Mission Statement

'It's a Comic Book, not an Epic Novel'

  • the emphasis is on Having Fun!
  • Fun = quick pace, ruling on-the-fly, taking risks, unexpected outcomes, desperate moves, a fair chance, innovation & creativity, and yes, some Gonzo silliness
  • Fun = constantly consulting rulebooks, saying No instead of Maybe, picking nits, min/maxing, meta-gaming
  • sure, everyone mends their boots, sharpens their daggers, takes a piss, but Marvel doesn't devote a panel to Captain America brushing his teeth, and I'm just not into Role-Playing the mundane trivialities of day-to-day life; you went into town, and nothing special happened this time, didn't meet any NPCs, didn't get any useful info, you just bought arrows and a flask of oil from some guy w/o a name, and now it's time to Continue The Adventure!
  • the Dice are there to Roll!  you did everything 'right', and Thorvald still didn't make it out alive... you were unbelievably inept, but somehow you still managed to wipe out that major encounter I spent half an hour prepping... your Saving Throw is 3, but dammit, dammit, dammit! you rolled a 1...  Everyone gets a Fair Chance, but the dice fall where they may!  
  • Once more, into the breach!  First blood to me!  We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams! Now, get out there, go in there, stab that Thing, cast that spell, drink that flask, pull that lever... let's Do Something EPIC! To the Victor goes the spoils!

the 'Victor'  : )

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  1. You should put this all over the D&D universe, brother! I love it!