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Friday, April 22, 2016

d8 Magical Spectacles

Eye Glasses; (type 1d8): 1. Rose-colored, immune to Emotional influence (Fear, etc), 2. Reading, any language, 3. Hypersight, acts as binoculars, 4. Ecto Spex, detect out-of-phase creatures, 5. Mirrored, reflects back Gaze Attacks, 6. Dark, Infravison 60’, 7. Psychometric, view 1-100 years if an item’s history, 8. Magnifying.
Prolonged use leads to debilitating migraines.

Monday, December 7, 2015

(Dungeon) Stocking Stuffers - Twenty assorted Magic Items from my campaign

1. Runic Cube; 4 inch stone, each face can project a Symbol; Discord, Fear, Insanity, Hopelessness, Pain, Sleep, once each

2. Chalice of Endless Water; can only drink from, not pour from

3. Flask of Unending Vacuum (Eversucking Bottle); sucks in gasses, smoke, etc

4. Gloves of Far Reach; creates ghostly but substantial ‘remote hands’, which mimic actions at up to 50’

5. Barrel o’ Monkeys; contains 12 one foot tall furry red monkeys, obey, and perform/mimic simple tasks for 1hr ea, then disappear in a puff of smoke, pull ‘em one at a time, or all at once!  (AC 5, HD ½) 

6. Jar o’ the Swarm; mundane-looking glass jar, metal lid pierced with air holes, filled with creepy black insects.  If opened, stinging bug swarm does 1d10HP/rnd w/in 10’ rad for 1d4+2r, then dissolves into a lingering mist.

7. Taper of Peaceful Rest, candle burns for eight hrs, 0% chance of Random Encounter

8. Glyphic Scribe, inscribes Glyph of Warding on any surface, each use erases previous use, 1d6+4 charges

9. Idol of Gom; allows substitution of d30 for any one d20 roll, 1/day, small but bulky stone statuette, requires sacrifice of minor treasure to recharge, but no sacrifice may ever be repeated (copper piece(s) once, one ruby, one necklace, etc – keep a list!)

10. GGPC; when filled with liquids or potions, the Great Golden Pimp Cup negates poisons and contaminants, improves flavor, adds +1HP/die to Healing Potions, and extends Potion duration by 1d6 rnds

11. Holocaust Cloak; bright red lining, Fire Protection, immolates 1/day for 1T, doing 1d8 dam/r, 5’ radius 

12. Most Useful Keyring; holds up to 20 assorted ‘blank’ keys.  When a lock is encountered, roll d20.  If roll is under the number of blank keys, one key permanently shapes itself to fit this lock, if roll is over, no key will fit this particular lock

13. 'Ice 9'; a crystal of an ice from another dimension, suspended in a jar of clear fluid, it will instantly freeze solid up to 100 cubic feet of water on contact

14. Holy Hand Grenade; gold-plated Chambord bottle, explodes in a blinding flash to the sound of an angelic choir, 30’ radius, auto destroys any mindless Undead, other Undead gain Save, if made, take 1d10 +10 dmg

15. Missile Crystals; act as Magic Missiles when thrown like darts, # 3d4

16. Arrow of Seeking; +1, may be fired normally at any targets w/in range, even those not in line of sight, circumventing cover, turning corners, etc. #2d6

17. Roddenberries, dried; each heals 1 HP, 1-100 berries per pouch

18. Living Wig; attaches to scalp, grows out in any color &/or style desired

19. Rewriting Scroll; changes to a random spell each day until cast

20. Extending Ladder; wooden ‘toy’ ladder, size of a ruler, grows to full size, up to 20’ long on command

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Like getting a new Magic Item, every day

Weapons of Change are found in the hands of devotees of the Gods of Chaos, Trickery, Illusion.  Although typically of exceptional bonus, they have the unusual property of changing form each day, becoming a different weapon every 24 hrs.  The wielder always retains their normal chances To Hit, regardless of weapon type.

1. Three Darts (1d3ea)
2. Dagger (1d4)
3. Short Sword (1d6)
4. Mace (1d6)
5. Hand Axe (1d6)
6. Long Sword (1d8)
7. Spear (1d8)
8. Flail (1d8)
9. Battle Axe (1d8)
10. Polearm (1d10)
11. Great Sword (1d12)
12. Something Weird

Weird Ones/Damage, Special
1. 'Two by Four' board w/rusty nails (1d4, tetanus?)
2. Two Hollow Steel Fists (1d4, two attacks)
3. Steel Chain Bola (1d4, Save or become entangled)
4. Flexible Steel Whip (1d4, may disarm at distance)
5. Barbed Trident (1d6, telescoping, does additional 1d4 damage, no bonus, when withdrawn at end of round)
6. Nunchucks (1d4, gets Special Attacks as numbers 2,3, and 4, above)
(7.) Something Inappropriately Over the Top, like a pearl-handled revolver, or a light saber
(8.) Roll Again, result is a plastic or wooden 'toy' version of the result, very gaudy, does only the Bonus as damage; no damage dice are rolled, no Special Attacks

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Make a Loot Table based on stuff in your Own Home

50 Mundane and Minor Magical* Loot, based on weird stuff in my bedroom

1. Hardwood drum with bronze filigree and dino skin
2. Apeman of brass, contemplating a Zeta Reticulan skull
3. Phosphorescent Phostwood bansai in primitive clay pot
4. Mummified claw wrapped in gold wire w/feathers
5. Polychromatic beetle in crystal sphere
6. Mug of crystal, heats/cools any beverage*
7. Farlite crystal*
8. Beaker of Freshness keeps any liquid in Stasis*
9. Steel dodecahedron
10. Chalice of crimson jade, carved with serpents
11. Small coffer of stone holds beating heart*
12. Canopic jar with Cursed Seal*; roll again for contents...
13. Candle of Warding, burns 24hrs*
14. Telescoping 6’ metal pole, six 1ft sections
15. Iron smithing tongs, never get hot*
16. Ring of brass keys, skull shaped
17. Spring steel leg clamp game trap
18. Maracas made of iridescent insect carapaces
19. Mini steel and brass campfire coffee pot
20. Gnarly blown glass nug jar with 1d% black pills, ea restores 1HP*
21. Juju stick adorned with garnets, gold tacks, tiny bones
22. Box of gnargosaurs, carved from jasper
23. Stein of carven stone with vines of gold, emeralds, and etched pewter lid
24. Tiny Gnargoyle buddy*
25. Brass pipe in shape of lizard smoking a brass pipe
26. Bag of Runestones
27. Porcelain box of ruined and broken jewelry
28. Yellowed tusk with scrimshaw of ancient battle, tipped with platinum
29. ‘Ergot’s Alchempendium’
30. Blackwood box with gold clasps, carved with skulls, eyes are amber, empty
31. Five foot staff topped with bronze skull, emits Light from eye sockets*
32. Gnarly twisted staff will root and grow into a tree, gaining 1’/rnd, max 30’ *
33. Leather bandolier filled with darts, 3d4 ‘hypo tips’
34. Belt pouch with six padded compartments, incl. six color-coded vials
35. Skull with runes and removable top contains carved bone dice
36. Black pillar candle burns like torch for 72 hrs*
37. Corroded pail; steel hammer, metal saw, pliers, prybar
38. Ivory box of fine pens and inks, and cheap wooden box of rainbow chalks
39. Mechanical ‘venus flytrap’, catches & grinds bugs*
40. Glass jar of tarry goo with wick; creates 10 cubic ft of smoke for 1d4 rnds
41. Massive, resealable glass jug with copper handle, contains 1 gallon fine oil
42. Rainbow mini serpent with horns resides in glass bottle ‘terrarium’  *?
43. Pewter and bronze serving tray, etched scene of imperial orgy
44. Ornately beaded gourd hookah
45. Candle support of entwined snakes, carved from single trunk of tiger wood
46. Stoppered vial; gold dust, 3d30 GP
47. Mead stein carved from auroch horn
48. Copper tin contains clay jar with runic wax seal*, holds 3oz living Black Pudding
49. Everlasting ‘Ice’ Cube*
50. Golden whistle on silver chain, tiny rubies

Monday, February 2, 2015

Gnartian Wilderland Hex Exploration Enc Tbl

Simple Encounter Table for Wandering Parties in my Gnarth campaign, # Checks/day by Terrain...

2  Dungeon, Lair, Ruin
3  Humanoids &/or Settlement
4  Common AD&D/Other Monster or Misc Wildlife
5  Featured Local Enc Table (1d6 or 2d4 entries)
6  Common Gnartian Monster, or ‘Game’ Animal
7  Weird Encounter, NPC, or Rare Gnartian Monster
8  Spawn of Shog-Gnargoroth, or Misc Major Random