Ye Gods, what is this Thing?

A "ten gold piece gem" is simply an idea that I think  might be useful in someone's game.   Some posts will be completely detailed, some works in progress, others just ideas w/o a home.

More a utility than an entertainment, but I'll try to keep us all amused.  I'm not really "in the gaming loop", which will prob mean I'm going to post some things that are going to make readers say "Uh, yeah, seen it..." and also -maybe- post some weirdness that no one has thought up yet. 

Focusing on useful game content; my takes on old ideas, new items, monsters, random tables, house rules... I'm using a mix of LotFP, 1st ed AD&D, and Mutant Future.

'Gnarth' is my current 'Sword & Sorcery & Planet' / Lovecraftian  Campaign, an homage/pastiche of pop and classic, fantasy and sci-fi.