuscation; pillar candle, when lit, creates Perception Filter with a 15’ rad, causing those within, incl candle itself, to be completely ignored, only creatures with exceptional INT get a Save, burns up to 8 hrs
171 Gnarnorian Stone; prized variegated lithic cyst sometimes (10%) found within the carcass of a Spawn of Shog Gnargoroth, if placed in contact with a body dead no more than 24 hrs, and subject to a Bless Spell, will fully Raise Dead, with no ill effects/penalties, once only
172 Jug o’ Healing, Healing Potion, 3d8+3HP, 1/day (optional 1d8 3x/day, no +3 bonus)
173 Expanding Dinosaur; spongy pocket-sized replica grows into full-sized Dinosaur (d4: 1 Bipedal Raptor, 2 Ceratopsian, 3 Brontosaur, 4 Other), if immersed/doused with 10 cubic feet of water.  Dino is not under any control, and will react as per DM
174 Fetal Demonic Imp Imprisoned in Ruby Flask; condemned for 1,000 years, but affable and talkative.  Will teach Spells if it likes you, knows 1d4 Spells each of Levels 1-6, will transcribe all if somehow freed early
175 Pearl of Wound Negation; when crushed, requires 1d6 rounds to completely heal any one wound the dust is sprinkled upon (#3d4)
175 Charm Bracelet; collection of Minor Charms +2, dangling from a handy golden ring, one at a time, one use each
            Poison Save               Magic Save                 Dodge Save                To Hit
            Expertise Check         Misc Action                 Any d20 roll                 +2 HP (self/other)

176 Heat Ray Specs; cause increasing heat damage, 1HP/r, a Save is required each round, or this increases to +2, +3, +4 max, duration 6r, on second round flammable objects ignite, 1/day
177 Gourd of Egg Shen; unassuming jug dispenses just enough shots of rapidly evaporating, dry icy Potion to serve up to a dozen people, grants True Sight, 2d10 Bonus HP, -1HP/die vs any form of damage, and +1 to AC, all Saves, and TH, as well as a good buzz, for 6T
178 Dodgy Boots; gain Advantage to any Saves involving dodging/diving/taking cover, +1 AC
179 Mystic Mist Pellet; fills 30’ diameter with breathable but obscuring mist, up to 10’ from ground, lasts 10+1d0r (#2d6)
180 Tome; “Esoteric Insights for Martial Excellence”; raises Combat Bonus by +1 if read, requires one week of uninterrupted study (Non-Casters only)
181 Couple’s Cornucopia; huge spiral horn dispenses a delicious meal for two, 1/day, and no one has to cook, or clean up
182 Holy Rune of Smiting; white orichalcum medallion performs a Holy Smite as a 6th Level Knight, roll on Turning Undead table, all Undead within 60’ take 6 HP damage, 1/day (A Knight may roll at their own Level, if greater than 6th), constant Protection from Undead

183 Money Changer’s Purse; small sack will convert CP, SP, and GP placed inside into the monetary equivalent of whatever coin type is desired, 100 coins/turn, 1 in 6 also include PP
184 Golem Grimoire; details materials and rituals to create your very own automaton, roll type (Wizards only)
185 Iron Mask of Terror; grotesque Twilight Zone face has folding eyepieces, or attaches to helm as visor, Gaze causes Cone o’ Fear (60’x30’), Save Negates, effects persist for 1 turn, greater HD immune, 1/day
186 Flying Phantasm Sphere; baseball sized shiny metal ball, when activated, attacks single target by flying around attempting to slash with extensible switchblade for 1d4+1, Nat 20 = double damage and The Blood Drill engages, doing auto 1d6/rnd of blood siphoning damage.  AT as 3HD, INT Bonus added to TH, if concentration is maintained, 1/day, 1T
187 Insectospex; chromed visor sporting faceted ruby lenses and self-activating telescoping antennae, allows wide-angle vision and vibration detection, +1 Surprise Bonus, +1 vs Invisible
189 Psionic Slime; sealed bucket holds a gallon of sticky gel which Psionic Blasts any living creature it contacts, then forms into a creepy, rubbery ‘mask’ of that creature, screams in agony, shrivels, and dies.  Wearable.  50% second Misc Magic roll in bucket, otherwise 1d4x100 coins
190 Rod of Removal; safely Teleports all w/in a 10’ radius in a random direction (d8), distance outdoors is 1d10 miles, if underground, roll whatever die seems most appropriate for generating a random room # on the current dungeon level, 2d4+1ch
191 Bracers of Accuracy; no penalties to Missile Weapon TH at Med or Long range, all ranges considered Short
192 Dungeon Gob; jar contains living, edible, nutritious, and tasty gray goo, if fed organic material, dissolves and consumes it, creating more goo

193 Pearl of Restoration; swallowing this horse pill restores one Drained XP Level, if taken within 24 hours.  Alternatively, it Cures any physical condition (Diseased, Poisoned, Blind, Paralyzed, etc), or immediately Regenerates a lost limb (# one only; 1 in 4 chance of 1d4)

194  Dodecahedron of Summoning; 2-inch carnelian stone, randomly calls forth one each, once only, 1/day, mindlessly follow any commands, cannot be Healed, spontaneously combust/puff of smoke when killed
            1 Green Gremlin (#3d6)          4 Bearodactyl              7 Froglodyte                10 Brain Slug*
            2 4 HD Piercer*                      5 Manbearpig              8 White Scorpion        11 Serpard
            3 Animated Sword 2AT/r, F7 6 Green Slime*           9 Carrion Crawler       12 Troll
*Drop from ceiling, if possible, +2 TH, or fall from sky, AT vs Base AC

195 Cursing Bloom; foot-long, thorny-stemmed rose of black Meteorite Iron and red Cinnabar, unleashes random Curse by touch, 1/day, No Save, or w/in 30’, Save negates
            1 Beard of Worms                  4 Instantaneous Hyper-Hirsutism;
            2 Unpredictable Apoplexy      5 Catastrophic Misfortune of Malicious Fate, 1/day
            3 Stricken Deaf/Dumb            6 Implacable Zombie Itch

196 Robe of Many Pockets; Dude-esque fraying lounge wear, pull forth, one use each, the following (each emptied pocket can hold a small object, free of Encumbrance penalty):
            Flock, bats                   Rope, 100’                  Socks, pair, dry
            Glass, mirrored           Torch, burning             Iron door/bar/frame, up to 10x10
            Rations, week             Potion, Heal 1d8+1     Battering ram, self-propelled
            Ladder, 30’                  Pit, 10x10’                   Pole, 10’, magnetized finial
            Anvil, iron. 100lbs        Caltrops, two dozen    Ant, man-sized, w/saddlebags
            10x10’ block, ice         Stake, hardwood         100 GP, in pouch
            Nest, wasps, angry     Flask, liquor                 Yo-yo, glows in dark
            Loupe, magnifying      Cocktail, Molotov        Magic Missiles, handful (1d4+1)


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