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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

d6 Alternates to Some Moldy Spellbook

unrelated image of gratuitous gnome violence

1. Tiny Demonic Imp Imprisoned in Ruby Flask; condemned for 1,000 yrs, but affable and talkative.  Will teach Spells if it likes you, knows one Spell each of Levels 1-6 (ones which you don’t know), will transcribe all if somehow freed early

2. Rack of Potion Vials; (#1d6+1), each contains a distilled Spell, if a Wizard has a Spell Slot free, consuming a Potion of appropriate Level will fill the slot, which may then be Cast, or transcribed, from memory

3. Massive Dino Hide Scroll, on two 3’ long golden spindles, oversized/heavy; roll  on Scroll Table until 12 Spells are determined

4. Golden-framed Mirror; image of beautiful Sorceress whispers new Spells for any who hand her jewelry through the mirror, 1,000 GP Value/Spell Level, roll 2d4 Spells available

5. Rune-carven Skull Bowl; drinking the cerebral fluid of a slain Wizard from it transfers the Spells he had memorized at death to imbiber, if these exceed Spell Slots available, frothy convulsions result for 2d6r, and only one random Spell is retained

6.  If body is painstakingly transported, and unraveled with proper anti-Mummy dust protocols in place, funereal wrapping inscribed with six Spells can be translated and transcribed

Thursday, June 15, 2017

1d6 Magic Boxes

1. Nested boxes, the outer, largest box is a weathered but sturdy traveler's chest, locked with an ordinary padlock.  The inner boxes are finely crafted, each different, and of more expensive material and craftsmanship (2d4x100 GP value ea) as they become smaller, each has a magical ward, none are locked.  Innermost box contains one Potion of the Big Heal, which restores all but 1d4 HP of damage.
   Ebony, silver accents, Glyph of Paralysis
   Crimson bloodroot, purple garnets, Fire Trap, 1d4+12 damage
   Copper and Bronze, Glyph, Electricity
   Fitted ivory, gold tracery, onyx inlay, Curse, Fear Spell
   Jade, deep green, reliefs of vines, citrine flowers, Glyph, Blindness
   Gold, mirrored lid, tiny pearls, Magic Mouth, screams bloody murder until shut, resists with STR of 19

2. Talking, Mimic-like adamantium plated metal box will only relinquish some fabulous Magic Item, which it will happily describe at length, if 'fed' two Magic Items it deems acceptable

3. Box of Faith; nondescript chest contains a sandwich, a location beacon, a short sword, a helmet, and a potion.  If any item is used, all others must be used during a one-time 24 hr window, thereafter all but the beacon become non-magical.  The sandwich satisfies all hunger, and all Saves are rolled with Advantage.  The location beacon is a crystal sphere which will shine as a Light Spell in a 10’ radius, or ‘strobe’ with the same intensity.  The sword is +1, and Vorpal.  The helm adds +4AC.  The Potion is Healing for 3d8+3, or three doses of 1d8 ea

4. Six Pack; leather satchel, padded compartments hold six Potions, each corresponds to an Ability Score, will raise this stat to 18 for one day

5. Pencil Box; fine quality writing set, exquisitely enameled porcelain, contains quills, rare inks, 40 sheets of vellum parchment.  There's a random Scroll inserted somewhere in the stack, and there is just enough extra-special magical ink to allow on memorized Spell to be transcribed into Scroll form in only 1 Turn/Spell Level, and the copied Spell is not expended doing so.  Only the writer can use the Scroll.

6. Puzzle Box; various exotic woods, layers of fitted panels slide and shift, the exact combination must be performed to open, roll vs INT, ten successive successes (one roll/rnd) reveal the Magic Ring rattling around in there.

Monday, May 29, 2017

d12 Assortment of Magic Items

1. Ethereal Armor; roll on Armor Tbl for type and bonus.  This armor can turn Ethereal and back on command, so the “wearer’ can call it into existence at any time, instantly becoming fully armored.  Any bulky clothing being worn when armor materializes is rent asunder
2. Bone of Contention; fossilized bone that makes all who see it Save vs WIS, or argue over its possession for 1d4 rnds, then begin fighting for it
3. Traveler’s Map; always depicts 100 mile (outdoor) radius, and shows local weather for next day
4. Traveler’s Purse; creates up to 1d10 coins/day, = chance of CP, SP, or GP, will not create new coins until last batch has been spent
5. Living Staff; can be commanded to ‘root’, grows into 60’ tree at a rate of 1’/r, 1/day, then a new ‘cutting’ can be taken
6. Storage Cube; 4” stone cube disintegrates 10 cubic feet of matter, and ‘stores’ it for later reassembly, does not affect living beings, can only ‘store’ a single 10’ cube at any time
7. Rusty Rebar; corroded bar of iron, 2’, rusts metal on contact, 1d20 charges, magic items Save vs Disintegration
8. War Paint; req. 1T to apply, raises Fighting Lvl by 1d4, lasts up to 24 hrs, or until washed/wiped off
9. Keys of Permanence; keyring with two elaborate keys, when inserted into any lock, one will fuse the lock permanently open, the other will fuse the lock permanently closed.  There is no way to distinguish between the two keys, each works only once
10. Facepalm Glove; Magic Mouth on palm issues one Suggestion or Command, 1/day
11. Polymorphing Cloak; can reform into any set of clothing desired
12. Finglonger Ring; index finger can grow up to 30', knuckle every 3", returns to normal if severed