Saturday, April 7, 2018

1d6 Buggy Magic Items

1. Most Excellent Repellent; Teardrop of citrine on a golden chain; acts as Ward Against all Insects, which cannot approach within 5'.

2. Chrysalis of Renewal; Brooch of fitted pieces of rainbow jade in shape of a butterfly; if the wearer is ever in a static state such as Paralysis, Petrifaction, Coma, Near Death, etc, for one hour, the brooch will encircle the body in a chrysalis of silk, after 24 hrs, the afflicted emerges unaffected, and at full HP.  One use only.

3. Medallion of Insect Summoning; a disk of amber, containing several tiny insects, each of which can be called forth once, in giant size, to perform various tasks, for up to one day:
1d6 Giant Ants, 2' long, can carry up to 500lbs ea for 24 hrs, HD 2, AC 3/17, D 1d6
1d4 Giant Moths; body man-sized, can carry one rider for 24 hrs, HD 5; AC 1/19, D incidental
1 Bonus; (d4) Attack Carrion Crawler,
Angry Giant Wasp w Paralytic sting (3x/day),
Killer Big Bee, single sting = Save or Die,
Stubborn Giant Stag Beetle, HD 7, AC 3/17, Spcl AT: apply the jaw clamp for up to 24hrs, does 2d8 damage

4. Insectospex; chromed visor sporting faceted ruby lenses and self-activating telescoping antennae; allows wearer 345° vision, Surprised only 1in 6, Detects Invisibility, but poorly, 50% per round of accuracy

5.  Insectia Nectar; Potion transforms imbiber into B-Movie BEM for 24 hrs (1 in 6 is permanent):
Eyes and antennae as per Insectospex
Hopper thighs allow leaps 10' vertical or back, 20' forward
Sticky Fingers allow Climbing Walls & Ceilings
Secondary set of arms is fully functional, multiple AT or Actions per round

6. Palm-sized Walking Stick clings motionless until Commanded to Grow, then embiggens to 10' log-sized, becomes self-propelled raft, pack animal, or battering ram.  


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