Gnarticles of Faith

GNARTICLE:  a word used to describe a thing or event that is incredible, sick and/or amazing in general, and of Gnartian origin in particular

1.  high on the scale of dangerousness and coolness
2. Gnartian Heavy Metal Band and adventuring party, based in the City of Ognar

Gnarb: derogatory epithet applied primarily to Earthmen

Gnarble:  Any nasty, thick, blood-like substance, anything viscous and gross

Gnarchmagi: supreme adept in sorcerous arts

Gnarcolepsy:  A condition a person, typically berserker, suffers from by being overly stoked

Gnarcophagus: clammy stone internment for Froglodyte Mummies, among others

Gnargasso: "sea" of dense, floating, kelp-like vines, dotted with barren islets of bare rock a destination  for several dimensional gates, often employed as means to exile men and monsters

Gnargonaut:  one who follows the adventuring lifestyle; 'murder hobo'

Gnarkotic Manuscripts: Compendium of knowledge surviving from the Aeon of the Ancients, various sections of which are often discovered as sheets of unknown metal rolled into scrolls

Gnarlathotep:  Great Old One,only one known to take human form, delights in spreading chaos.  The Satan of Gnarth

Gnarmaceutical: relating to Gnartian drugs

1. the planet-wide cataclysm that either brought forth, or coincided with, the appearance of the Great Crimson Nebula which continues to isolate Gnarth from the rest of normal Space  
2. Total Party Kill; death by fiasco! 

GNARN Naturally occurring semi-precious stones, or gems, in shape of spheres, prisms, spindles, polyhedrons, etc., which grant specific powers/effects.  Usually found in irradiated underground settings, surface areas struck by Blue Bolts, in the gullets of certain monsters, or -of course- with looted treasure

Gnarnia:  anywhere the gnar is located, the land in which the gnar resides and waits to be shredded; The Wilderlands.  often used by cartographers to indicate an area of unknown content

Gnarnorian Gems: translucent GNARN stones of exceptional power, with extremely limited charges

Gnarshrooms:  magical, psychedelic fungi found in gnasty places

Gnarstrodamnus: Magus and Prophet of the Age of Ancients, said to have foretold, among other things, the Arrival of Earthmen and the appearance of the Great Crimson Nebula

Gnartar sauce:  A pale greenish sauce made from pureed slugs, tastes kinda earthy.  freshness is indicated by degree of bio-luminescence

Gnarthritis:  Inflammation of a joint usually characterized by swelling, pain, and restriction of motion due to being too damn gnarly.

Gnartian Chronic: particularly sought-after strain of Gnartian Green Lotus

1. Humanoid Species created on Gnarth by Elder Species from Human stock, for color-coded ritual sacrifice 
2. A person who is mad gnarly 
3. Occurring on, or related to, the World of Gnarth

Gnarticulate:  to express oneself through the extensive use of  gnarticles

Gnartist:  Someone who makes creative use of gnarticles

1. something disgusting. from "nasty"
2. mutated, irradiated Ghoul (Glowghoul)

Grognartian: grizzled veteran of the wilderlands of Gnarth

Necrognarnicon: Gnartian Book of the Dead

Reincargnartian: belief that the souls of the dead do not remain on the moon of Nikto, but rather return to Gnarth in the bodies of other creatures

Shog-Gnargoroth: Great Old One, constantly spewing forth horrid Spawn

Stagnartian: when the DM keeps asking, "Well, what are you guys doing now?  Anybody?", and the Players just stare off into space like they've got Brain Slugs

‘Barnacles of Gnarnia’: used to describe the accumulated scars (physical, mental, magical) inevitable to the adventuring life

‘Circle of Gnar’:  a game played by the nomads of the Crimson Desert, involving gnarthropods, bitumen, and often wagering

‘Gnarfle the Garthok’
1. To have sex with an exceedingly unattractive person, especially whilst inebriated
2. To prevail against the odds, but at a cost; a Gnartian drinking salutation 
3. To literally encounter and combat a Garthok

"Let's check out the red thing!"