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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chose the Form of the Destructor! (d12)

What did you do, Ray?!!

"Subcreatures!  Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus, Zildrohar, The Traveler, has come! Choose and perish!"

Well, now you've done it.  Save vs Mental Spells, or Roll a d12 to determine what form pops into your head (from some near-forgotten childhood tale, or elsewhere).  If everyone makes the Save, the Form will be chosen by the DM.

1. The classic Stay-Puft Golem.   Deceptively innocuous looking, massively huge, dangerously viscous, highly flammable (no Save/dbl damage vs. fire)
2. A large and moving Torb.  Much worse than the immobile variety, for obvious reasons
3. A giant Slor, its gullet like a roaring furnace, enough to make a Balrog jealous
4. The last creature which caused a successful Fear among the Party
5. The last creature which slew a Party member
6. The worst Thing on the local Random Encounter table
7. A Shoggoth
8. A Spawn of Shog-Gnargoroth, possessed of odd magic/mutant abilities
9. The goateed Evil Twin of the most powerful Party member
10. Roll on Dungeon Lvl X table
12. Players get to vote on an entry from this table

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(d12) Looking into the Magic Mirror

Altered Reflection Seen, Effect
1. Cleaned Up, +1 CHAR
2. Beaten with Ugly Stick, -1 CHAR
3. No Face, 24 hrs
4. Face of last opponent slain, 1d4 days
5. Big grin, 24 hr smile is disconcerting, renders immune to any other emotional state
6. Instant Facial Hair, (d4): handlebar 'stache, ZZ Top beard, Zappa soul patch, evil twin black goatee, immediately re-grows if cut, until Dispelled
7. Something creeping up behind, this thing does just that w/in 1d6 days, automatic Surprise
8. Partially Invisible, appear as (d4): skinless, circulatory/nervous system only, skeleton, eyeless face (side effect: see Invisible), 1d4 days
9. Blurry, Displaced 24 hrs
10. Medusa Morph, Save or be stone unto you, if Save, gain ability to assume Medusa face for 1 round, once only
11. No Reflection, never casts one again, Immune to Scrying
12. Near-Infinite Reflections, view self looking into a mirror, viewing self looking into a mirror, viewing self looking into a mirror... transfixed until forcibly removed, whereupon 1d4 Mirror Images emerge, following until struck as per Spell

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Dozen Distinctive R/S/W Descriptions

d12   Appearance/Material/Operation of R,S,W
 1.  Classic: carved talons clutch an apparently living eyeball, gazes around when not in use
 2.  Topped by Plasma Globe which buzzes and arcs when activated
 3.  Unadorned bar of polished steel, works well as a club/baton in melee
 4.  Glassteel dowel topped by multi-pointed crystal star
 5.  Gnarly shaft topped by twisted root cluster grasping a smooth river rock
 6.  Living flowers of various hues bud and bloom at tip each day
 7.  Made from the body of a magically taxidermied albino python w/jewel eyes
 8.  Telescoping/collapsing shaft for easy carrying/storage
 9.  Entire thing softly glows like a fluorescent light tube
 10.  Topped by grotesque Gargoyle head, speaks its own Command Word(s)
 11.   Fires burst of colorful metallic glitter with a loud "pop!" when activated
 12.   Rod made of a stack of Copper Pieces. To activate, another CP must be added to
         the end, to which it immediately attaches, glows, then discharges its magic

Once again, my apologies to The Dungeon Dozen.  All veneration to the Great Dodecahedron!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do You Smell Gas?

"Well, here's your problem, ma'am; this thing here is leaking poisonous gas!"

d12   Gas Issues From...
1.  The hollow stem and pistils of a bouquet of fake flowers in a vase
2.  A fragile glass sphere balanced precariously atop a door frame
     (1 in 6 it breaks open on head of PC opening the door; no Save for you!)
3.  A motion-sensitive Puffball Shroom Fungi, either concealed or in plain sight
4.  A mechanical trap hidden within a humanoid skull
5.  Under pressure in a stoppered vial, disturbing it in any way = 50% of bursting open
6.  The handle of a walking cane can be unscrewed... affects only the opening PC
7.  An unremarkable crack in the flagstone floor
8.  A metal grille in ceiling (drop to the floor, the bottom one foot of the room is clear,  
      Save at +3)
9.  The arse of an iron pig, which also has a coin slot on its back... it jingles if shaken
10.  A series of peg holes seems to indicate that a ladder or shelving was once affixed
       to the wall... but one at face level is a trap triggered by a pressure plate
11.  A nest of debris contains several "hatched" egg shells, and one that is unbroken...
12.  A multi-jointed mechanical arm which extends from a concealed niche, spraying
       gas from a swivel-mounted oscillating nozzle

Inspiration provided by the Dungeon Dozen - check it out for awesome d12 tables!