Thursday, October 20, 2011


Three On-The-Fly d20 Tables

Nothing you ain't seen before, but handy.  I keep these on an index card for those times when I want to generate something immediately and quickly. 

TRAP                                  JEWELRY                 DUNGEON CREATION
1. ACID                               EARRING                  STRAIGHT 20-50'
2. GAS                                NECKLACE               DOOR, USUAL
3. CALTROPS                    BRACELET                DOOR, UNUSUAL
4 .NEEDLE                         PENDANT                 STAIRS, UP/DOWN 
5 .CHUTE                           ARMBAND                BRANCH, RIGHT 10-60'
6. DOOR (roll again)           BROOCH                   BRANCH, LEFT 10-60'
7. JAW                                STUD                         SPLIT, 45-DEGREE ANGLE
8. PIT                                  RING                          "T" INTERSECTION
9. -LOCKS                          CLASP                       "Y" INTERSECTION
10. -FLOODS                     BUCKLE                     4-WAY, 10-40' ea
11. -SPIKED                       COLLAR                     TURN, LEFT/RIGHT
12. FIRE/OIL                      DIADEM                      WIDENS or NARROWS
13. CRUSHING                  CIRCLET                    SM ROOM, 1 Exit
14. ARROW/DART             CROWN                     SM ROOM, 2 Exits
15. BLOCK, FALLS            GIRDLE                      MED ROOM, 1 Exit
16. SPEAR/SPIKE             TORC                         MED ROOM, 2 Exits
17. GUILLOTINE                ANKLET                     MED ROOM, 2-4 Exits
18. PORTCULLIS              PIERCING                  LRG ROOM, 2-5 Exits
19. COLLAPSING              LOCKET                     CHANGE to NATURAL CAVERN
20. SCYTHE BLADE         OTHER                       ODD SHAPE or FEATURE

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monster Monday 3,

This is possibly the most Lovecraftian thing I ever hope to see...
and I don't even dare to imagine it's
weird appetites and disturbingly Freudian motivations...

...but if anyone is sick enough to stat it up for me,
all I can promise is I'll use it in my game and let you know how it went

The "Thank You for Coming" Potion

Whenever a new Party or Character is created, the PC(s) automatically receive a "Thank You for Coming" (random) Potion, assumed to be part of their starting/current equipment.  Gives 1st Level PCs a little boost, makes new/"replacement" PCs feel welcome, and also makes them a bit less jealous of existing members and their preexisting loot!