Potions (d100)

POTIONS (d100) Standard Duration 10+2d10r (or 24 hrs)

1 Seeing Invisible                    120’

2 Being Invisible                      24, as Spell

3 Distilled Spell                       (d6) 1-3 1st, 4-5 2nd, 6 3rd Level Random Spell in brain until Cast

4 Uni-Polyglotism*                  for next 24 hrs, understand/speak/read any one language, Only

5 Limbic Elongation                arms &/or legs grow up to 30’ at will, Climb, AT from distance, etc

6 Poison Purgative                 vomit up/negate any toxin/venom; save/use it

7 Goliath Serum                     6T; flush, acne. facial hair, hiccups, Save/explode, non-humans

8 Gender Fluid                        24, alter primary &/or secondary sex characteristics at will

9 Free Action                          Immune/Negate Webs, Hold/Paralysis, Slow

10 Freewill                               Immune to Charm/Control, or Extra Save +2 if already under

11 Penetrating Eye                 X-Ray Vision, one foot deep/rnd, up to 10r, must rest for 1T after

12 Omega Reset                     restores live PC condition/stats (HP, etc, Not Items) to 1T previous

13 Goldfinger                          24, points to nearest/largest gold/treasure, 1:6 finger turns to gold

14 Bilocation                           still one person, but exist in two places at once, 1T only

15 Hulking Out                        size x2, skin green/pants purple, Fist 1d12+6, Save vs Rage

16 Mirror Images                    1d4+1 Images

17 Touch of Death                  24, Zombie appearance, Undead Immunities, dislike sunlight

18 Super Strength                   STR+ raised to (d6) 1-3 +4, 4-5 +5, 6 +6

19 Pyroclastic Belch               1:4/r fiery eructation 10’, 1d6 HP, bonus 6 HP burp on final rnd

20 Vampire Blood                   Drain/Gain 1d6HP/r touch, 1T, Save: talons/fang(s)/bloodeye

21 Troll Blood                          Regeneration, 2HP/r, or restore one limb (Save or it’s Trollish)

22 Cure All (Kill All)                 Cures any disease/affliction/infirmity, kills any Jelly on contact

23 Psychic Eyestalks              extensible for Clairvoyance 100”, you look really freaky though

24 Roving Lobe                       ear detaches and goes a-roving, Clairaudience 100”

25 Big Sleep                           for d100 years, no aging, No Save, Dispel Magic ends

26 Lucky Time                        +2 to all Saves

27 Bottled Holiday                  transported to idyllic paradise dimension for 24hrs, yet return in 1r

28 Spider Sense                     24, +1 vs Surprise, +2 vs Dodge/Traps, tingles near danger

29 Lightning Resistance                     Immune to mundane,

31 Cold Resistance                            +3 vs Magic,

32 Fire Resistance                              Save for half/zero damage

33 Silence                               24, cannot hear, speaking/attacking ends duration

34 Missile Immunity                impervious to ranged weapon AT, incl Magic Missiles

35 Solution-Solution                1T trance/commune with Outer Gulfs, ask ten yes/no/IDK queries

36 Shrinking                            minimum 3” tall

37 Army of One                      grow extra arm, gain one bonus AT/r with any one-hand weapon

38 Mind Reading                     one target only, current/surface thoughts, 60’

39 Arachnid Ambulation         walk on walls, ceilings, in webs

40 Nigh-Invulnerability            all HP Damage taken is halved, 1T

41 Speed                                 +2 TH/AC, MV x2, 10+1d10r, must rest = time after or Save/Die

42 Polymorph                          24, PC choice, must dissolve a bit of beastie to activate

43 Satyr Sap                           Charmed by first person drinker sees/hears, 24 hrs

44 Mermanity                          24, Breathe/Act underwater, fins, gills, and of course, fishbutt

45 Sustenance                        90 days of nutrition, can be shared

46 Ice Potion #9                      5’ frictionless puddle, freeze 100’ cube water, drink/freeze/explode

47 Blinking                              Blink w/in 3’, 1/r, AT/disappear with Initiative

48 Displacement                     +2 AC/certain Saves, first AT vs at Disadvantage, can AT Phased

49 Joyful Friendship                makes one jovial, loquacious, affable for several hours (1d4+2)

50 Silverskin                           24, first damage taken negated and effect ends, glittery

51 Death’s Door                      effective at negative HP only, revives at full HP, minus neg points

52 Most Excellent Bonus        +1 to all dice rolls

53 Truth Serum                      dopey, must answer questions (1/r), can’t knowingly lie, 10+1d10r

54 Embalming Fluid                indefinitely delays corruption of corpse for internment/Raising

55 Gaseous Form                   damaged only by Winds or Fire (damage x2), MV 48

56 Ability Booster                    24, d6 determines type; STR, INT, etc = 18 for a day

57 Angelic Wings                    6T, Fly; grow/shed big/bulky feathered wings, MV 36

58 Liquid Goodness                Outer Gulfs no contact, all TH/Saves +2/-2, Good vs Evil only

59 Howard’s Booster              +1d30 temp Bonus HP, may exceed Max, fade 1HP/r after 1T

60 Berserking                          AT/r x2, AC -2, 10+1d10r, Save vs Violent Rage, rest = time after 

61 JC Juice                             24, Alter Mass (pun) to zero, Feather Fall, walk on water

62 Memberberry Juice           restores any one Spell already Cast, -3 Save vs Mental Effects 6T

63 Turbulent Juice                  Fighters: AT as XPL x2, Others: AT as = XPL F (all 12 XPL max)

64 Juju Juice                           Undead Treant sap raises corpse as servant Mojo Zombie

65 Improved Initiative              automatic Initiative of 1, Actions only, not Spell Casting

66 Jedi Mind Warp                  24, next spoken words as Suggestion Spell

67 Liquid Courage                  Immune to, or Remove, Fear - if you can catch them!

68 Elixir of Youth                     Negate unnatural aging, or reduce age 10+2d10 years

69 I am the Slime                    MV 3’, flow under doors, through cracks

70 Talking Dead                     24, Talk w/Dead by feeding to corpse, roll Reaction +1

71 External Combustion         burst into flame unharmed, any w/in 5’ take 1d6 HP/r, 2d6 if held

72 Impersonation                    24, Alter Self, 3-9’ humanoid

73 Metallic Intangibility            cannot interact with metal – pass through it, it passes through you

74 Pain & Pleasure                 drinking half causes excruciating pain, remainder blessed relief


75 Mind Melding                     split, consciousness for two, Spellcasters ‘copy’ others’ Spells

76 Petrifaction                         living turned to stone, also works on dead less than 1T

77 Stone to Flesh                   restore Stoned/animate statue, as Confused, soulless Golem 3-6T


78 Stony Flesh                        raises Base AC by +3, lowers MV to 3” 


79 Light of Gallifrey                 Reincarnate (dead 1T) new body/stats, 1:6 new Class, same XPL

80 Dream Weaver                  trip out 3d4 hrs, Save: New Spell in memory or Temp Madness

80 Fizzy Lifting Drink              20’/r Levitation, friendly silent final 10r countdown, 1:4/r eructation 


81 Arcane Rebounding           24, rebounds first Spell/effect back at Caster/source, rubbery 


82 Ichor of Cthuga                  combusts immediately, 7d6 dmg, 5’ rad pillar, internal damage x2

83 Super Heroism                   Saves/STR +4, Fly, Regen 3HP/r, Heat Vision 100’, 2d6/r, 1T only

84 Venom Vaccine                 24, immune all Poisons, or Slow Poison in effect to -1HP/r

85 Snake Oil                           mentally command 20 HD of scaly things (Reptiles, Dinos), 60’ rad

86 Hepatization                       bones/exoskeleton/cartilage turn to jelly, die noisily, No Save         

87 Necromantic Messiah        ‘Turn’ Undead as 1st XPL Knight, 1/r = Total Control, 24 hrs

88 Mixer Elixir                        (1d4 doses) Mix w/any Potion; x2 dur, effect, &/or dosage, per DM

89 Skunked; See Below, Roll Again (01-88)

90-93 Healing (1d8+ PC XPL HP), 94-96 (2d8+XPL), 97-98 (3d8+XPL), 99 Big Heal (Max-1d4)

00 DM’s Choice; Roll until you (d4) Shrug, Raise an Eyebrow, Giggle, Feel Content


Skunky Brewsters (d6)

1 Opposite/Inverted Effect    

2 Effects Illusory/Delusional, imbiber gets No Save

3 Randomizer; Mislabeled/Identifies incorrectly, reroll Potion when consumed, Save Neg 

4 Cursed Flask; random Curse unleashed on opener

5 Poison Kiss!  Type/Class per DM, deliver by kiss to another within 1T or suffer effect

6 Possession by liquid Spirit in Magic Jar, Save vs Suggestion, “Drink Me!”  


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