Saturday, January 20, 2018

d20 things Beth asked Rick to invent

 Some of the things Beth asked Rick to invent as a kid were: (d20)

1 A ray gun
2 A whip which forces people to like the bearer
3 Invisibility handcuffs
4 A parent leg-trap
5 A lightning gun
6 A teddy bear with anatomically correct innards
7 Night-vision googly-eye glasses
8 Sound-erasing sneakers
9 False fingerprints
10 "Fall-asleep" darts
11 A lie-detecting doll
12 An indestructible baseball bat
13 A ladybug-shaped taser
14 A fake police badge
15 Location-tracking stickers
16 Rainbow-colored duct tape
17 Mind-control hair-clips
18 Poison gum
19 A pink sentient switchblade
20 A crayon which creates a Doorway to Froopyland