Thursday, February 10, 2011


*turn on your tranceiver, I'll make you a believer... just try to touch me!*
If you're gonna crawl across an alien landscape, ya gotta have a personal EFG. Where else are you gonna clip your Raygun, your loincloth? Gnoob!

Harness/Webgear apparatus with Power Pack (25 ch)

1. Mirror 1 Reflects/Dissipates Lasers
2. Electro 1 20 HP/rnd Shield vs Electric
3. Sonic 2 30' radius Silence
4. Kinetic 3 10 HP/rnd Shield vs Physical
5. Cloak 2 Invisibility
6. Holo 3 Illusory Projection
7. Force 4 30 HP/rnd Shield vs (any) Energy
8. Antigrav 1 Levitate/Feather Fall
9. Antirad 4 Negates Radiation (only)
10. Nullfield 5 Impervious Shield
11. Displacer 1 -2 AC, first AT auto misses
12. Enviro 1 Filters viruses, disease, gas

Figure each has an on/off switch, possibly an input for a larger, backpack Power Pack (50ch)
Also thought it might be cool to have "modular" EFGs; the more-or-less standard basic harness and Power Pack, but with a selector switch (on/off/output A, output B, output ALL) the type of field generated dependent on which type(s) of emitter modules are attached. This could be fun... possibly a harness and emitter module could be found at separate times/locations... a player could be seeking additional new modules to add to his gear... "I'm not messing with this one - he's got four different emitters attached to that thing!"

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