Monday, May 29, 2017

d12 Assortment of Magic Items

1. Ethereal Armor; roll on Armor Tbl for type and bonus.  This armor can turn Ethereal and back on command, so the “wearer’ can call it into existence at any time, instantly becoming fully armored.  Any bulky clothing being worn when armor materializes is rent asunder
2. Bone of Contention; fossilized bone that makes all who see it Save vs WIS, or argue over its possession for 1d4 rnds, then begin fighting for it
3. Traveler’s Map; always depicts 100 mile (outdoor) radius, and shows local weather for next day
4. Traveler’s Purse; creates up to 1d10 coins/day, = chance of CP, SP, or GP, will not create new coins until last batch has been spent
5. Living Staff; can be commanded to ‘root’, grows into 60’ tree at a rate of 1’/r, 1/day, then a new ‘cutting’ can be taken
6. Storage Cube; 4” stone cube disintegrates 10 cubic feet of matter, and ‘stores’ it for later reassembly, does not affect living beings, can only ‘store’ a single 10’ cube at any time
7. Rusty Rebar; corroded bar of iron, 2’, rusts metal on contact, 1d20 charges, magic items Save vs Disintegration
8. War Paint; req. 1T to apply, raises Fighting Lvl by 1d4, lasts up to 24 hrs, or until washed/wiped off
9. Keys of Permanence; keyring with two elaborate keys, when inserted into any lock, one will fuse the lock permanently open, the other will fuse the lock permanently closed.  There is no way to distinguish between the two keys, each works only once
10. Facepalm Glove; Magic Mouth on palm issues one Suggestion or Command, 1/day
11. Polymorphing Cloak; can reform into any set of clothing desired
12. Finglonger Ring; index finger can grow up to 30', knuckle every 3", returns to normal if severed