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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'This Scene' 1d6

This Scene

1. Scroll Tube of scrimshawed bone features This Scene, contents impervious to heat and flame

2. Huge wall hanging, 3'x12', tattooed hide, depicts This Scene, worth cash to collector

3. Cedar Incense Box with woodcut of This Scene contains 2d6 Incense of  Spell Recall, each may be burnt for 10+2d10r, inducing a trance state.  Any one Spell cast previously that day returns fully to memory and may be cast normally

4. Enscorcelled Dungeon Mural of This Scene, if Salamanders are touched, any/all materialize and attack.  If Characters in the Party are touched, the first one - or a random selection, if several are touched simultaneously - will step forth as a Real Life NPC (Hench?)

5. This Scene is inked on a Scroll, which reveals a Map/Clue/Riddle/True Name of a Being of Flame  on the flip side, if exposed to heat or prolonged sunlight

6. Folded and spindled papyrus parchment , This Scene in faded ink, if it is burned, all inhaling the smoke are Immune to Fire for 10+1d10r

Saturday, April 7, 2018

1d6 Buggy Magic Items

1. Most Excellent Repellent; Teardrop of citrine on a golden chain; acts as Ward Against all Insects, which cannot approach within 5'.

2. Chrysalis of Renewal; Brooch of fitted pieces of rainbow jade in shape of a butterfly; if the wearer is ever in a static state such as Paralysis, Petrifaction, Coma, Near Death, etc, for one hour, the brooch will encircle the body in a chrysalis of silk, after 24 hrs, the afflicted emerges unaffected, and at full HP.  One use only.

3. Medallion of Insect Summoning; a disk of amber, containing several tiny insects, each of which can be called forth once, in giant size, to perform various tasks, for up to one day:
1d6 Giant Ants, 2' long, can carry up to 500lbs ea for 24 hrs, HD 2, AC 3/17, D 1d6
1d4 Giant Moths; body man-sized, can carry one rider for 24 hrs, HD 5; AC 1/19, D incidental
1 Bonus; (d4) Attack Carrion Crawler,
Angry Giant Wasp w Paralytic sting (3x/day),
Killer Big Bee, single sting = Save or Die,
Stubborn Giant Stag Beetle, HD 7, AC 3/17, Spcl AT: apply the jaw clamp for up to 24hrs, does 2d8 damage

4. Insectospex; chromed visor sporting faceted ruby lenses and self-activating telescoping antennae; allows wearer 345° vision, Surprised only 1in 6, Detects Invisibility, but poorly, 50% per round of accuracy

5.  Insectia Nectar; Potion transforms imbiber into B-Movie BEM for 24 hrs (1 in 6 is permanent):
Eyes and antennae as per Insectospex
Hopper thighs allow leaps 10' vertical or back, 20' forward
Sticky Fingers allow Climbing Walls & Ceilings
Secondary set of arms is fully functional, multiple AT or Actions per round

6. Palm-sized Walking Stick clings motionless until Commanded to Grow, then embiggens to 10' log-sized, becomes self-propelled raft, pack animal, or battering ram. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

d20 things Beth asked Rick to invent

 Some of the things Beth asked Rick to invent as a kid were: (d20)

1 A ray gun
2 A whip which forces people to like the bearer
3 Invisibility handcuffs
4 A parent leg-trap
5 A lightning gun
6 A teddy bear with anatomically correct innards
7 Night-vision googly-eye glasses
8 Sound-erasing sneakers
9 False fingerprints
10 "Fall-asleep" darts
11 A lie-detecting doll
12 An indestructible baseball bat
13 A ladybug-shaped taser
14 A fake police badge
15 Location-tracking stickers
16 Rainbow-colored duct tape
17 Mind-control hair-clips
18 Poison gum
19 A pink sentient switchblade
20 A crayon which creates a Doorway to Froopyland

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Cleric's Dead... 1d8 (+1) Magic Items to get you by

1. Howard's Signet Ring - Wearer receives bonus HP each day, roll a Class/System-appropriate HD each dawn for a daily bonus

2. Jug o' Healing - 1/day, dispenses Healing Potion 3d8+3 (optional 1d8 - no bonus- 3x/day)

3. Pearl of Wound Negation - When crushed, completely heals any one wound the dust is sprinkled upon (#1d4)

4. Roddenberries - Dried, each Heals 1 HP, 1d00/shrub

5. The Green Cream - When applied to living tissue, imparts greenish tinge, allows photosynthetic healing, each hour spent in sunshine Heals 6 HP

6. Ring of the Helping Hand - Transfer 1d6 HP/r from self to another, by touch

7. The Big Heal - Heart-shaped ruby pendant on platinum chain, 'Heal' Spell (all but 1d4 HP), activates once broken

8. Ring of  Restorative Bliss - 1/day, enter a coma-like trance for a predetermined amount of time, Regenerate 1HP/R while communing with The Force

(+1, the table I use when a Healing Potion shows up)


1-4       1d8+1 HP

5-7       2d8+2 (or two doses of 1d8 ea)

8-9       3d8+3 (or three doses of 1d8 ea)

10        4d8+4 (or four doses of 1d8 ea)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

d6 Alternates to Some Moldy Spellbook

unrelated image of gratuitous gnome violence

1. Tiny Demonic Imp Imprisoned in Ruby Flask; condemned for 1,000 yrs, but affable and talkative.  Will teach Spells if it likes you, knows one Spell each of Levels 1-6 (ones which you don’t know), will transcribe all if somehow freed early

2. Rack of Potion Vials; (#1d6+1), each contains a distilled Spell, if a Wizard has a Spell Slot free, consuming a Potion of appropriate Level will fill the slot, which may then be Cast, or transcribed, from memory

3. Massive Dino Hide Scroll, on two 3’ long golden spindles, oversized/heavy; roll  on Scroll Table until 12 Spells are determined

4. Golden-framed Mirror; image of beautiful Sorceress whispers new Spells for any who hand her jewelry through the mirror, 1,000 GP Value/Spell Level, roll 2d4 Spells available

5. Rune-carven Skull Bowl; drinking the cerebral fluid of a slain Wizard from it transfers the Spells he had memorized at death to imbiber, if these exceed Spell Slots available, frothy convulsions result for 2d6r, and only one random Spell is retained

6.  If body is painstakingly transported, and unraveled with proper anti-Mummy dust protocols in place, funereal wrapping inscribed with six Spells can be translated and transcribed