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In my Carcosa/Algol-influenced world of Gnarth, the term "Artifact" is used specifically to refer to polyhedral, psychically controlled magic items. Most need further detailing.


Exceptionally powerful magic items of the Elder Species, always in the form of a sphere,
cube, or other polyhedron, though of varying material. Some contain charges, some usable only
by Spellcasters, possible side effects, all very rare. Often hover/float as GNARN stones (many
operate while levitating), and may in fact be large GNARNS. Some Artifacts "bond" with a specific
user, some charged items are Level Variable; # charges = to user's lvl (subtract 1 ch per use,
gain one ch per XP lvl advance), plus 1d10 ch.

1. CUBE O' FORCE Hematite, Projects Energy Fields, 6ch/day, 1 trn dur, Type &
Cost/Trn: 1. Cloak, 2. Hologram/Illusion, 3. Anti-grav, 4. Kinetic (20 HP/r), 5. Force, 6. Nullfield

2. SPHERE O' ANNIHILATION Ultrablack metallic sphere, creates Antimatter copy which auto
interposes between user and any one attacker, and attacks 1/rnd as user, save vs. Disintegration.
User must save vs INT on d20 ea time used, or Orb floats 10'/rnd random direction for 10+1d10 rnds

3. PYRAMID O' RESURRECTION Smoky crystal "scans" corpse, restores life, removing all BM,
as well as 1d4 GM, no loss of XP, Save vs 1 lvl Drain when first grasped, thereafter has level-
variable ch

4. CUBIC GATE Bronze cube composed of 27 smaller cubes, Allows instantaneous access to
predeterm or previsited site, 1/wk (d6): 1. on Klaatu, 2. on Verrada, 3. on Nikto,* 4. 1000'
Teleport, 5. predeclared Recall Point, 6. Random Location (useable anytime)

5. ORB O' IMPRISONMENT Dull gray stone sphere, effect as Spell, # ch lvl variable, Save for no
effect/no loss of ch, 1/day

6. PRISMATIC PYRAMID Multicolored crystal, Prismatic Sphere 1/wk, Prismatic Spray #ch lvl
variable, Color Spray 1/day

7. SHINING TRAPEZOHEDRON Metallic, Doubles first level spells, increases Spell effects as
if +4 XP lvls, can recall Spells cast, total # Spell lvls/day recalled = to XP lvl

8. ORB O' NULLIFICATION Deep purple stone, No Magic, Mutations, or Energy Devices will
work w/in 100' rad of user, duration/day 1trn/XP lvl

9. OMNISCIENT OCTAHEDRON Pale blue dbl pyramid Answers any question fully, 1/wk, and
allows consult table 1/day/XP lvl with ANY question, will be answered as best as possible from
following possibilities, 1 in 8 uses results in completely random response (d8): 1. As I see it, Yes
2. Signs point to Yes 3. You may Rely on it 4. Ask Again Later (24 hrs) 5. Concentrate and Ask
Again 6. Don't Count on It 7. Sources say No 8. Outlook Bad

10. CELESTIAL STAR Translucent diamond-like twelve-pointed crystal, "Turns" Undead as Cleric
of XP lvl +2, sheds light causing 1d6 dam/rnd to Undead w/in 10', 1 trn/day, 1/day Undead
Disruption beam, 100', save vs Spells

11. CUBIC KEEP Rough, dull white stone, enlarges to impervious 10' cube, Phasedoor 5'x5'
only bearer can activate, 20 cubic foot interior; load it up!

12. ORB of the ALL-SEEING EYE White crystal with floating "eye", total of 3 uses/day, any
effect(s), dur 1 trn; Clairvoyance 100', Find Traps, Detect Magic, Secret/Concealed/Hidden,
Invisibility, Illusion

13. ICOSAHEDRON O' INFLUENCE Multi-colored ceramic, allows "re-roll" of any d20, #ch/day=
to lvl

14. DECAHEDRON O' HEALING White metal, Completely Heals all wounds, 1/day(?)

15. OCTAPLEX O' SUCCESS 24-sided flat yellow stone, allows substitution of d24 for d20 for
self or others w/in 60, 1 ch/day/XP level, max 12/day

16. HYPERCUBIC MAZE Dolm Tesseract, Hypnotizes, and if successful, target can be
commanded to enter extra-dimensional Maze for 1d4 trns

17. GLOBE O' INVULNERABILITY Orange crystal grants constant Minor Globe (unaffected by
spells lvls 1-3) 1/day, Anti-Magic Shell (5' rad) 1/wk

18. DODECAHEDRON O' DOOM Black stone riven with random crimson "cracks", can call down
a Meteor Strike doing 10d10 dam, roll for ea w/100' diam area, 1 use/month,ea drains 1,000 XP

19. THE GRAND RHOMBIC TRIACONTAHEDRON none living know the exact nature/powers of
this 30-sided golden Artifact... some postulate that it is a weapon of inconceivable might,
possibly a Doomsday device designed to extinguish the sun, while others believe it to be an
Omega-13 device which alters/amends the flow of time itself...

20. PYRAMID O' PLAGUES Calls forth the Creeping Doom, a swarm of 101-500 biting/stinging
creepy-crawlies (determ total by 1d4 for # of hundreds, +1d% additional), ea does 1 HP auto
damage, once ea attacks, it dies, first use summons an uncontrolled swarm, attack all w/in 10",
ch = to lvl (w/o addit 1d10ch)

21. RUNIC CUBE Mottled, rough stone, each face can project a Symbol (Discord, Fear, Insanity,
Hopelessness, Pain, Sleep), two uses/day, total

22. DEATH STAR Dark gray six-pointed star, control Undead as Cleric of same XP lvl, beam
drains 1d4 XP lvls, and when these equal 2x bearer's lvl, he transforms into an Undead himself

23. ASTRAL OCTAHEDRON "Appears as a piece of the night sky", allows out-of-body,
"Silver Cord"-style Astral travel, 1/day

24. HENAGONAL SINGULARITY The first person to view this impossible 1-sided thing must
save vs INT (minus 1d4) on a d20, or thereafter be afflicted with a drooling, gibbering form of
Feeblemind, if successful, can call upon the HS to fulfill one Wish, whereupon it collapses in upon
itself and disappears from normal space
* the three Moons of Gnarth

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  1. Keep working that triacontahedron, it may yet yield its secrets.