Scrolls & Spellbooks



SCROLLS (d6) 1-4 Sorcerer, 5-6 Clerical

Spell Level (d20)

1-5       First                 16 (d6) 1-3 Sixth, 4-5 Seventh, 6 Eighth

6-9       Second            17 Two Spells; Roll 1d12 & 2d8 on this table

10-12   Third                18 New Spell or (Treasure) Map/Document, per DM

13-14   Fourth              19 Protection or Potion Recipe, per DM

15        Fifth                 20 DM Choice (or leads to/is a Spellbook)


Protection (d10) Penned only by Elder Knights, (#s 1-7) prevent all physical AT, all Saves vs +3, as Protection from Evil10’, duration 10+1d10r, (#s 8-10) single individual, duration 1T 

1 vs Undead                                        6 vs Summoned/Conjured     

2 vs Demons                                       7 Anti-Magic (2-way Null Field, Spells/Effects/Items)

3 vs Elder Species                              8 vs Fang & Claw (half damage)

4 vs Extradimensional                         9 vs Weapons (half damage, 1:6 vs Magic Weapons)

5 vs Spawn of Shog-Gnargoroth        10 Magic Resistance (50% vs 12 XPL, +/- 5%/XPL, 1T)   


SPELLBOOKS Permanent records of Spell formulae                      Sorcerous

Random Grimoire Title (d12 line, d4 column, x3 or x4)                  Authors

1 Luminous                 Codex             Mastery           Seventh           1 Mord the Mad

2 Knowledge               Esoterica         Ancient            Fallen              2 Eibon of Mu Thulan

3 Coruscating              Whispers         Revelation       Cabal               3 Crepulon the Curious

4 Enlightenment          Grimoire          Oneiric             Valusia            4 Ool the Odd

5 Canticle                    Shadow           Eldritch            Lens                5 Mingusdu the Mild

6 Manuscript               Shards             Unnamed        Scribe              6 Altaire of Calantos

7 Hyborian                  Rapture           Insight              Beyond            7 Zuul the Merciless

8 Lachrymose             Far Algol          Forgotten         Carcosa          8 Pennelyn the Wise

9 Mnemonic                Libram             Sublime           Sigil                 9 Kane the Cursed

10 Attainment              Mirror              Unspoken        Iridium             10 Inconnu the laughing

11 Formulae                Enchiridium     Skelos             Eidetic             11 Phandal, Gnarchmagi

12 Luminous               Repository       Shibboleth       Secret            12 Malengar the Unlucky


Magic Wards             (1:6) Weird Form                               Random Grimoire Spells/Content

1 Fire Trap (d6+12)    Broken Clay Tablet (2d4 pieces)        13 of Lvls 1-4 each

2 Glyph/Symbol          Tattooed on Human Skin                    7 of Lvls 4-7 each

3 Summons                Carved into Twisting Vine                   Tobin’s Spirit Guide’  

4 Wither Limb             Chiseled into Sarcophagus                1d6+3 of Lvls 1d4+3 each

5 Sleep, 24hr              Massive Tusk/Horn Scrimshaw          3d4 of Lvl 1d6, & Treasure Map

6 Venomous Bite        Corroded Alloy Foil Scroll                2d4+1, only New Spells, per DM      

7 Wizard Locked         Engraved on Fragile Mirror                ‘Grimtooth’s Golem Grimoire’

8 Age, 10+1d10yrs     Pattern of Scales on Snake Hide       Recipes; 1d4+1 Potions

9 Magic Mouth            Oversized Triptych, Brass Plates      Four 1st, three 2nd, two 3rd, one 4th

10 Guards/Wards        Mummified Wing of Pterosaur            3 each Lvls 4-6

11 Malefic Curse         Relief on 1000lb Iron Column             1 each Lvls 2-8

12 Magic Mirror           ‘Treasure-bound’ (500GP/Spell)        Three Lvl 8, one Lvl 9


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