Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Rory's Story Cubes'

Rory's Story Cubes: Great for Dungeon Design, Specials, Random Idea Generation...

...there's a Black Ziggurat in there!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gonzo (Found) Random Villian/Idea Generator

from short YouTube video, everything from Aliens to Undead, Masterminds to Mutants, NPC's, unassuming, unbelievable, and Orcs. Always with the Orcs.

Movie 'Monster' ABC's (d30)
  1. A: Alien
  2. B: Beetlejuice
  3. C: Chucky
  4. D: Dexter
  5. E: E.T. ...really?
  6. F: Freddy Krueger
  7. G: Godzilla
  8. H: Hulk
  9. I: Incubus
  10. J: Jason Voorhees
  11. K: King Kong
  12. L: Lecter, Hannibal
  13. M: Mummy
  14. N: Nosferatu
  15. O: Octopus ...what?
  16. P: Pinhead
  17. Q: Queen Of The Dammed
  18. R: Razorback
  19. S: Satan
  20. T: Terminator
  21. U: Uruk-Hai (told ya so)
  22. V: Vader, Darth
  23. W: Werewolf
  24. X: X-traterrestrial (I prefer to insert favorite from the X-Files)
  25. Y: Yeti
  26. Z: Zombie
  27. - 29. DM's Pick
30. Roll Twice for bizarre Team-Up, or grotesque Antagonism

Friday, March 23, 2012

Alternate XP Advancement System

Inspired by "Experience by Plundering" @
Give us some mo'!

In the area of awarding/calculating XP, I've tried:

- by-the-book AD&D 1st rules; actually calculated for ea monster, multiplying bonus per HP... forget that!
- basic 100XP/HD ruling for all monsters, w/bonuses determ on the fly
- using Labyrinth Lord XP/Lvl Tables in what is largely a 1st ed AD&D game, for faster leveling (did not incl GP treasure unless this money was actually "spent on training/research", at a rate of 1XP/GP spent)
- also briefly dumped the entire XP haul into the Player's laps to divide as they like... the just went ahead and divided it equally, anyway!

And Now, for Something Completely Different:

In my new system, the PC level will have both a "ones" place (actual XP Lvl), and a "tenths" place (tenths being XP points toward the next lvl); so a newly advanced fifth lvl Fighter would be "F 5.0", while another who is halfway to between sixth and seventh lvl would be "F 6.5".

Awarding "Tenths" will occur whenever the Party or PC succeeds in completing any major Party objective or goal, when a Treasure trove is secured, or for any other accomplishment the DM feels is worthy, possibly incl:

- clearing/mapping an entire dungeon level
- acquiring a long-sought item
- completing a quest
- slaying/imprisoning a Boss Monster or NPC
- finishing a story arc
- impressive role-play, idea, tactic, sacrifice, service to deity, etc.
- completing a significant side-adventure
- defeating significant Random Encounter
- solo feat by PC; saving rest of party, overcoming major obstacle, etc.

Still in Effect:
- MVP Houserule still applies; determined at the end of a "complete adventure", the winner being awarded 1 or maybe 2 Tenths.
- Cash will still have to be spent on training, research, etc to advance, but will not directly affect XP (roughly 1,000 GP/lvl)
- Rather than an XP-cap on non-humans, humans simply advance faster; ea time a human levels-up, he gains an additional Tenth toward the next lvl.

No calculator necessary.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

+Bonus, Special Effects of Weapons/Armor

(d20, for Weapons & Armor, mostly)
1-12 +1
13-16 +2
17,18 +3
19 +4
20 SPECIAL EFFECT (if Armor, roll on MAGIC RING tbl)

1-3 +2
4,5 +3
6 +4

1. NINE LIVES TAKER save vs Death Magic
2. DEFENDER (+4?)
3. DANCING up to one trn duration
4. WOUNDING +1 HP dam/rnd from ea hit, for up to one trn/hit
5. AMPUTATION on natural TH of 19 or 20, random limb
6. DECAPITATION (or other instant death) on natural TH of 20
7. FLAMING negates regeneration, dbl dam vs cold/undead
8. DOUBLE DAMAGE vs SPECIFIC MONSTER (Dragon, Giant, Troll, etc)
9. DOUBLE BONUS vs CERTAIN TYPE MONSTER (Undead, Reptilian, etc)
10. GRANTS IMMUNITY (Specific Spell, Magic Effect, Poison, etc)
11. CURSE/DRAWBACK (Berserking, Must draw blood 1/day, etc)
12. COMPULSION (Urges bearer to slay certain encounters, gain revenge, etc, Save?)
13. SPELL USE random 1st - 3rd lvl spell *
14. as per Random MAGIC RING*
16. SPEED auto gain initiative, OR one extra AT/rnd, Player's choice at any time
17. VENOMOUS * doubles rolled damage, Save vs Poison for half, 3x/day
18. as per Random R/S/W *
19. VAMPIRIC successful hit adds (up to) 1d4 HP (of dam inflicted) to wielder's HP
20. Roll Twice

* 1 to 3x/day, as per DM, usually upon hit

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A Dozen Distinctive R/S/W Descriptions

d12   Appearance/Material/Operation of R,S,W
 1.  Classic: carved talons clutch an apparently living eyeball, gazes around when not in use
 2.  Topped by Plasma Globe which buzzes and arcs when activated
 3.  Unadorned bar of polished steel, works well as a club/baton in melee
 4.  Glassteel dowel topped by multi-pointed crystal star
 5.  Gnarly shaft topped by twisted root cluster grasping a smooth river rock
 6.  Living flowers of various hues bud and bloom at tip each day
 7.  Made from the body of a magically taxidermied albino python w/jewel eyes
 8.  Telescoping/collapsing shaft for easy carrying/storage
 9.  Entire thing softly glows like a fluorescent light tube
 10.  Topped by grotesque Gargoyle head, speaks its own Command Word(s)
 11.   Fires burst of colorful metallic glitter with a loud "pop!" when activated
 12.   Rod made of a stack of Copper Pieces. To activate, another CP must be added to
         the end, to which it immediately attaches, glows, then discharges its magic

Once again, my apologies to The Dungeon Dozen.  All veneration to the Great Dodecahedron!