Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'This Scene' 1d6

This Scene

1. Scroll Tube of scrimshawed bone features This Scene, contents impervious to heat and flame

2. Huge wall hanging, 3'x12', tattooed hide, depicts This Scene, worth cash to collector

3. Cedar Incense Box with woodcut of This Scene contains 2d6 Incense of  Spell Recall, each may be burnt for 10+2d10r, inducing a trance state.  Any one Spell cast previously that day returns fully to memory and may be cast normally

4. Enscorcelled Dungeon Mural of This Scene, if Salamanders are touched, any/all materialize and attack.  If Characters in the Party are touched, the first one - or a random selection, if several are touched simultaneously - will step forth as a Real Life NPC (Hench?)

5. This Scene is inked on a Scroll, which reveals a Map/Clue/Riddle/True Name of a Being of Flame  on the flip side, if exposed to heat or prolonged sunlight

6. Folded and spindled papyrus parchment , This Scene in faded ink, if it is burned, all inhaling the smoke are Immune to Fire for 10+1d10r

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