Thursday, February 10, 2011


Rather than start a brand-new, 1st lvl campaign in my newly designed World of Gnarth, the existing party has been transported from (tradit. mythological/fantasy) Calantos to (futuristic, weird science) Gnarth via a Gate of the Serpent People. Arrive clueless to find a battle raging between a One-Eyed Psionic Giant and a party of (mostly!) Humanoids, are immediately attacked themselves by the Giant, which is dispatched with the aid of the native strangers. The abused survivors take refuge in a Barrow Tomb (?) entrance, but their leader, Gamma Ray Gary, expires from a fatal combination of old age and radiation poisoning. Before departing, the bespectacled, bearded Gary informs the party that they're not in Oz anymore, divides his loot among his alien companions, and gives his Earth Man revolver to the party (along w/20 silver bullets!), and asks that "his boys" be taken on by the Party - both sides heartily agree - and finally requests that the party at some point journey to Og to deliver a deed for some property in the Eternal City to his brother... Irradium-Ray Ernie.
And so, standing atop a set of damp, dank stairs descending to darkness, silhouetted by the light of two moons, we find our intrepid adventures poised on the brink of yet another subterranean (subgnartian?) excursion:

Sot Palad -wiry and ruthless Wizard, lvl 4, he may only have 1st and 2nd lvl Spells, but his Ring duplicates whichever formulae he memorizes!
Tarkus Traptripper - F5 he's the big guy who opens the doors, covers the retreats, and generally kicks ass in between. Also "checks for traps" by aggressively walking into/over/near, touching/pressing/pulling whatever is likely to do him damage
Borune of Und - confused Cleric of a Fire God, not dealing well with being cut-off from his deity but determined to survive
Rose of Uller - cautiously resigned Cleric, kept generally cheery by her Rose Colored Spectacles. The lone voice of reason
Quinn "The Medicineman/woman" - Wary thief whose skills, and ability to transform into an Owlbear courtesy of the mangy pelt he always wears, have turned the tides on many occasions

Gorn - a Reptillian fighter with a big axe and an appetite for flesh
Xy - a Green Gnartian whose strange abilities as a Mutant Mastermind are proving most appreciated, particularly his Regeneration, Object Reading, and "Lucky" (auto make any one Save/day)
Thorax - iridescent Insectaur fighter, leaping into melee with a flurry of short swords and shields

also featuring Skully, the Talking Skull, whose Legend Lore and Practical Knowledge had been rendered mostly useless on this unfamiliar planet, but who (which?) has found new purpose in relating the extensive stored knowledge of the recently-departed Gamma Ray Gary, which, to everyone's surprise - even mine - he was able to "download a copy of" when the well-traveled Earthman made his final (?) voyage. (seems this is how Skully arrived at his store of knowledge; he has gained a lifetime of experience from each of his former owners! I dread the day Xy decides to use Object Reading on Skully, and I have to invent a list of departed owners on another planet)

What mind-bending weirdness awaits in the Temple of the Toad?

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