Magic Weapons & Armor

ARMOR & WEAPONS (d6) 1-4 Weapon, 5-6 Armor


BONUS (d20)                         Magic Weapon Bonus applies to TH & Damage

1-15     +1                                Magic Armor fits to any size, self-repairs dents/rents  

16-18   +2                                Encumbrance Slots of Armor subtract Bonus           

19        +3                                Metal Armor reduces Saves vs Electricity by -3

20        Special; Bonus per DM, or Reroll      



ARMOR TYPE/AC (d20)                   Protection Item & Special Armor Effects (d6)

1-2       Protection Item                       1 AC Bonus also applies to specific Save vs Magic

3-4       Shield (1:6 Small)                   2 Deflection; AC Bonus of +4 vs Missiles

5-6       Dino Hide (11)                         3 Displacement; 1st AT vs is at Disadvantage

7-9       Metallic Mesh  (12)             4 Resistance. +3 Save, Half/0 vs Fire, Cold, or Lightning      

10-12   Dino Scale (13)                    5 Damage Control; Subtract Bonus from Damage/rnd, vs 

13-15      Steel Scale (14)                   Blunt Trauma, Edged Weapons, or Fang & Claw     

16-17   Chain Mail (15)                       6 Armor Generates Phantom Shield on demand,

18        Dino Carapace (16)                   Misc Item Generates Phantom Armor, improves

19        Alloy Plate Mail (17)                            Base AC; (d6) 1-3 Scale, 4-5 Chain, 6 Plate

20        DM’s Choice/Nonhuman/         

            Glassteel Plate Armor (18)    


Protection Item (d6)  Hats/Helms                            Protection Item/Armor Use/Compatibility

1 Baldric/Harness       Conical/Great Helm                Only Helms can be worn with Armor

2 Cape/Cloak              Skull Cap/Crested                   Wizards wear Hats, not Helms

3 Bracers                    Wide Brim/Visor                  Phantom Armor cannot be worn with Armor

4 Torc                          Miter/Animal Motif                   Torcs count as Magic Jewelry

5 Hat                           Tiered/Horned                     All Misc Items compatible, but Not duplicate

6 Helm                         Top Hat/Gem(s)                                  Types or Effects



WEAPON TYPE (d20) Alt 2:6            Unusual (d8) (damage)                     Missiles (d6)

1 Unusual Subtable                            1 Atlatl (1d8)                                        1 Javelins (#1d6)

2-3 Missile Subtable                           2 Chakram, Returning (1d6)               2 Bolts (#2d10)

4 Dagger (Athame, Stiletto, Kriss)      3 Batleth (as Longsword)                    3 Bullets (#3d10)

5 Hand Axe (Hammer)                       4 Claw Bracers, pair (1d6 each)         4-5 Arrows (#2d10)

6 Mace (Morning Star)                        5 Insectaur Tash-Ekkal (2d4)             6 Weird Missiles,

7 Battle Axe (War Hammer)               6 Reptilian Maxe (1d8)                          number varies

8 Spear (Trident/Fork)                        7 Gnartian H’Munga (1d6)                                         

9 Spike Staff (Sling)                            8 Gnartian Spetura (2d6)                   

10 Short Sword (Dirk, Gurkha, Falcata)        

11 Crossbow (d6: 1-2 Sm 3-5 Med 6 Hvy)    Odd/Rare Metals (d6)

12 Bow (Long Bow)                                        1 Hepatizon, esoteric alloy, purple, jewelry/coin

13 Great Axe (Polearm/Maul)                         2 Meteoric Iron, flat black, does not rust, blades

14 Great Sword (Great Spear)                       3 Orichalcum, platinum/white, accents/jewelry/coin

15 Rapier (Bastard)                                        4 Adamantium, silver/gray, blade/blunt weapons

16-19 Long Sword (Gnartian Saber, etc)       5 Cinnabar (alien), dull red, blades/accents/jewelry

20 DM’s Choice                                              6 Viridium (N pole), green bands, jewelry/coin



Special Melee Weapon Effect (d30) Nat20 Effects do not usually allow a Save

1 Roll on Drawback/Compulsion table, Roll Again

2 Defending; +4 Bonus, a portion of which must be assigned toward AC instead of TH/Damage

3 Venomous; Nat20 exudes Poison, Class or special effects per DM

4 Copious Gore; on round after hit, Save vs bleed/bruise for additional damage = to Bonus

5 Retaliation; at end of each round, one bonus AT vs each opponent which has hit wielder

6 Disruption; +4 Bonus vs Undead, Nat20 = 8th XPL Turn, if successful, Destroys Undead

7 Corruption; Zombifies or Skeletonizes slain humanoids into 1 or 2HD Undead henchmen

8 Lordly Smiting; Nat20 add XPL to damage Bonus

9 Polymorphic; can transform into any size/type melee weapon

10 Variable Mass; base damage dice increase (d4 uses d6, d6/d8, d8/d10, d10/d12, d12/2d8)

11 Vorpal/Heart Seeking/Skull Crushing; Nat20, roll HD/XPL or under on d20 vs Death

12 Vampiric; death blow and Nat20 Drains 1XPL/HD, adds damage done to wielder's HP

13 Swiftness; Automatic Initiative (this weapon only) of 1 in melee

14 Severing/Impaling/Crushing; Nat20 Amputates/ruins random limb

15 Equalizer; #AT/r increased to rate of opponent vs PC in single combat (cannot Dual Wield)

16 Flaming; Nat20 opponent aflame, +2d6 (+1d6 2nd r), neg regeneration, x2 damage vs cold

17 Galvanic; Lightning Bolt 6d6 (or by hit/No Save) 1/day, absorb same if empty

18 Frosty; Nat20 freezes random limb, neg regeneration, x2 damage vs fire, extinguish fires

19 Enfeeblement; Nat20 STR reduced to -2 (TH/Dam, etc) for 1T

20 Dancing; engage for 1r, then AT 1/r independent of owner until foe is slain, up to 30’

21 Seven Souls; Nat20 Save vs Death or soul extracted, gain remaining HP, body dies, 7 uses

22 (Blank) Slaying; +4 vs Monster Type/Class (DInos, Druids, etc), Nat20 x3 damage vs

23 Chaotic; current Special Effect is Rerolled on this table (d20) each session

24 Lesser Spell; 1st-3rd Level, 1-3x/day, per DM

25 Greater Spell; 4th-6th Level, 1-2x/day, per DM

26 Roll on Ring/Amulet table until applicable (or choose)

27 Roll on Special Armor Effect table; when drawn/held

28 Sentient; Personality, Name, communicates via (d4) Speech, Empathy, Telepathy,      Frankensteinian Phrases/Grunts, Alignment; equal chance Good/Neutral/Evil, Roll Again

29 Extra-Special; DM’s Choice of Effects; one or two from #1-23, and one or two from #24-27,    possibly Sentient, weird metal, etc, has a grandiose name and legendary history

30 DM’s Choice


Special Missile/Ranged Weapon Effect (d12) Hurled weapons return to wielder at end of each round.  Ranged Weapons may only allow Effects 1-3x/day, or only on Nat20

1 Multiplier; missile becomes 1d4+2 missiles in flight, roll TH for each

2 Broken Fang; tip breaks off/shatters in wound, additional 1d4HP/day until Remove Curse

3 Ever Returning; reappear in hand or quiver next rnd after firing if hit scored

4 Screaming; emit a piercing shriek, target must Save vs Stun; automatic hit

5 Targeting; if it hits, subsequent shots from same weapon at additional +2 TH for 1T

6 Distance; no penalty for Med or Long Range

7 Stubborn; continues to circle and attempt TH for up to 3r, req area to turn back

8 Thunderclap; Save or deafened on hit

9 Explosive; bang as grenade, adds 3d6 damage w/in 10’, target No Save, others for half

10 (Blank) Killer; +4 Bonus and x2 dice vs specific Creature/Class

11 Accurate Deadlacy; No Bonus, but only misses on TH of 1

12 Special Melee Weapon Effect, modified per DM




Weird Missiles (d12)

1 Holy Hand Grenade; gold-plated Chambord bottle, pull-pin, 3-segment delay fuse, explodes in a blinding flash to the sound of an angelic choir, 90’ range, 30’ radius, auto destroys any mindless Undead, other Undead gain Save, if made, take 1d10 +10 damage (#1-3)

2 Hornet Dart; if a hit is scored, transforms into a swarm of angry orange hornets, doing 1d4+1 damage/rnd for 1d4+1r vs single target, no Save, or area affect, 30’radius, 1d4/r, for 1d4r (#2d4)

3 Pit Pellet; creates 10 cubic foot pit on impact w/ground, may be thrown up to 30’ (#1d6)

4 Missile Crystal; act as Magic Missile when thrown, fire rate 3/r, up to 100’ (#d100)

5 Monster Grenade; glass sphere, can be thrown up to 60’, contains random monster in Gaseous Form, 2d6HD, possibly mixed types, will fight nearest creature(s) until one is killed.  Exact monster is unknown until used, but HD can be Identified, have stats handy (#2d6)

6 Thunderbolt Javelin; becomes 8d8+8 Lightning Bolt when thrown (#1d4+2)

7 Jelly Bean; becomes a similarly colored Slime upon impact, toss up to 60’ (#1d8)

8 Bad Egg; may be thrown up to 60’, causes 15’ radius Stinking Cloud on impact (#1d12+1)

9 Gravity Inversion Cube; hurl 30’, 20x20’ area, fall upward 10’/r for 1d4+2r (#1d4+4)

10 Gelatinous Goo Globule; water balloon-like blob can be thrown up to 30’, Save and be Slowed by viscous goo 1T, Fail Save, effectively Paralyzed until hard clot chipped away (#2d4)

11 Little Black Bomb; metal balls, fuse burns 1d4+2 Segments, frags, 3d10, 30’ radius (#2d4)

12 Jar o’ the Swarm; glass jar, metal lid pierced with air holes, filled with creepy black insects.  If opened/smashed, stinging swarm does 2d4+2 HP/rnd w/in 10’ rad for 1d4+2r, then dissolves (1)

*For a result of both Weird & Special, roll on both tables until suited, combine in grotesque fashion for a truly spectacular bomb (#1d4)



1 Must draw or be soaked in blood, 1/day

2 Attacks bearer for up to 1T when first touched, as FXPL 10

3 Wielder cannot release grip until prerequisite HD worth of slaying has occurred

4 Geas to seek and destroy (the killer of) the weapon’s former master, withholds powers

5 Powerless until bathed in the ichor of (blank)

6 First time touched, creates Evil Clone, which attacks, survivor may claim weapon

7 Drains one HD from Max HP, but may temporarily restore this if wielder below 0 HP

8 Certain type of Monster is immune to any damage/effect

9 Using Special Effect Ages wielder 1d4 years

10 When all foes are slain, Save or go Berserk and attack nearest Friendly

11 Inverted; Bonus is Penalty

12 Malefic Curse table


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