Saturday, February 25, 2012

GNARN Stones

Polyhedral stones, useable 1/day.  GNARNs do not fall if dropped, but rather hover/float, and will follow after sentient beings.  Activated by touch, GNARNS add a bonus to the bearer’s rolls for one turn.  Roll a d6 twice (ea time used):

(d6)      Bonus, Roll on Tbl 2                (d6) Bonus Applies to…

1.         No Bonus Today!                    1. Saves

2-4.      +1 (ALL categories, no roll)    2. AC

5.         +2 (two categories)*               3. TH

6.         +3 (one category)                   4. Damage

                                                            5. Initiative

                                                            6. Your Pick

*  User gains bonus in rolled category, plus the one immediately before it; roll a 2 and gain +2 to AC and Saves, roll a 6 and gain +2 to Your Pick and Initiative, etc

GNARNs that have been swallowed by Demons, Spawn of Shog-Gnargoroth, etc.  Transform into translucent gems, and have the power to Raise Dead (alive, full HP) once only, provided a Bless Spell is cast upon them. This drains the stone of all magic.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do You Smell Gas?

"Well, here's your problem, ma'am; this thing here is leaking poisonous gas!"

d12   Gas Issues From...
1.  The hollow stem and pistils of a bouquet of fake flowers in a vase
2.  A fragile glass sphere balanced precariously atop a door frame
     (1 in 6 it breaks open on head of PC opening the door; no Save for you!)
3.  A motion-sensitive Puffball Shroom Fungi, either concealed or in plain sight
4.  A mechanical trap hidden within a humanoid skull
5.  Under pressure in a stoppered vial, disturbing it in any way = 50% of bursting open
6.  The handle of a walking cane can be unscrewed... affects only the opening PC
7.  An unremarkable crack in the flagstone floor
8.  A metal grille in ceiling (drop to the floor, the bottom one foot of the room is clear,  
      Save at +3)
9.  The arse of an iron pig, which also has a coin slot on its back... it jingles if shaken
10.  A series of peg holes seems to indicate that a ladder or shelving was once affixed
       to the wall... but one at face level is a trap triggered by a pressure plate
11.  A nest of debris contains several "hatched" egg shells, and one that is unbroken...
12.  A multi-jointed mechanical arm which extends from a concealed niche, spraying
       gas from a swivel-mounted oscillating nozzle

Inspiration provided by the Dungeon Dozen - check it out for awesome d12 tables!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Action Resolution; PC Level Check vs The Dice

Simple system for unusual action success resolution:  Roll PC XP Lvl or less on appropriate die type, as determined by difficulty of task

Die      Degree of Difficulty
  d4      Success Highly Likely, but requiring a roll anyhow
  d6      Easy
  d8      Average
d10      Tough
d12      Difficult
d20      Very Difficult
d30      Amazing Feat

Therefore, a 5th lvl PC automatically succeeds at tasks which are Highly Likely to succeed, and has a 5 in 10 chance of succeeding at a Tough task.  A 10th lvl PC has a fifty/fifty shot at even a Very Difficult task (10 in 20), but even at this level has only a 1/3 (10 in 30) chance to perform an Amazing Feat successfully.  Even a first lvl PC has a slim chance to accomplish the improbable!
Bonuses of +1 to +3 (or more) may be applied by DM, based on related Ability Scores, degree of familiarity with task, etc.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clerical Weaponry Option

My group has long used the "Clerics use the weapon that their god uses" houserule, rather than the "guess I'm using a mace" rule.  I'm considering implementing a system in which this specific weapon gains increased bonuses and other powers as the Cleric advances; for example, a bonus of +1 when 3rd lvl is reached, +2 at 7th, +3 at 12th...  Special Effects will be included as well; the weapon of a devotee of a "Fire god" might become a flaming sword, or have the power equivalent to a Burning Hands spell twice/day, maybe even a Flamestrike option at higher lvl, while the trident of a sea god's Cleric could grant Water Breathing, Create/Purify Water, etc.  A special ritual must be performed by the head of the Cleric's order once the appropriate lvl is reached, or perhaps a quest must be performed... the specifics differing depending on the god being worshiped.  Only the Cleric can access these powers; for anyone else, the weapon is not magical.  Of course, the Cleric must be mindful to use these powers only in the service of the god, else the power will be revoked or suspended.  I like the idea of the Player knowing he's gonna get something cool - provided he earns it!  "Can't wait until I'm 12th lvl, and I can Disrupt Undead with my spear!"