Might be current when Posted, might be some obscure bit I happened across...  an odd lot of references, downloads, idea seeds.  :)


Trampier Wormy Archive

Jason Thompson's walkthrough maps of classic adventures, good fun!

cool beasties

awesome viking/alien/D&D adventure locale  

new, but somehow still useful and cool, magic items 

Ack!  Ack-ack!

huge list of largely free retroclone games

free, high quality maps

old school FRP art

awesome color B2 maps

high quality color maps, incl classic TSR adventures

Bone Hill!

"Here are some great cutaways of nuclear power plants--they're practically Gamma World "dungeon" maps ready to go. Several of them even come pre-numbered!"

"Excellent gaming stuff for free"; full page of various rpg links

very simple, easy, cool psionics system, one page

all the hex-fillers you'll ever need

misc downloads; dungeons, adventures...

The Tower of the Changer.pdf   truly love this one-page adv!

RPG type Pins



Crapload of Free Adventures

Character Sheets

All Things Post-Apocalyptic

Crapload of Random Tables

Gamma World 1st ed Mutations PDF

Campaign/System-Adaptable Tekumel Magic Items

Sword and Planet Resource Links

Enter search terms to find related  TSR/Wiz o' Coast published Adv Modules


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