Party Roster

'THE ORPHANS' Gnartian Campaign 1.0

Gorn, Reptilian  (Brett)
F5, AC 2, HP 36
Abil 17/12/10/16/14/11
Saves 13/14/15/16/16
Bronze breastplate, greaves, bracers = AC +2
Healing Salve (1 apply, heals 20HP or Cures Poison, or Cures Disease)
Gnartian Quill Pistol 1d6(x2)
Scooby Snacks (9)
Variable Gnarn Stone
Great Axe

Tarkas Traptripper, Human*  (Dan)
F5, AC-1, HP 45
Abil 18/14/11/10/14/12
Saves 11/12/13/13/14
Ring Haste (dur 1t, 2ch remain)
Ring +2 AC, +4 Magic Saves
Potions: Growth, Superheroism
Trident of the Lizard King: +2/+4 vs Reptiles,  Dam 1d10/1d20, Natural 20=Save or Die for Reptiles, can become Python (AC 4, HP 32, D 2-12)
Shield +2
Plate Mail
Mutation: Smell Magic
Has been swallowed by a T-Rex

Zeyrl, Green Gnartian  (Dan)
Mutant Mastermind 4, AC 4, HP 37
Abil 16/13/10/13/16/10
Saves 13/14/15/16/16
Mutations: Radar/Sonar, Dual Brain, Clairaudiance, Lucky, Regeneration, Psychometry
Ballistic Mesh Armor
Pentacle Rod
Necklace Fireballs (5 1d6, 3 3d6, 2 6d6, 1 9d6)
Longsword, longbow
Potion, Crimson Minotaur

Rose, Human*  (Amanda)
Mystic Knight 6, AC 0, HP 34
Abil 14/12/17/12/13/10
Saves 9/12/13/15/14
Chosen Weapon: 2-Hand Sword +2, True Sight (1trn, 1/day)
Longbow +2, Endless Arrows
Pearl-handled Revolver (20 silver bullets, 1d6+2, 1/r, Blessed to unerringly hit Evil creatures)
Rose-colored Spectacles, render immune to emotional influence
Multi-Arrows (four, ea turns into 2d4 arrows in flight, roll TH for ea)
Black arrow of Spawn Slaying
Silvered Horn o' Valhalla (from Calantos, summons Valkyrie, 2ch?)
Scroll Heal x5
Potion, Xtra Heal, Crimson Minotaur
Skully, the talking stone skull

Quinn, Human*  (Joe)
Thief 6, AC 6, HP 27
Abil 12/13/11/17/12/13
Saves 12/11/12/15/15
Ring of Sleep Regeneration (+2d4 HP per night's sleep)
Sword of Passage (short sword +2, cuts Webs, immunity to Paralyzation, Knock 1/Day)
Long Sword +1/+3 vs Shapechangers
Photon Grenade (timed fuse, can set for 1-10 seg. to detonation, Disintegrates 10' sphere of matter)
Potions: Haste, Shielding, Blinking, Shrinking, Crimson Minotaur
Oil Sharpness
Bag o' (7) Magic Beans
Cloak of the Owlbear (complete w claws and 'beak helm', Polymorph into Owlbear for duration of one combat, 1/day, gain 1d20 temporary HP, AT 3x/rnd, 1d6(x2)/2d6, plus 2d8 hug)
Displacement Field Generator (harness w power supply, as Cloak Displacement; 1st AT misses, +2 AC, 1charge/trn, 22 ch remain)

Rusty, Human, NPC
Wizard 4, AC 9, HP 26
Abil 9/17/12/14/14/16
Spells 5/3
Short sword, longbow
Sarge the German Shepherd
Former kidnapping victim and all-around good guy
Potion of the Crimson Minotaur (gives you wings.  real ones, like an angel)

* These PCs are transplants from my former campaign in the fantasy world of Calantos, adapting relatively well to the Sword and Planet world of Gnarth

Dave the Caveman, Neanderthal, AC 7; HD 2; HP  18; D BW+2

"Party Wealth" (Bag o' Holding, 1,000lb max)
Unidentified: Potion (?), Incense o' Meditation
(3) disposable plastic cig lighters
Robotote:  2' diam metal hemisphere w/flexible, retractable legs (3), follows any one 'imprinted' person, carrying up to 200lbs
Spaceball: 1m diam (feeling metric) black metallic sphere, possibly hollow, resists all attempts to Identify or breach.  Fell from the sky.  It's shrinking.  And getting heavier...
3 10lb bowling balls
Alien Sonic Blaster, 4 settings; 1. Stun 1d4 rnds, 2. Deafen, 24hrs, 3. Damage tissue, 3d6, 4. Brown Noise, lose 1rnd to explosive diarhhea (8ch remain)
Mace +2
Dino Scale Mail
Scroll Protection, Shapechangers
Potion, Crimson Minotaur

(To Do List:  Check Mutations, Bag o' Holding contents, Tarkas' shield, who's packing narcotics)


 Centauri, Purple Gnartian  (Jerry)
Mutant Mastermind 5, AC 4, HP 42
Abil 15/16/14/14/18/10
Saves 12/11/12/15/15
Mutations: Second Chance, Alter mass, ESP, Shocker, Telekinetic Arm, Hypersight, Intuition, Psychic Absorption(?)

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