Mid-Session Scrawls

The bizarre scribblings found in the margins of my character sheets and DM notes, not so much 10GP Gems as 'unrefined ore'; one-offs, throwaways, odd thoughts & random jots, an idea file from an abandoned asylum... if you can make any sense of, or use for, these grotesque orphans, let me know!

  • Spell of detachable limbs/sensory organs
  • Potion of Bongevity
  • Trained Dungeon Rats
  • Titan wielding a Treant as a club
  • Unlucky Copper Piece
  • Wind-Up 'Walking Bomb', with Key
  • Hollowed blubber of Purple Worm carcass, propped up on polearms, being steered through the dungeon by humanoids like a Chinese dragon parade float, burning torches in eye sockets
  • Flask of Ice 9, freezes 100 cubic feet of water
  • Weird science Vending Machine dispenses Potions, but they're labeled only by code (C7, A4, etc), and accepts only Alien coins

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