Gnartian Player's Handbook

One day, when this is finalized, I'll convert to a PDF.  Until then, here's all the basics ya need for making and playing a character...


Roll 4d6 for each Ability, re-roll any ‘ones’, add three best rolls, arrange as desired.  All mods apply to all Classes.

SCORE           MOD               APPLICATIONS
18                    +3                    STR     TH, Damage, Open Doors (d6)
16, 17             +2                    INT      Save vs Spells, # of Additional Languages
13-15               +1                    WIS     Save vs Mental Spells and Effects
9-12                 none                DEX    AC, Missile Weapons, Sneak
6-8                   -1                     CON    HP increase/lvl, Poison & Radiation Saves
4, 5                  -2                     CHA    Bonus # of Henchmen, Enc Reaction (2d6)
3                      -3

INT/WIS          Additional Spells
13-15               One additional first lvl spell    
16,17               Two first, One second           
18                    Three first, Two second, One Third

At Levels 4, 8, and 12, all PCs gain +1 to any Ability of choice, but no Ability may be raised twice in a row by this means


Either Off-Worlder (Earth, or other planet/continuum) or Gnarth-born.  Have a ‘general’ rather than ‘specific’ edge; +1 to Base Save, +10% XP/lvl, +1 HP/lvl

Humanoids having slight webbing of digits, minor cranial ridge, existing in rainbow colors.  Gnartians have 2HD at First Level (one max, one rolled), Ultravision 6”.  There are six ‘races’ of Gnartians; no mechanical advantage or disadvantage applies, it’s just cool.

            RANDOM COLORATION (d6 or pick for each)
            Skin                 Eyes                Hair
            1. Purple          Emerald          Gold
            2. Green          Ruby               Silver
            3. Blue             Sapphire          Copper
            4. Red             Amethyst         Bronze
            5. Orange        Diamond         Black
            6. Yellow         Amber             White

Native to Gnarth, Saurian/Lizardman humanoids, scaly hide base AC 9.  Attack BW plus one bite/rnd, for 1d4.  Infravision 120', Chameleon blending, Suspend Animation/Hibernate for up to 30 days on full stomach, Prehensile tail can carry light objects and possibly manipulate them (could carry a torch, but not wield a dagger), Climb Walls = DEX check.

Hexapedal Mantis-man humanoid aliens. Exoskeleton, base AC 8.  Wide-Angle Vision and Vibration-detecting Antennae, surprised only 1 in 8. Back legs allow Jump 10' vertical, 10' ahead, 5’ backward.  Require double the amount of hands to employ Primary and Secondary weapons; a Greatsword would req. all four hands, a Longsword two. However, light weapons like short swords or smaller can be effectively wielded with only one hand.  May Dual-Wield a minor weapon, gaining an extra attack/round, regardless of Class. Any STR/DEX bonuses apply to Primary AT only, as with other species.
Note: The body structure of non-human player species does not allow them to utilize normal clothing and armor; Reptilians can employ magic cloaks or robes, but not helms, and generally only wear tunics or loincloths, Insectaurs do not wear any clothing at all, except a harness or baldric to facilitate carrying items.  Each species does produce their own armor; Reptilians fashion Scale mail from armored dino hide, Insectaurs forge breastplates which add to AC, and of course magic examples of these might be acquired while adventuring.
There are no Species restrictions regarding Class; any Species may be any Class.

TH rolls increase by +1/XP Lvl          
Charge; +1 AT / -2 AC
Defend; +2 AC / -1 AT
Parry; +4 AC, no other actions possible
Chop n Drop; After ‘dropping’ a foe, gain additional bonus AT on any foe w/in reach         
Dual-Wield; may use two weapons, gaining one extra AT/rnd, with secondary weapon, no STR/DEX bonus applies to secondary AT
Multiple AT/rnd; 3/2 at 6th lvl, 2/rnd at 12th  
Only Class which can use heavy armor and oversized melee weapons, can use any armor and shield

See ‘Spellcasting’
Cannot use armor or shields

The ‘Clerics’ of Gnarth, an Order of Healer/Warriors, sworn to give aid to PC Species and battle the Elder Species at any opportunity, and are divided into four sub-orders, three of which have a specific group of Nemesis foes, against which they deal double damage: ‘Swords’ vs Spawn of Shog-Gnargaroth, ‘Stars’ vs the Undead, ‘Shields’ vs the Elder Races.  These sub-orders operate largely independently, either alone, or among groups, but are subject to performing missions for the greater Order. The fourth order is the ‘Staves’, forming the elder knights and ruling councils, generally maintaining a permanent residence, and charged with a specific area to oversee.
TH rolls increase by +1 for every two levels
Specialize in a specific ‘chosen’ weapon, which gains magical powers with advances in lvl,  
Can use medium armor and small shields
Spell slots/lvl are not ‘filled’ beforehand; the Knight chooses Spells at time of casting.

Masterminds start with one Good Mutation.  One additional Mutation is gained for each lvl of experience.  To determine, the Player rolls for as many Mutations as the PC has lvls, then chooses one not already possessed from this list.  Each Mutation may be used no more than 1/day, and the total number of Mutation uses/day is equal to XP lvl.  Upon reaching 12th lvl, Masterminds gain a Unique Mutation, and thereafter gain any one Mutation of their choosing per lvl. 
Immune to Radiation Sickness, Radiation damage is halved
Can use medium armor

Prophets represent the Deities of Men, and can be of any alignment.  Cultists worship the Elder Gods, and are always Evil.  Both gain an odd selection of Spells (custom mix of Cleric/Magic user) and Special Abilities from their gods.  Each PC is a unique representative of his God, will be called upon occasionally to perform varied tasks, and is expected to abide by certain codes and restrictions.  Make up your own God: name, appearance, their focus and areas of interest, possibly avatars, rituals, etc.  DM will take it from there and assign a Spell List, detail Special Abilities, and create final version of the God and the Cult.
Weapons and armor available are dictated by the gods


Maximum HP at first level, thereafter roll appropriate die, re-rolling results of ‘one’. 
HD by class: F d10, W d6, others d8

HP may recovered by resting and tending to wounds during the course of each day, and may be done at any time.  For each Turn spent resting, one HD is rolled, up to the maximum HD of the PC, per day.
A full night’s sleep (8 hrs) allows the PC to roll their total HD, and gain this amount.  For interrupted sleep, half of the PC’s HD are rolled.  For Only a few hrs of sleep, only one HD is rolled.  Each of these situations allows a number of bonus HP = to CON bonus.

When HP reach 0, a PC is rendered unconscious and ‘mostly dead’.  But, as we all know, there is a big difference between ‘all dead’ and ‘mostly dead’!  PC who are mostly dead continue to lose 1 HP/rnd until they reach -10, and join the ranks of the honored all-dead.  If Healing is applied while mostly dead, the PC is stabilized, and does not continue to auto lose HP.  PCs Resurrected from being ‘all dead’ lose all ‘pending’ XP towards the next Level.


Base Save is 18 at 1st Level, increasing by +1/XP Level, maximum Base Save of 4
‘Advantage’: roll two d20, take the better roll
Save rolls of ‘1’ always fail

Class               Advantage vs                          Ability  Modifies Save vs
Fighter             Death, ‘TKO’                           STR     ~         
Wizard             Spells                                      INT      Spell Effects, Stun
Knight              Mental Effects                         WIS     Mental Effects
Mastermind     Mutation & Radiation              DEX    Area Effects, Dodging
Prophet           As per Deity/Cult                     CON    Physical Effects, Drain, Pois


PCs start with 2d4+4 ‘Picks’, which may be spent for adventuring equipment, subject to availability and DM approval.  Everyone is assumed to have clothing and a dagger, which do not count toward Encumbrance.  Each PC also receives 1d% GP and a complimentary ‘thank you for coming’ Potion, type determined randomly.       

Starting Pick Costs
1 = Inexpensive, Common Items, Minor Weapons
2 = Uncommon, Light Armor, Shields, Secondary Weapons
3 = Primary Weapons, Animals
4 = Rare, Med. Armor, Light Mount
5 = Costly, Med. Mount
6 = Heavy Armor, Crazy Outrageous Stuff, if permitted by DM

-AC      +AC     Type                                        Base AC: Unarmored, DEX, Magic
10        10        None                                       Surprise AC: Armor, no DEX, Magic
9          11        Furs, Leather                           Standard AC: Armor, DEX, Magic
8          12        Dino Hide                   
---------------     (medium armors, 9” MV)        Shield adds +1 to AC
7          13        Dino Scale                              Large Shield +2 (oversized item)                   
6          14        Scale Mail, Ballistic Mesh       Armor assumes helmet; -1AC w/o
5          15        Chain Mail      
---------------     (heavy armors, 6” MV)
4          16        Dino Carapace                       
3          17        Steel Plate Mail                                  
2          18        (Full Plate Armor)

Size                             Damage          Examples                   
Small/Light                  1d4                  Dagger, club, hammer
Medium/Secondary    1d6                  Shortsword, hand axe, mace, morning star
Large/Primary             1d8 (1d10*)     Longsword, scimitar, battle axe, flail
Oversized/Heavy        1d12                Greatsword/axe, maul, glaive, halberd, pike

Light Weapons: Can use DEX instead of STR for Attack and Damage Rolls. Must use the same stat for both
Heavy: Disadvantage on Attack rolls for Small Creatures.
Reach: Allows attack from second rank.
Thrown: Weapon can also be thrown to make a ranged attack. Option of using either STR or DEX bonus.  Dagger, hammer, hand axe, spear
Two-Handed: Requires two hands to use, all heavy weapons. Fighters only
*Versatile: Can be used with one or two hands. Two-Handed damage in parentheses.  Most primary weapons.
Braced: AT at +2 TH and does double damage vs charging opponents if braced.  Spears, polearms

Lance: 2d6 damage, Oversized, Mounted only
Whip: 1d4 damage, Reach, Half dmg vs Light Armor, ineffective vs Med or better

Type                            Damage          #AT     Range (ft)
Axe, hand                    1d6                  1          10/20/30         
Bow, long                    1d6                  2          50/600/900
Bow, short                   1d6                  2          50/300/450
Crossbow. light           1d4                  2          50/100/200
Crossbow, med.          1d6                  1          50/150/400
Crossbow, hvy.           2d4                  ½         50/200/600
Dart                             1d3                  3          10/20/30
Dagger                        1d4                  2          10/20/30
Javelin/Atlatl                1d6/1d8           2          10/30/60 (x3)
Sling                            1d4                  2          50/200/400
Spear                          1d6                  1          10/30/60

After a battle, half of expended missile ammo may be recovered, undamaged, and used again
Disadvantage to AT at long range
DEX bonus applies TH, a full rnd spent aiming allows AT at Advantage the following rnd

Oil Flask; 2d6 dmg on 1st rnd, 1d6 on 2nd
Lantern; 4 hrs/flask, 30’ rad
Torch; 1 hr, 30’ rad
Candle; 2hrs, 10’ rad
Backpack; up to 12 items, half encumbrance


Mix of Gnarth-appropriate skills &/or knowledge.  Start with one Random Roll, gain a Pick at 4th, 8th, and 12th lvl.  Skill Bonus increases as XP Lvl goes up; +1/lvl
You’re Also Good At… (d20 for starting skill)
1. No Decent Adventuring Skills, but make up something largely useless
2. Legend/Folk Lore; knowledge about Proper Names; people, places, things
3. Theology/Religion; knowledge re Gods, Old Ones, cults, rituals
4. Finding/Disarming Traps; one roll for each
5. Mapping/Orientation; remain on course, determine location
6. Artifacts/Tech of the Ancients; identification, purpose, function, operation, possibly repair
7. Spelunkery; rock climbing, belaying, swinging
8. Lock Picking; it's just so darn useful
9. Riding; no penalties, extraordinary actions
10. Tracking; pursue &/or identify in various terrain
11. Reading Languages; books, inscriptions, murderhobo symbols, etc.
12. Sneaking; move silently, concealment
13. Legerdemain; card tricks, picking pockets, shoplifting
14. Hunting; find it, catch it, kill it, eat it
15. Artistic; pick your talent, medium, instrument, etc.
16. Monsterology; study of Gnartian beasties
17. Skilled Craft; blacksmithing, woodworking, masonry, tailoring, etc.
18. Two Random starting skills, Roll Twice
19. Pick any one
20. Roll again for one Random, and Pick a second


The things you can make up without rolling dice; appearance, gender, backstory, likes/dislikes, hopes, fears, traits, eccentricities, etc.  The Personality of the Persona.

EARTHMAN ORIGIN TABLE (d24) and the Things They Carry.
1 Archaeological accident &/or curse, has safari helmet
2 Was LARPing in steam tunnels, has aluminum foil hat and dice
3 Is dreaming... maybe?  Has any minor mundane item of choice
4 Out of body experience/Astral Projection, has earplugs and eye mask
5 Took bad drugs, believes reality is an hallucination, has disposable lighter
6 Bitten by mysterious wolf, has pentacle on palm
7 Was dabbling in Super Science, has calculator watch
8 Unwilling/Willing subject of occult experiment gone right, has faith
9 Unwilling/Willing subject of scientific experiment gone wrong, has vendetta
10 Remembers only a beam of light... has car keys, credit card, and cell phone
11 Stayed up too late exploring RPG Blogs on the net, passed out, has beer bottle or pipe
12 Abducted by aliens, has repressed memories
13 Was trying to find the lavatory at a Grateful dead show, has ticket stub
14 Cursed by a filthy street person, still has the 75 cents
15 Deceased and bodily reincarnated, has embalming scars
16 Was at Stonehenge at the wrong solstice, has worthless quartz crystal
17 Was in a tornado, is accompanied by small dog
18 Was in an expedition seeking hollow earth, cryptozoid, or lost city, has machete
19 Lost in a corn maze on Halloween, has costume &/or mask
20 Rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking, and met with strange cloud, has Swiss army knife
21 Passenger, crew, or pilot that sailed into the Bermuda Triangle, has flask of liquor
22 Separated from tour group at the Great Pyramids, has visitor's map
23 Shipwrecked, has a compass and probably a beard
24 Struck or seriously injured and was in a coma, is clutching hospital bill


Resolve success or failure of queries, actions, YAGA, etc. by rolling Check (+Skill Level), plus any Ability mods, on d20, ‘ones’ are always a Fail.  DM determines Difficulty Factor for each situation.

Difficulty Factor                      d20
EASY                                      5
MODERATE                           10
DIFFICULT                             15
AMAZING                               20
EPIC                                       25
NIGH-IMPOSSIBLE               30


XP needed to Level Up = the Target Level x 10; to reach 2nd lvl = 20 XP, for 3rd = 30 XP…
Individual PCs gain 1XP/Current XP Level for attending each Game Session; a 3rd Level PC gains 3XP per game
The Party receives their other XP ‘between adventures’, in safe locale, determined by DM.  Material resources, teachers/trainers, misc costs, etc, may also be required. Party XP accrues in a shared pool until divvied, any remainder stays in pool until next divvy.
Accomplishment                                 XP Gain                     
Securing Treasure                              1/100 GP value
Killing/Defeating Monsters                 1/HD
Overcoming Obstacle or Trap            1-20, per DM, according to difficulty
Clearing Dungeon Level                     Level of Dungeon x 10
Completing Adventure                        Average PC Level x 10
XP       Level               XP       Level               XP       Level  
0          1                      270      7                      900      13
20        2                      350      8                      1040    14
50        3                      440      9                      1190    15
90        4                      540      10                    1250    16
140      5                      650      11                    1320    17
200      6                      770      12                    1500    18

For example, consider a party of five adventurers, all currently at the minimum for 11th Level; 650 XP each.  For all to reach 12th Level, they must gain 120 x 5 XP; or 600 total XP.

Casters must be able to speak, and have both hands free.  Targeted Spells are subject to range and line of sight

For each Spell Level which a Wizard is able to cast, they are allowed to ‘know’ (be able to choose from and use) one Spell per point of INT, divided by the Level of the Spell, with one additional Spell per ability bonus.  If a character has 18 INT (WIS), he can know 21 1st Level Spells; (18/1) + 3 = 21.  The same PC could know 12 Second Level Spells; (18/2) + 3 = 12.  Wizards can choose whichever Spells they wish to know for each Spell Level, up to this maximum. 
Knights have access to the entire list of Knight Spells, and may choose which Spell they wish at time of casting.
Prophets have a Spell list dictated by their god, and must choose them beforehand, as Wizards.

On Gnarth, Spellcasters regain Spells in their nightly dreams, and additional Spells can be gained during the day by entering a trance state.  Additional Spells per day require a # of hours = to Max Spell Lvl +3 to rememorize, regardless of the number of Spells gained (for hrs allows rememorizing of all available First Level Spells, five hrs for all First and Second Level Spells, etc)

SPELLS/XP LVL (all Spellcasters)
XPL                 # Spells by Spell Level (plus any additions for INT or WIS ability)
1                      1
2                      2         
3                      2          1
4                      3          2
5                      3          2          1
6                      3          3          2
7                      4          3          2          1
8                      4          3          3          2
9                      4          4          3          2          1
10                    4          4          3          3          2
11                    5          4          4          3          2          1
12                    5          5          4          3          3          2
13                    5          5          5          4          3          2          1*
14                    5          5          5          4          3          3          2
15                    5          5          5          5          4          3          2          1
16                    6          6          6          5          4          4          3          2
17                    6          6          6          6          5          4          3          2          1
18                    6          6          6          6          5          5          4          3          2
19                    6          6          6          6          6          5          4          3          2         
20                    6          6          6          6          6          6          5          4          3
21                    6          6          6          6          6          6          5          4          3
22                    6          6          6          6          6          6          6          5          4
23                    6          6          6          6          6          6          6          6          5
24                    6          6          6          6          6          6          6          6          6

*Max Spell Level 7 for Knight and Prophet Spells

Spell effects either occur immediately, or begin a Duration the following rnd.

AC while casting does not incl DEX+ (use Surprise AC)
If caster is struck for damage prior to starting the Spell, the Spell cannot be cast, but is not lost.  If caster is struck on the same Initiative, a Save vs the Spell Lvl is made to determine if casting may be completed.  If failed, the spell is lost, and if the fail result is 1 or less, caster is subject to the Spellcasting Failure Table. 

May be undertaken at 12th Level, req 1 week, plus 1 day/Spell Level.  Cost is 500 GP, plus an additional 500 GP/Spell Level.  Special materials ma be req for certain Spells.


Each Player rolls a d10 for each PC, actions are performed in order from lowest to highest.

Attack, Charge ½ normal rate/distance and attack at end of rnd, Drink a Potion, Cast a Spell, Perform most other single actions, Hold any actions until end of the round.  There’s usually a good deal of shouting occurring simultaneously.

Roll d20 vs AC of target; Fighter TH Bonus + STR or DEX bonus + Magic Weapon bonus

Fighter TH Bonus by Level & Class
Lvl       Fighter             Knight              Others
1.         +1
2.         +2                    +1
3.         +3                                                       
4.         +4                    +2                    +1
5.         +5
6.         +6                    +3                   
7.         +7
8.         +8                    +4                    +2
9.         +9                                           
10.       +10                  +5
11.       +11
12.       +12                  +6                    +3

Stunned; no actions other than ½ movement, AT vs stunned at Advantage
Paralyzed/Incapacitated/Bound/Unconscious; no actions, ATs vs these automatically kill
Darkness; all ATs at Disadvantage
Surprise; TH at Advantage, Damage x2
Attacked while Occupied (Spellcasting, etc); no DEX or shield bonus


If multiple persons want the same item, resolve by rolling d20s
Players may opt to forego rolling, although eligible, for a shot at another Item further down the list

1. Roll for ‘One-Shot’ items (Scrolls and Potions)
Spellcasters dice for Scrolls, if you get one, you cannot roll again for One Shots
Dice for Potions until everyone gets one, or all are assigned
Any remaining One Shots go into a Remainder Pile

2. Roll for Arms, Armor, and R/S/W, one winner for each
If you received Arms or Armor, you cannot roll for Misc Items

3. Roll for Misc Items until everyone has gotten something from steps 2 or 3,
Remainder in Pile

4. Determine by consensus which PC(s) received the least valuable treasure.  They get their pick of one or more items from the Pile

5. All interested parties dice for any items remaining in the Pile

6. Unwanted Items (?) may be sold for monetary (but not XP) value

7. If there are any Orbs, those who do not already possess one (or more) may roll for them

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