Gnarkotic Manuscripts


Gnartian Campaign lexicon and esoterica


Adamantium extremely rare and hard metal, silver/gray, blade/blunt weapons

Alien Tech odd. Mechanical devices, viewed with suspicion and mistrust

Autarch of Ognar supposedly immortal, golden-masked ruler of Ognar

Badlands plains of rocks/boulders at the edge of the Irradium Plateau

‘Barnacles of Gnarnia’ used to describe the accumulated scars (physical, mental, magical)       inevitable to the adventuring life

Basalt Falls series of rapids cascading from the Irradium Plateau through The Labyrinth

Black Ziggurat

Borneal Mts/Forest

Bronze (domed city)

‘Bug Mitzvah’ Insectaur rite of passage, ritual combat involving Tash-Ekkal


Cinnabar alien metal, dull red, blades/accents/jewelry


‘Circle of Gnar’ a game played by the nomads of the Crimson Desert, involving gnarthropods,   bitumen, fire, and wagering

City-State of Ognar

Clean-Up Crew jellies, oozes, slimes, etc

Cobalt Keep walled fortress of blue stone


Crimson Death Worm

Crystal Parazonium



Dismal Bogs


Earth Pets Cats, Dogs, Hamsters

Elder Race

Falcata traditional Gnartian curved shortsword


Farlight Crystals

Farnham’s Hold  

Fire Stones

Free City of Greyrock




(the) Gnar 1.  High on the scale of dangerousness and coolness 2. Gnartian Heavy Metal Band and adventuring party, based in the City of Ognar

Gnarb derogatory epithet applied primarily to newly arrived Earthmen

Gnarble nasty, thick, blood-like substance, anything viscous and gross

Gnarchmagi supreme adept at sorcerous arts

Gnarcolepsy condition a berserker suffers from by being overly stoked

Gnarcophagus clammy stone internment for Froglodyte Mummies, among others

Gnarcotine Weed mildly sedative pipe weed

‘Gnarfle the Garthok’ 1. have sex with an exceedingly unattractive person, especially whilst       inebriated. 2. prevail against the odds, a Gnartian drinking salutation. 3. literally          encounter a…

Garthok a monster from Remulak, oft employed as guard/heavy

Glittering Desert arid expanse of rolling, sparkling dunes

Gnargasso Sea of dense, floating, kelp-like vines, dotted with barren islets of bare rock a           destination for several dimensional gates, often employed as means of exile

Gnargonaut one who follows the adventuring lifestyle; 'murder hobo'

Gnarkotic Manuscripts odd Spells from the Aeon of the Ancients, various sections of which      are discovered as sheets of unknown metal rolled into scrolls

Gnarlathotep Great Old One, only one known to take human form, delights in spreading chaos.             The Satan of Gnarth

Gnarly groovy/sexy

Gnarmaceutical relating to Gnartian drugs

Gnarmageddon 1. planet-wide cataclysm that either brought forth, or resulted from, the appearance of the Great Crimson Nebula 2. Total Party Kill; death by fiasco!

Gnarnia The Wilderland, used by cartographers to indicate an area of unknown content

Gnarnorian Gems are found inside the bodies of Spawn of Shog-Gnargoroth, allows      Resurrection if proper incantation is known

Gnarstrodamnus magus of the Age of Ancients, said to have foretold, among other things, the Arrival of Earthmen and the appearance of the Great Crimson Nebula

Gnartar Sauce pale greenish sauce made from pureed slugs, tastes kinda earthy.  Freshness    is indicated by degree of bio-luminescence

Gnarthritis Inflammation of joints/restriction of motion due to being too damn gnarly.


Gnartian1. Humanoid Species created on Gnarth from Human stock, for color-coded ritual          sacrifice 2. mad Gnarly 3. Related to the World of Gnarth 4. Common language

Gnarticulate to express oneself through the extensive use of gnarticles

Gnarticles words containing, of, or about he Gnar

Gnartist Someone who makes creative use of gnarticles

Gnast 1. something disgusting. from "nasty" 2. mutated, irradiated Ghoul (Glowghoul)


Green Hell

Grognartian grizzled veteran of the wilderlands of Gnarth



Hepatizon esoteric alloy, purple, jewelry

High Plains

Hot Tub of the Gods



Iron Steppe

Irradium Plateau

Insectaurs are disturbed by the eating habits of other PC Species

Land of 1,000 Towers

Lost Carcosa

Lotus, Gnartian


Malevolent Maledictions of Malengar popular curses

Maxe Reptillian spiked wooden bat

Medallion of the Ancients highly detailed coins of the Ancient world, of Viridium, Orichalcum,    Hepatizon, now prized by collectors and jewelers

Meteoric Iron flat black, does not rust, blades

Mirror Lake

Moon Opal

Moon Sapphire

Mount Voormith said to be the center of the continent, and to be the terrestrial lair of Shog-       Gnargoroth


Necrognarnicon Gnartian Book of the Dead

Orbs repositories of powerful/Ancient magics

Orichalcum rare platinum/white metal, accents/jewelry/coin

Osquips six-legged proto-mammalian vermin


Reincargnartian 1. belief that the souls of the dead do not go to, or remain on, the Moon of        Nikto, and return to Gnarth in the bodies of other creatures 2. postulation that some   Gnartians are vessels for the psyche of extra-dimensional creatures who inhabit more     than one reality



Saber traditional Gnartian longsword


Spetura traditional Gnartian polearm

Shog-Gnargoroth Great Old One, constantly spewing forth horrid Spawn

Stagnartian when the DM keeps asking, "Well, what are you guys doing now?  Anybody?" and the Players just stare off into space like they've got Brain Slugs

Tash-Ekkal Insectaur ceremonial/traditional flail

Telepylon Ancient monuments allowing fast travel between locations

Tomb Beetle Larvae source of highly deadly Poison

Tomb Robber Rot disease spores infesting corpses in sealed crypts

Vale of Mists


Vat Men

Vaults if Eternity

Veiled Rift great chasm spanned by Ancient bridge

Violet Grasslands

Viridium metal found only at the North Pole, green bands, Ancient jewelry/coin

Well of the Ancients

Xygarians mysterious Aliens from the Gnarth system

"Let's check out the red thing!"