Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Like getting a new Magic Item, every day

Weapons of Change are found in the hands of devotees of the Gods of Chaos, Trickery, Illusion.  Although typically of exceptional bonus, they have the unusual property of changing form each day, becoming a different weapon every 24 hrs.  The wielder always retains their normal chances To Hit, regardless of weapon type.

1. Three Darts (1d3ea)
2. Dagger (1d4)
3. Short Sword (1d6)
4. Mace (1d6)
5. Hand Axe (1d6)
6. Long Sword (1d8)
7. Spear (1d8)
8. Flail (1d8)
9. Battle Axe (1d8)
10. Polearm (1d10)
11. Great Sword (1d12)
12. Something Weird

Weird Ones/Damage, Special
1. 'Two by Four' board w/rusty nails (1d4, tetanus?)
2. Two Hollow Steel Fists (1d4, two attacks)
3. Steel Chain Bola (1d4, Save or become entangled)
4. Flexible Steel Whip (1d4, may disarm at distance)
5. Barbed Trident (1d6, telescoping, does additional 1d4 damage, no bonus, when withdrawn at end of round)
6. Nunchucks (1d4, gets Special Attacks as numbers 2,3, and 4, above)
(7.) Something Inappropriately Over the Top, like a pearl-handled revolver, or a light saber
(8.) Roll Again, result is a plastic or wooden 'toy' version of the result, very gaudy, does only the Bonus as damage; no damage dice are rolled, no Special Attacks

Thursday, August 20, 2015

'Regeneration', Gallifrey Style

 “Regeneration is a biological ability exhibited by Time Lords, a race of fictional humanoids originating on the planet Gallifrey, in the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This process allows a Time Lord who is old or mortally wounded to undergo a transformation into a new physical form and a somewhat different personality.” - Wikipedia

As well as being an ingenious way to script-in a new actor for the lead role in the longest running SciFi franchise in history, 'Regeneration', Gallifrey style, could be a fun option/item for RPG gaming.  In the series, Regeneration is an innate ability of the Time Lords, but it could also be introduced in the form of an artifact, spell, potion...  However it enters the game, the effect appears to engulf the recipient in a fiery yellow mist, which causes a transformation into an entirely new body.  Memory is retained, although the personality may be altered, to some degree.

In game terms, exposure to Regeneration mist while 'at death's door' (or possibly within 10 rounds of death?), causes a character to be completely reborn:
- XP Level and XP points are retained, but there is a chance that Class is altered
- Ability Scores may be retained, but possibly shuffled, if Class changes, or completely re-rolled
- HP total is re-rolled, as per Class
- Outward appearance, apparent age, possibly even gender is changed
- Alignment is unaffected
-A period of 'adjustment' is needed, possibly expressed as a 'minus' or 'disadvantage' to action rolls, Saves, etc, until the recipient is once again 'comfortable in their own skin'

...Alas, 'Algar the Barbarian' is no longer with The Party, but hey, adventuring with Algar the Wizard might be a hoot!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The simplest XP System I could come up with

I've always found calculating and tallying XP to be tedious and time-consuming, so I'm going to start using this system, hoping it will be both simple and effective! 

XP needed to Level Up = the Target Level x 10; to reach 2nd lvl = 20 XP, for 3rd = 30 XP…

Individual PCs gain 1/2 their Level for attending each Game Session (round up); a 1st or 2nd Lvl PC gains 1XP per game, a 3rd or 4th Lvl PC gets 2XP...

The Party receives their other XP ‘between adventures’, in safe locale, determined by DM.  Material resources, teachers/trainers, misc costs, etc, may also be required. Party XP accrues in a shared pool until divvied, any remainder stays in pool until next divvy. 

Accomplishment                                    XP Gain                     
Securing Treasure                                  1/100 GP value
Killing/Defeating Monsters                    1/HD
Overcoming Obstacle or Trap                1-20, per DM, according to difficulty
Clearing Dungeon Level                         Level of Dungeon x 10
Completing Adventure                            Average PC Level x 10
XP       Level               XP       Level               XP       Level  
0          1                      270      7                      900      13
20        2                      350      8                      1040    14
50        3                      440      9                      1190    15
90        4                      540      10                    1250    16
140      5                      650      11                    1320    17
200      6                      770      12                    1500    18

A potential 'drawback' of this system is that it allows all Classes to advance at the same rate... if this becomes an issue, I'll have to make adjustments, possibly requiring certain Classes to earn an additional amount per level, maybe their current level x 10, for each level gained.  Adjustments to the XP/GP ratio may also be needed.