Saturday, September 12, 2020

d12 Fantasy Drugs


GNARMACEUTICALS (d12) drugs, man

1-3 Lotus; Flowering Spore-bearing Plants, dangerous/recreational/useful effects

            1 Green; spore clusters smoked in pipes/blunts, euphoria, -1TH/+1 Enc Reaction/3T

            2 Golden/Happium; pressed resin pyramids smoked, euphoria/Comp. Languages 3-6T

            3 Black; spore blast, Save vs Death 10’ radius, oil used in Contact/Insinuative Poisons

            4 Blue; incense causes distorted Prophetic Visions, 1:6/use results in Temp Madness

            5 White; spore blast, Save vs Sleep/Class VIII Poison 10’ rad., sap used on weapons

            6 Red; dried/chewed, invigorating, dispels exhaustion, keeps awake, Berserkers dig it

4 Snakeroot Snuff; ground root makes you scream, “Aaaggghhh!!!”  DEX+1, 1T, flower has         swaying, snappy stalks, venomous thorny fangs, does 1d4 +Class I Poison as 1HD

5 Plutonian Gnyborg; crystal colony grows underground, flakes snorted for -1 to all Actions,           but +1 to all other d20 Rolls, or if smoked as bubbling goo, Immunity to Mental Effects, 3T

6 Space Vapour; found only in meteoric geodes, inhaled, bliss/zone out, New Spell in memory,             Catatonic/Erotic Trance 1d6hrs

7 Buzz Locust; hyper-focused, 10+1d10r, +1 TH, live insect exposed to smoke in a Buzz Killer             (dry bong jar), killed by 1d6 hits, Detection Check at +1

8 Deadly Space Bee Nectar; opioid honey from hives on orbiting asteroids, apathy, 1 dose          = Slow Poison 6T, 2 doses = Save vs Sleep 6T, 3 doses = Save vs Death/Stun 1d6T

9 Ultraviolet Fungus Spores; trippy hallucinogen, 1d4+2hrs, Ultravision, +1 Initiative &                     Surprise, Bad Trip 1:20, causes Madness

10 Mummy Dust; snorted or added to blunts, deadens nerves, +2d4 Bonus HP, 1T

11 Ogre Powder; whitish dust adds 1d4 STR (18 max), 1d6+4r when inhaled

12 DM’s Choice or Geoffrey; mixed papyrus spliff; Roll 1d10 x3, 1:20 Fatal System Shock Save 

1:6/use of addiction, if you like 


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