Friday, November 29, 2013

Considering Backstab Damage Rule Alteration

Instead of x2, x3, x4 DAMAGE, how 'bout multiplied DAMAGE DICE; for example, instead of 1d8(x2), roll 2d8... instead of 2d4(x2), roll 4d4.  Eliminates crazy lucky high rolls, but guarantees a more effective attack on average, 'cause you know that after all those rounds spent sneaking around and creeping up, you're gonna roll a damned '1' for damage!  Think I'll let players choose which option they prefer... feeling lucky, punk?


  1. that's how it's done in 3e

  2. I sometimes wonder how many of my 'original' ideas have been done before, or are old news to more informed gamers! I've never checked out anything newer than 2nd ed! That's why I went with '10GP gems', instead of '1K GP gems'. :)