Gnartian Mutations

            These are divided into "Good" and "Bad" categories; Psionic (Mental) and other unobvious Mutations are most often considered positive, a blessing, but observable Physical Mutations - even those with potentially useful side effects - are considered a sign of degeneration, a curse, and those afflicted are most often shunned. Good Mutations can be used 1/day, Duration 1 Turn, some Mutations can be employed simultaneously &/or in conjunction, but only one can be activated/rnd.  When exposed to Radiation, a Failed Save of 1=gain one Bad Mutation, Save of 20=gain one Good Mutation.

PSIONIC and BENEFICIAL MUTATIONS (‘The Good’, roll d% and divide by 2)
1. PLAYER'S CHOICE (#2-#49), or Remove one BM
2. ALTER MASS  allowing Water Walking, Feather Fall, etc. or increase for 1/2 dam vs blunt weapons
3. "BLIND EYE"  Save vs Mutation or thereafter be completely unaware of mutant's existence, unless/until attacked
4. BLINK  Teleport 1" in random direction, arrive safely, 1/r
5. CLAIRAUDIENCE  "listen in" on areas up to 10" away
6. CLAIRVOYANCE  "remote view" up to 10"
7. VAMPIRIC TOUCH 1d6 by touch, gain ½ of damage done as HP
8. SECOND CHANCE roll twice for any action roll (TH, CW, Open Doors, etc), better roll applies
10. DETECTION  random sense (d6) can be enhanced to detect (1d4) magic, lies, illusions, align.
11. DOMINATION  as Charm, save negates, effects equal/lesser HD/lvl, req concentration
12. DUAL BRAIN  brain "partitions" into two separate brains, allowing two saves vs any Mental Effect, allows two actions/rnd (subject to believability), ambidextrous attack w/o penalty
13. HEALING HAND  Heal self, others for HP=to CON+CON Bonus, total/use (ex: CON of 16 = +2, so 16+2=18 HP could be healed; 18 all at once, 9 twice, 6 three times, etc)
14. BRAIN WIPE Save or be unable to employ Mutations, cast Spells, or perform complex mental tasks
15. BAD TOUCH  transmit a particular Bad Mutation (roll randomly to initially determine) by touch
16. ENERGY SHIELD  force shield reduces energy damage by ½
17. MENTAL MIRROR  mental attacks, spells rebound upon origin, if Save made   
18. E.S.P.  read mind of any sentient, save applies
19. LASER EYE  eyes emit 30' ray; Laser for 1d6 dam/each
20. SHOCKER  1d8 by touch, or 2d8 arc w/in 15’, Save for ½, unless armored in metal
21. GAMMA STRENGTH  eyes glow green, STR of 19 (+4/+4), don't make him angry. 
22. HASTE  halve intitiative rolls, dbl movement speed, dbl AT, dbl your fun
23. PSYCHIC BLADE as longsword, bypasses all physical armor and magical AC protection; basically a ‘touch’ attack
24. REPULSION  force field auto. turns aside one AT/rnd, or repels/halts target which fails Save
25. PAIN BROADCAST  causes victim to be at -1/rnd AT, Dam, AC, most other rolls, cumulative
26. INTUITION  +2 intitiative, +2 TH, +2 for some Saves, as per DM
27. KINETIC SHIELD  physical dam reduced by ½
28. LIGHTWAVE MANIPULATION  Light/Dark 10' rad, and just might deflect Lasers, only one effect/use
29. MENTAL BLAST  3-18 dam vs living brain, save for 1/2 damage, plus Stun for 1rnd, save negates
30. MENTAL SHIELD  blocks/negates any one mind-affecting Mutation or Spell/rnd
31. MOLECULAR DISRUPTION  takes entire turn to use, disintegrates up to 1 cubic feet of matter, reduces user to state of complete exhaustion
32. MUTATION IMITATION  allows use of any Mutation used within the user's presence on that day
33. MUTATION MULTIPLICATION  allows any other one Mutation to be used 2x/day
34. PSYCHOMETRY reading of "psychic impressions" allows mental viewing of history of item scanned
35. PYRO(or CRYO)KENESIS  raise/lower temp of one object/creature, doing 1HP dam/rnd, cumulative (1 first rnd, 2 2nd, 3 3rd, etc), no Save
36. RADAR/SONAR  operate normally in Darkness, fog, etc., "detects" Invisibility
38. EMPATHIC INFLUENCE  detect presence of living creatures and their emotional state for one turn, or, can attempt to instill an emotion (and appropriate response), up to 10” (Fear, Peace, Happiness, Sadness…), but only once
39. PRECOGNITION  predict events/actions (not necessarily outcomes) one rnd in advance
40. LEVEL UP  XP lvl increase of 1d4, gain all benefits for duration
41. TELEKINETIC ARM  "remote limb" operates up to 30' exactly as normal limb
42. TELEPATHY  communicate with any creature w/a brain
43. WAVE OF INSANITY  as Confusion, Save negates, one target/rnd
44. HP INCREASE  HP temporarily doubled, regardless of current HP (standard 1trn dur)
45. LUCKY gain two Saves, better roll applies
46. POISON ADAPTATION  this mutation allows the recipient to actively negate the effects, any damage
47. DREAD JEDI MINDF*CK  as per Suggestion Spell, CON bonus applied as penalty to Save
48. METABOLIC INTEGRITY  unaffected by Petrifaction, Polymorph, Withering, possibly other changes to body structure
49. HYPERSIGHT  able to clearly see detailed view of very distant/tiny things, or into ultraviolet spectrum
50. WILD MUTATION  re-roll randomly to determine Mutation o' the Day

DETRIMENTAL MUTATIONS (The Bad and the Ugly) (d50)
            Most are Constant, permanent effects, outside control of Mutant

1. EXTRA LIMB  useable, but does not add addit action/rnd
2. TENDRILS or CILIA  replaces hair?
3. HORNS/ANTLERS  could head-butt for 1d4 dam, no truly useful application
4. THE CRUSTIES  crusty, weeping sores.  Healing is -1/die, natural healing at max of 1 HP/day
5. BLIND EYE  completely unaware of one type of creature ("what dinosaur?  I don't see any.... ooof!")
6. XENO LIMB  as per Extra Limb, but differs from those currently possesed (tentacle, bird claw, etc)
7. HEMOPHILIA   +1 HP/die vs cutting dam, plus lose addit 1 HP/rnd from ea such wound until treated
8. BERSERKER  murderous rage when attacked, goes nuts and attacks nearest creature for 1 turn
9. BAD HAIR either lose it all, or grow too much
10. PARTIAL CARAPACE  exoskeleton does add +1 bonus to AC, but looks really creepy, -1 Initiative
11. LONGER/SHORTER LIMB(S)  cannot buy clothing "off the rack", plus attendant problems
12. TALLER/SMALLER by about 25%
13. TAIL  or bifurcated tail, if ya already got one.  possibly prehensile.
14. EXAGERATED FEATURE  "bug-eyed", "bat-eared", "beak-nosed", "duck-lipped", etc.
15. THE STANK  peculiar stink attracts monsters, prevents surprising, etc.
16. CANNIBALISM must eat flesh of own species
17. ALBINISM  -1 in the sun, +1/die Laser dam, prone to sunburn
18. INVOLUNTARY CHAMELEON SKIN  kinda like a mood ring
19. POISON SUSCEPTIBILITY  no save vs one type: Contact, Ingested, Inhaled, or Insinuated
20. LIMB CHANGE  currently possesed limb is altered (tentacle, lobster claw, etc)
21. THE LUMPIES  afflicted with lumps, warts, etc. to an excessive and disgusting degree 
22. IMMUNODEFICIENT  sick with something all the time, no save vs disease
23. PHOBIA  fear reaction toward something specific (d6) Arachnids, Reptiles, Undead, Robots,
Slimes, Humanoids.  Must save vs WIS each rnd, or 50% paralyzed, 50% run away
24. AMPHIBIOUS  gotta stay moist, or take 1 HP dam/trn
25. ETTINISM  "that dude's got two heads, man!"  Second head same as the original.  At first.
26. SLOW  as per Spell... all... the... time
27. NIGHT BLINDNESS  problems during darkness/nighttime (-1 AC, TH, Dam, Initiative, Saves)
29. BIOLUMINESCENCE  not as cool as it might seem
30. EYESTALKS  sure, you can look around corners, but try getting a date.  possibly retractable
31. SENSORY DEFICIENCY one random sense (d6) ain't right
32. WEIRD FEATURE  gills, antennae, scales.. don't do a damn thing but look odd
33. SEIZURES  save in stress situation, or fish-out for 2d4 rnds
34. BAD BRAIN  secondary brain req two saves, but failure of either means failure of both, bad advice
35. DOWNWARD SPIRAL  subsequent radiation exposure always results in Bad Mutation
37. MYCETIC SMUT  sprout colonies of fungal polyps, drain 1d4 HP/day
38. MISPLACED FEATURES  yer mug is all messed-up
39. REVERSE ESP  uncontrollable thought broadcast, like Psionic Tourette's
40. MUTATION REDUCTION  Good Mutations reduced to 1 use/day
41. VAMPIRIC DEPENDENCY must drink blood to survive, incisors change to fangs, or maybe a siphoning proboscis develops, 25% must be own species
42. ALLERGY  (d4): humanoids, pollen, one specific type monster, light.  Uncontrollable sneezing and wheezing w/in 30' causes -1 to AC, TH, Dam, and Saves
43. SECRET EYE  extra, functional eye, somewhere on body.  Player decides where.
44. TRAUMA MUTATION  subsequently, if reduced to negative HP, and revived, auto gain Random BM
45. GAMMA FLAPS  skin grows continuously at much faster rate than necessary, resulting in something that looks like a bug trying unsuccessfully to molt
46. THE VOICES  uncontrollable ESP, causes maddening cacophony on the brain 
47. REDUCED ABILITY SCORE  -1d4 (determine once) to random ability, min score of 1
48. FROGGY  bulging eyes, wide mouth, prehensile tongue, freaky digits, rubbery.  Grody.
49. BODY DEVOLUTION  regress along evolutionary lines; Humans transform into Apemen, Apemen into Chimps, Reptilians into Lizards, etc.  Mind unaffected.

SPECIAL THANKS to Gamma World, Mutant Future, The Metamorphica, The Weirdlands of Xhuul Mutations, Encounter Critical, and also 1st ed AD&D Psionics and Carcosa!

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