Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Like getting a new Magic Item, every day

Weapons of Change are found in the hands of devotees of the Gods of Chaos, Trickery, Illusion.  Although typically of exceptional bonus, they have the unusual property of changing form each day, becoming a different weapon every 24 hrs.  The wielder always retains their normal chances To Hit, regardless of weapon type.

1. Three Darts (1d3ea)
2. Dagger (1d4)
3. Short Sword (1d6)
4. Mace (1d6)
5. Hand Axe (1d6)
6. Long Sword (1d8)
7. Spear (1d8)
8. Flail (1d8)
9. Battle Axe (1d8)
10. Polearm (1d10)
11. Great Sword (1d12)
12. Something Weird

Weird Ones/Damage, Special
1. 'Two by Four' board w/rusty nails (1d4, tetanus?)
2. Two Hollow Steel Fists (1d4, two attacks)
3. Steel Chain Bola (1d4, Save or become entangled)
4. Flexible Steel Whip (1d4, may disarm at distance)
5. Barbed Trident (1d6, telescoping, does additional 1d4 damage, no bonus, when withdrawn at end of round)
6. Nunchucks (1d4, gets Special Attacks as numbers 2,3, and 4, above)
(7.) Something Inappropriately Over the Top, like a pearl-handled revolver, or a light saber
(8.) Roll Again, result is a plastic or wooden 'toy' version of the result, very gaudy, does only the Bonus as damage; no damage dice are rolled, no Special Attacks