Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Spelunkorama Pics Link

Album, 70 inspiring real world Caves & Caverns
(and one inexplicable inclusion...)

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Have you seen "AFK", the webseries?

Until now, I've never been impressed with "OMG, I woke up as my character in an RPG" treatments, but I think this one is really cool. Impressive production values, (mostly) great acting, and addresses interesting aspects of the premise.  I particularly enjoyed the realistic treatment of the preposterous circumstance...  What would it be like if you were playing a character of the opposite gender?  Or were running multiple characters?  What if other players were noobs, or young children?  How would dickish internet players react to the situation? 

Check out playlists, seasons 1 and 2, plus extras!

Monday, November 26, 2018

That Time When We Scored a Ring of Three Wishes

That time back in the day, trying to tackle the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl with too few PCs, because the G-Series is LOADED with loot... and we soon stumbled across the lair of the Remorhaz on the floor of the Rift, and had to use nearly all our Healing, after it beat hell out of the Party...  That's when we found the Ring of Three Wishes, and started spouting all manner of wacky ideas, and I suggested,

"Let's Wish that all the Magic Items within a ten 
mile radius be Teleported to a pile at our feet!"

Our DM just stared at me, and I followed with, "What?!  We'll still explore the module!"
I was flatly disallowed, which came as no surprise, but I still laugh when I think of the look on his face, and think of how much fun it would have been to storm the Jarl's lair, plunged into chaos as all magic stuff just disappeared, and then slaughter every inhabitant with a massive arsenal of their own magic... and not, as it turned out, be caught in a massive glacier collapse, as the result of a foolish Earthquake Spell...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dungeon Map, using two free programs

Pretty cool smaller dungeon!  Totally free, quick, and nice quality.  :)
Did the walls, doors, stairs using GridMapper, then used Microsoft Paint for text and numbering, and also to shade the solid areas gray.  I hadn't known that the Paint 'fill by color' feature (paint bucket icon) could be used to fill selected grid squares until today, and it worked out pretty well, I think!  Using a number of colors might be a cool way to designate special features, pools, lava, etc.

This is for an adventure I may never finish, most of it is written but not edited, so if you're wondering,"Where the hell is the entrance?", room #1 is shaped like a pyramid; the four walls slope steeply upward to converge at a 10x10' apex which is an opening to the surface.  It is a 60' vertical drop from the entry to the floor of the chamber.  The Primordial Ones simply fly/levitate in and out like hornets from the hive, but the Party may find entry (and exit!) more difficult!  Plenty of space to add in a staircase, if you like... or use the entire thing as a sub-level below a pit trap!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'This Scene' 1d6

This Scene

1. Scroll Tube of scrimshawed bone features This Scene, contents impervious to heat and flame

2. Huge wall hanging, 3'x12', tattooed hide, depicts This Scene, worth cash to collector

3. Cedar Incense Box with woodcut of This Scene contains 2d6 Incense of  Spell Recall, each may be burnt for 10+2d10r, inducing a trance state.  Any one Spell cast previously that day returns fully to memory and may be cast normally

4. Enscorcelled Dungeon Mural of This Scene, if Salamanders are touched, any/all materialize and attack.  If Characters in the Party are touched, the first one - or a random selection, if several are touched simultaneously - will step forth as a Real Life NPC (Hench?)

5. This Scene is inked on a Scroll, which reveals a Map/Clue/Riddle/True Name of a Being of Flame  on the flip side, if exposed to heat or prolonged sunlight

6. Folded and spindled papyrus parchment , This Scene in faded ink, if it is burned, all inhaling the smoke are Immune to Fire for 10+1d10r

Saturday, April 7, 2018

1d6 Buggy Magic Items

1. Most Excellent Repellent; Teardrop of citrine on a golden chain; acts as Ward Against all Insects, which cannot approach within 5'.

2. Chrysalis of Renewal; Brooch of fitted pieces of rainbow jade in shape of a butterfly; if the wearer is ever in a static state such as Paralysis, Petrifaction, Coma, Near Death, etc, for one hour, the brooch will encircle the body in a chrysalis of silk, after 24 hrs, the afflicted emerges unaffected, and at full HP.  One use only.

3. Medallion of Insect Summoning; a disk of amber, containing several tiny insects, each of which can be called forth once, in giant size, to perform various tasks, for up to one day:
1d6 Giant Ants, 2' long, can carry up to 500lbs ea for 24 hrs, HD 2, AC 3/17, D 1d6
1d4 Giant Moths; body man-sized, can carry one rider for 24 hrs, HD 5; AC 1/19, D incidental
1 Bonus; (d4) Attack Carrion Crawler,
Angry Giant Wasp w Paralytic sting (3x/day),
Killer Big Bee, single sting = Save or Die,
Stubborn Giant Stag Beetle, HD 7, AC 3/17, Spcl AT: apply the jaw clamp for up to 24hrs, does 2d8 damage

4. Insectospex; chromed visor sporting faceted ruby lenses and self-activating telescoping antennae; allows wearer 345° vision, Surprised only 1in 6, Detects Invisibility, but poorly, 50% per round of accuracy

5.  Insectia Nectar; Potion transforms imbiber into B-Movie BEM for 24 hrs (1 in 6 is permanent):
Eyes and antennae as per Insectospex
Hopper thighs allow leaps 10' vertical or back, 20' forward
Sticky Fingers allow Climbing Walls & Ceilings
Secondary set of arms is fully functional, multiple AT or Actions per round

6. Palm-sized Walking Stick clings motionless until Commanded to Grow, then embiggens to 10' log-sized, becomes self-propelled raft, pack animal, or battering ram.  

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

d20 things Beth asked Rick to invent

 Some of the things Beth asked Rick to invent as a kid were: (d20)

1 A ray gun
2 A whip which forces people to like the bearer
3 Invisibility handcuffs
4 A parent leg-trap
5 A lightning gun
6 A teddy bear with anatomically correct innards
7 Night-vision googly-eye glasses
8 Sound-erasing sneakers
9 False fingerprints
10 "Fall-asleep" darts
11 A lie-detecting doll
12 An indestructible baseball bat
13 A ladybug-shaped taser
14 A fake police badge
15 Location-tracking stickers
16 Rainbow-colored duct tape
17 Mind-control hair-clips
18 Poison gum
19 A pink sentient switchblade
20 A crayon which creates a Doorway to Froopyland

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

'Cure Wounds' = 1d8+1/Level?

What If? kinda idea; just a single 'Cure' Spell, 1st Level, which becomes progressively more potent with XP.  Healers could 'swap out' any other Spell for a Cure, but for 1d8+1/Spell Level?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

d100 Computer Generated Spell Names

So, a research scientist named Janelle Shane "trained a neural network" to create D&D-esque Spell names, check it out here .  I compiled the various lists, made some grammatical and spelling amendments, deleted some unworkable entries, and then - to keep the random/weird vibe - replaced certain 'invented' words with the most intriguing suggestions from the Microsoft Word dictionary.  Finally, I chose the 'best' entries for a d100 table.
I plan to use the resulting 100 Spells whenever I need a 'new' Spell, or a Scroll, etc.  Figure I'll just roll when the opportunity presents, and make up the particulars on the fly, should be fun!

1.    Freezing Swordball
2.    Curd of the Wild
3.    Butchering Song
4.    Summon Guardian Briar
5.    Planar Poke
6.    Find Doom
7.    Healing Insects
8.    Mighty Glow
9.    Sundering Glow
10.  Divine Phockery
11.  Angelic Liger
12.  Healer's Fright
13.  Inspiring Light
14.  Death's Beak
15.  Glowing Blade
16.  Devouring Claws
17.  Divine Fool
18.  Dawn of the Steel Bees
19.  Shark Swarm
20.  Arcane Shit
21.  Terminal Stare
22.  Mirroring Flame
23.  Fiery Reaping
24.  Grasp of the Game
25.  Inspire Serpent
26.  Walk of Shields
27.  Blessing of Dung
28.  Ding of Doom
29.  Find Blade
30.  Mild Echo
31.  Dragon of Vigor
32.  Resistible Dance
33.  Dust Walk
34.  Shield of Farts
35.  Cursing Wind
36.  Cunning Light
37.  Manseed Beast
38.  Dreadful Wound
39.  Prescient Stingers
40.  Breath of the Gods
41.  Crusading Cloud
42.  Gale of Death
43.  Glyph of the Sun
44.  Summon Grack
45.  Phantom Bitch
46.  Glittering Steel
47.  Odd Mathering
48.  Rain of War
49.  Crackling Ball
50.  Breathing Ray
51.  Armor Mall
52.  Drain Spider
53.  Grasping Glyph
54.  Symphony of the Dark
55.  Wolvery Wind
56.  Roving the Earth
57.  Glob of Madness
58.  Matted Fur
59.  Seer Weld
60.  Relentless Warder
61.  Secret Cleaver
62.  Spiritual Plague
63.  The Arisen
64.  Door to Stone
65.  Curse Word
66.  Smirk With
67.  Wall of Storms
68.  Acute Distention
69.  Glib Tongue
70.  Grasping Mane
71.  Towel Strike
72.  Revitalizing Strike
73.  Trump of Fortune
74.  Tune Sprite
75.  Phantasmal Assault
76.  Lagging Blade
77.  Binding Wind
78.  Dancing Sack
79.  Song of Gloom and Doom
80.  Forceful Boor
81.  Wall of Distraction
82.  Plant of Peace
83.  Shield of Farts
84.  Song of the Darned
85.  Snare of the Pod Beast
86.  Divine Kaboom
87.  Call to the Daring
88.  Prayer Bear
89.  War Cape
90.  Song of the Unworthy
91.  Gate Sail
92.  Icon of Thorns
93.  Fark Mate
94.  Charm of the Cods
95.  Death of the Sun
96.  Bigby's Greater Flick
97.  Cursing Wink
98.  Conjure Nightmare
99.  Remorse?
100.       Mordenkainen’s Lubricious Mangina