POISON/VENOM (Random d30)

Insinuative introduced to blood, Rare.  If applied to weapons, lasts 1T, or until hit is scored, one dose/dagger/arrow, two for Medium Weapon, three for Primary.  Ingested consumed, Very Rare, added to food/drink or forced.  Contact must only touch skin, Extremely Rare

Onset creatures will suffer warning signs. Damage/Round allows time to scramble and use Healing Magics, Spells.  Potency May be diluted or concentrated, as per DM, Save Bonus/Penalty of +/- 1 to 3.  Detection is tough; DF 20+ Passive, DF15+ Active

Class  d30      Onset  Save/Fail                                Alchemical Poisons; Venom(s)+Lotus

I           1-6       ---        None/1d6+1, Immediate         Quick Fever; Dolm Ant/Gold L

II          7-11     1-4r      Half/2d6+2, 2HP/r                   Creeping Doom; Skorpoon/Salagator

III         12-15   3r         Half/3d6+3, 3HP/r                   Cerulon Blue; Komododon/Blue L

IV         16-18   2r         Half/4d6+4, 4HP/r                   Queen’s Elixir; White Scorpion/Black L

V          19-20   1r         5d6+5/Slow Death, 5HP/r       Crimson Death; Crimson Worm/Red L

VI         21        ---        6d6+6/Death, Immediate        Finality ; Tomb Beetle Larvae, Mummy Dust

VII        22-24   1-4r      Neg/Blind 1d6T                       Tears of the Naga, Pink Centipede/Naga

VIII       25-27   2r         Neg/Sleep, 3d6T                     Dream Weaver; Serpard/White L

IX         28-29   1r         Slow 2d6r/Paralysis, 2d6T      Uneasy Repose; G Wasp/Carrion Crawler

X          30        ---        Stun 1d6r/Feeblemind            Mage’s Bane; Jale Ant/Brain Slug


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