Barrier Peaky Weapons & Tech

Most have limited Charges per Promethium Power Cell, varies according to device/weapon
Non-Magical, but affect creatures hit by magic only, certain Saves apply, ignores MR

Type (d10)                                                      Dam/Bonus    Rnds   Special
1 Sick Stick; hypo injector wand                     0 HP                12*       Nausea, -2 AC/d20 rolls, 1T
2 Taser Stun Whip; metallic, extensible         1d4+1d4          50        Nat20 Stun 1d4r
3 Chain Knife, high speed rotary saw            1d6+1              60        Small blade saws metals
4 Void Crystal Parazonium/Kriss                    6 HP                n/a       Material damages anything
5 Sonic Dirk, conic blade of sound                 1d8+2              40        Ignores armor entirely
6 Vibro-Blade; molecularly agitated rapier     1d10+3            30        Sharpness, hits Displaced
7 Multidimensional Warp Mace                      1d10+4            30        Crushing, hits Phased
8 Phasic Sword; blade of energy                   1d12+5            20        Vorpal, x2 dam vs Undead
9 Freaker; brain scrambler baton                   3 HP                30        Catatonic Trip, 1T, Save Neg
10 DM’s Choice or Roll Again, Power Cell x2            *Doses expended upon hit, no Power Cell
2. PISTOLS/RANGED WEAPONS TH/Range = +4/+3/+2 (AT+, DEX+), No Save vs Damage
Type (d12)                  Damage          Range, Feet   Shots  Special Effect
1 Pulse Laser              1d6+1 (x2/r)    200/400/600    90        x2 Dam vs Undead (Rifle 1d8+2x2/r)
2 Neuralizer                0 HP                50                    30        Stun 1d4+1r, Save reduces to 1r
3 Gamma Wave         1d6+6 HP        Cone 60x30    20        Save or Mutation, Mutants immune
4 Heat Ray                 2d6+2              50/100/150      40        +1d6 Dam vs Frosty/metal armored
5 Freeze Ray              2d6+2              50/100/150      40        +1d6 Dam vs Fiery/metal armored
6 Irradium Shotgun     2d4+1 (x2/r)    100/200/---      50        2d8+2 in Sunlight (2 barrels = x2/r)
7 Paralysis Beam       0 HP                50                    20        Save = Slow 1d6r, Fail = 2d6r           
8 Cellular Disruptor     3d6+3              100/200/300    30        Save or req Heal Spell, Living only
9 Particle Blaster        4d6+4              200                  20        Save or Armor Disintegrates
11 Grenade Launcher                         200/400/600    60        as Grenade, compressed air launch
12 DM’s Choice, or Roll Again as Rifle Model (Damage, Range, &/or Shots x2)

3. GIZMOS (d50) Details per DM
1 (2d6) Mg-12 Flares              18 Autograpnel Cannon          35 Multi-Spectrum Cylon Visor
2 (2d4) Communicators          19 Tricorder Scanner              36 Fungi/Herbicide
3 (1d4) Power Cells                20 Biokinetic Lightrod             37 Sonic Screwdriver
4 (2d4) Sterilizer Pellets          21 Autodrone Mapper             38 Food Synthesizer
5 Supply Kit, incl #s 1-4          22 Aquagill/Gas Mask             39 Nullification Generator
6 (2d6) Power Cells                23 Hover Board                       40 Pressurized Oxygen Tanks
7 (1d6) Power Cells                24 Anti-Grav Pods                  41 Molecular Acid/Adhesive
8 Techno-Bracer                     25 Holo Cloak                         42 Smell-o-scope, extensible
9 RoboPet/RoboTote              26 RoboDoc                            43 Solar Recharger Pad; 1ch/day
10 Polyvox Translator             27 Psi-Helm                            44 (2d4) Antitoxin Injectors
11 Forcefield Harness             28 Jetpack Harness                45 (2d4) Heal Tape (20ft, +1HP/ft)
12 Homing Beacon                 29 Vibranium Shield                46 (2d4) Regen Pills (+1HP/r, 6T)     
13 Duralloy Spray                   30 Mirrored Envirosuit             47 (2d4) Biofilter Pills
14 Fire Extinguisher                31 Spyderbot                          48 (2d6) Heal Spray (+10HP, 3/can)
15 Micro Missile Gauntlet       32 Minidrill/Laser Pen             49 Med Kit, incl #s 44-49
16 Laser Sight (+1TH)            33 Glassteel Bubble Helm      50 DM’s Choice, or 1d4+2 P Cells
17 Repellent Spray (?)           34 Taser, one-use      

4. WEIRD RAYGUNS (d20) Require a Save at -3 (No Magic Mods) by target, rather than AT by wielder. Standard Range 100’, Charges/all details per DM, may require special power source

1 Devolver; failed Save causes Complete Body Devolution into Ancestral Form (Human = Ape)
2 Bubble Gun; encases target in impenetrable/immoveable Stasis Field bubble for 1T
3 Shrink Ray; 50% of height/weight, effects either permanent, or reverts at 1"/day, might have a Growth Ray selector as well
4 Nano-Reanimator; Zombifies recently deceased corpses (AC 10, HD/Dam 1/2 original, always             attack last), dur 24 hrs, Undead must Save vs Disruption
5 Gravitic Inversion Pulse; ‘levitates’ target 30-60' (1d4+2, x10), effect ends in 1d4 rnds, three     charges for 30x30’ Cone
6 Bug Gun; fires swarm of stinging, flying bugs, or clutch of boring worms, 2d4/rnd for 2d4 rnds
7 Sickly Purple Death Ray, body noisily, violently turns inside out, Save vs Death at -2
8 Sonic Blaster; selectable: 3d8+3 damage (Save half), Deafen (Save negates), or ‘Brown           Noise’ (No Save, lose 1 rnd to explosive diarrhea)
9 Chronotron Projector; propelled forward in time, 2d12 hrs
10 Blue Goo; viscous, hardening goo causes Slowing if Save, or complete immobility if Fail,        duration 1T, then it becomes brittle and flaky
11 Gingification; Teleports 1000 ft/yards in random direction, No Save
12 Cellular-Metabolic Refragulator/Defragulator (CMRD); heals or harms living tissue for 10        HP/r, requires 1T to scan target’s DNA into memory and process before operating
13 Amnesia Flashwand; selectable intensity, lose either (1-3 Charges): 1 day/1 Spell, 1   week/1d6 Spells, 1 month/all Spells, 10’ radius, Save Negates
14 Oxidizer (Rust Gun); causes all metal items (not just iron, steel) to rust/flake into dust, Magic Save at 15:20, Bonus applies
15 Nerve Fire Taser; causes uncontrollable movement at top speed in random direction for 1T
16 Pollinator (Spore Gun); fires hallucinogenic spores lasting 1T, possibly selectable (d6)
            1 Paralyzed & Gibbering in Fear        2 AT self (2d4 r) to stop shroom infestation
            3 Maniacal Laugh/Dance                    4 Berserk Rage & Paranoid Delusions
            5 Dumb/Deaf/Blind                             6 Believes self to be caustic, mobile Green Slime
17 Plasma Caster; backpack/power plant connects to heavy gun, emits balls of hyperclastic        plasma, 6d10+6 damage, 10’ radius, requires 3 full rounds to heat up between shots
18 Berzooka; mental bomb, Save or simultaneously affected by Haste, and a Berserk,     murderous rage, and attack closest being(s) for 1T, 30’ diameter area
19 Proton Pack; entangles ectoplasmic/phasic/extraplanar entities in hyperphasic coils
20 DM’s Choice, or Zorg F-1 Pod Weapon

Gun Detailing (d30) Roll x2 or x3
1 Brushed Aluminum              2 Gold filigree                          3 Hepatizon
4 Mother o’ Pearl Inlay           5 Xenowood stock                  6 Bronzed
7 Blued                                    8 Rusty                                    9 Brightly enameled
10 Brass/Copper fittings         11 Fins/Flanges                       12 Shiny chrome
13 Muzzle nozzle                    14 "Radar dish"                       15 Indecipherable engraving
16 Scary prongs                      17 Bedazzled                          18 Transparent/crystal casing
19 Scuffed plastic                   20 Ceramic                             21 Barrel etched w/notches
22 Cinnabar                            23 Blinking nodes                   24 Sparking aperture
25 Buzzes                               26 Hummmmms                     27 Emits colored smoke puff
28 Ultrablack                           29 No barrel                            30 DM’s Choice

5. GRENADES Range 30/60/90 (-1 Med, -2 Long), roll AT vs AC 10 (+DEX), Miss = d8 compass-point random direction, 2d10 feet off target, 3 Segment delay.  1:6 are pressure/proximity mines instead

Type (d12)      Rad     Effect
1 Sonic Stun   10'       Stun 1d6+2r, Save -2 for half duration                                              
2 Frag              15'       Damage (No Save), 2d10, 0 = 0, not 10, for damage from 0-18                  
3 Sleep Gas    15'       Unconscious 1d4+2T, Save for groggy, -1 d20 rolls, 1T
4 Irritant           30'       Cloud of Microscopic Nano-virus; -2 AC, TH, Dam, 10+1d10r         
5 Nerve Gas    20'       Paralysis, 10+2d10r, Save at -2 Neg                        
6 Smoke         30'       Concealment, 90%, 1T (+1d10r indoors)      
7 Brain Drain   10'       Psychic Disruption; no higher brain functions, 1T, No Save
8 Blood Gas    20'       Hemorrhagic Agent, -2HP/r for 4d4+2r, Save for -1HP/r
9 Inferno          15'       Fireball, 6d6+6, additional 3d6+3 following rnd, Save each round for Half 
10 Electric       20’       Lighting Sphere, 6d6+6, Save for Half, armored Save -3
11 Photon        5'         Disintegration, 10' sphere of matter, No Save
12 Gamma      20'       (1d6+2) d6 Radiation dam, plus Save vs number of dice on a d20,                                                 (CON+) or Radiation Sickness; -1d4HP Max/day, -1CON/day, req Heal
# Found/Type (d10)
1 Roll Again but one (or more) Defective! (d4) instant detonation, dud, +1d4r delay, half effect
2 Bandolier, 1d4+2 of single Type
3 Pouch of 1d6 random assorted
4 Six Pack of single type
5 Single Grenade, loose
6 Riot Pack; one each of Stun, Sleep, Irritant, Smoke
7 Outer Reaches Pack; one each of Photon, Gamma, Electric
8 Special Ops Pack; one each of Blood, Nerve, Brain
9 Sampler Pack; one of each, in locked metal box
10 Case (partial); 4d6 of single Type, in broken metal box

6. ARMOR (d10) Oversized mech suits, filtered air, Ultravision 200’, central power supply provides 10+2d10T use, 1 charge/T, Force Field and MV, then shuts down entirely.  Rifles are integrated components, separate power, standard shots x2, all incl Grenade Launcher
Type, AC/MV/STR                 Fist      Force Field/Weapons/Grenades
1-4       Stealth,18/18/+3          1d6      Invisibility Cloak, Sonic Dirk, Paralysis Beam, Riot Pack
7-9       Shock, 19/12/+4          1d8      Kinetic, half dam, Stun Whip, Laser, 2 Frag/Smoke/Elec
10-11   Assault, 20/9/+5          1d10    Kinetic/Energy, Warp Mace, Gauss, 2 Blood/Brain/Inferno 
12        God, 21/6/+6               1d12    Null, -20 dam/r, Phasic Sword, Blaster, 2 Photon, 4 Rando

1 Clone-O-Matic; takes "samples”, slowly grows a Simulacrum, maybe only if the donor dies
2 Bacterial Spew Vat; moist sphincter coughs up toxic cloud; Save and age is reduced     10+1d10 years, Fail and become terribly ill/incapacitated 1d4 days
3 Probulator Slab; restraints activate, manipulative arms extend, remove clothing/armor   (transfers them to locked compartment/area), body orifices are probed 
4 Orgasmatron Pod; if machine malfunctions (%?) and becomes stuck in continuous cycle,          CON -1/rnd for 5d4 rnds, 0 = coma, regain 1pt/T
5 Suicide Booth; coin-operated door, "Quick/Painless" or "Slow/Horrible", Save vs Death
6 Career Chip Implantation Device; put your hand in there; the Morlocks will report you if you      don't perform your assigned task, No Save, "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do"
7 Astral Projectocarphagus; sends Astral Body to some bizarre locale for predetermined stay,     or until specific task is done, or item brought back
8 Potential Realizor Ray; (d4) +1d4 Max HP, +1 to lowest Ability, +1 to Primary, XP to next level
9 Teleporter Pad; oldie, but still goodie, Roll Again, second device at destination
10 Cryogenic Freeze Tube - slams shut, Save to escape flash freeze, readout counter says you can return to adventuring in 1d% years
11 Reanimator Scanner; instant Raise Dead, permanently lose 1 HP
12 Transmogrifier Cube; (d4) Gain additional limb/organ, gain new weird limb/organ, bizarre        body proportion alteration, "ZAP, you're a Morlock"
13 Joy Can; mind-reading holographic projector fulfills your greatest desires, but it’s all evil,         whatever appears soon attacks Save Neg if wearing metal headgear, Fun way to     explore PC motivations, and design future storylines
14 Interphasic Defragulator Ray; caught between dimensions, gain benefits of Displacement (-2 AC, first strike misses), but also suffer being Displaced (-2TH, first strikes miss)
15 Memory Upload Interface; gain knowledge, skill, ability, familiarity with other odd devices
16 Cosmetic Surgery Chair; +1d4 CHAR pts, but does 1d4 HP permanent dam in the process
17 Nanite Injector; (d4) immunization, mental conditioning, tracking nanos, ‘Midi-chlorians’
18 Zero-Grav Interspecies Toilet; extensive wall post of instructions in several alien languages,   If translated/comprehended somehow, contains numerous unfamiliar nouns and verbs
19 Cranial Unit Harvest Bank, with Body Internment/Incineration; removes head and attaches it   to something else Stasis Chambers, either saving your old body in stasis or not
20 Cybernetic Limb Removal/Replacement Tank; we can make him better, stronger, faster
21 Tattoo/Branding Armature; a certain something (?) will (d4) ID and track you, ignore you, assume you are a slave, or obey you
22 Replicant Synthesizer; high-speed malevolent Android clone manufacture, all stats/XPL +1
23 Autodoc Bathytube; knocks you out and fixes you up, full HP
24 Environmental Adaptation Capsule; modifies subject's structure in order to allow operation in             dangerous/inhospitable environment
25 Soylent Processor; human-sized garbage disposal unit, shredding blades extend, 4d6            dam/r, No Save, polycarbon shell, AC 8, withstands 45 HP, then ceases/cracks
26 Soylent Dispenser; pump handle, organic materials from #25 are cooted forth as tiny green    rosettes of edible meat by-subtances, served in corrugated paper cups
27 Time Machine; sends party one hour into the future, Random Encounter is "suddenly" there   waiting, disorientation causes auto 1r of Surprise, following round, 1:6/PC Stun1d4r
28 Memory Wipe Amnesiotron; *FLASH* (d4) Forget past 1 hr, day, week, month, No Save
29 The Nozzle; cybernetic eye on flexible tube extends and stares at PC  When they say something, interrupt and say, "Do not speak while the nozzle calibrates"  If they attempt to move, say, "Movement is not wise while the nozzle calibrates"  Just keep saying, "Nozzle is still calibrating" until they start to freak out  Then the nozzle retracts without explanation
30 Roll Twice; Combine results in bizarre fashion


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